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The thing I like best about fall is that it evokes nostalgic memories for me. It was my grandmother's favorite time of the year and when I think of fall I always think of her. Thanks for the card idea! I love it!

I love the crispy feel in the airwith that unique smell of autumn. Savored with a warm yeast donut and cup of spiced apple tea and your beautiful designs to view makes it perfect. Now if I win these booklets, ahhhh, perfect

Gorgeous card, Anna -- LOVE that sweet Trick-or-Treat girl . . . great image! I'm a sucker for vintage, too! The swirls are perfect here.

This little girl reminds me so much of my 18-month old!

Beautiful images and card - thanks for the giveaway!


Love that Halloween card! The little girl looks like my neighbor's daughter! My favorite fall treat is pumpkin pie. Now I know you can make pumpkin pie all year round, but it just doesn't taste right unless it's fall!

What a gorgeous stamp and I love your card - off to have a look at their stamps.


I love your simple things which are really not that simple! Nothing beats hot chocolate with marshmallows and warm yeast donuts.

I love your simple designs. They aren't as simple as they appear though!! Nothing beats hot chocolate with marshmallows and warm yeat donouts! COZY AS CAN BE!

Your Halloween card is just adorable, Anna! I just love Halloween and the colors of fall. I think pumpkin pie is my favorite fall treat, but carmel apples runs a close second. Please consider my entry in your contest. Would love to have some of those items and you are so kind to offer them.

wow, i love this card. this is a case where i now have to have this stamp. so cute. love your work.

My favorite fall treat is cider and doughnuts, I love the vintage Halloween things and can't wait to get some!

Fall in the great Pacific Northwest is clear skies, warm afternoons and the smell of the oak trees' leaves starting to turn golden. I love the softer feel to the sun. Growing up in Oregon, I walked home from school each September and October afternoon, admiring the neighbors' asters and mums blooming in front yards. Sometimes I would catch a whiff of a spice cake cooling on our kitchen table as I walked in. It brings back such wonderful memories!

I love going to apple orchards and buying homemade cider doughnuts...Yummm. Fall is my most favorite time of the year, sweater weather, new clothes, because I really don't enjoy clothes for hot weather. Fresh crisp air and the beautiful fall colors. "These are a few of my favorite things..." Didn't know I had such a beautiful singing voice did you? Deb Plapp

I love fall b/c it's not so darn hot. I can take my puppy on longer walks through the park.

I love the beautiful trees in WV. I never get tired of enjoying them.

The colors of autumn! The leaves, pumkin picking, the smell of hay and crisp breezes!

I like the cool crisp air and the sound of leaves crunching under my feet.

OMGosh!!! I love the vintage Halloween set. Yep...it's a must have...haha.

Let's see...my favorite thing about fall is...well it gets slightly cooler here in Texas. Oh, and I love taking my daughter to pumpkin festivals at farms and such. It's always a special time. :-)

The Vintage Halloween set is adorable. What I love most about Fall are the beautiful, rich colors. I find that I use these colors often through the year in my cardmaking and scrapbooking. I enjoy your blog so much, including the wonderful photos of the farm animals. I grew up as a city kid, so I am seeing things like this for the first time! Thank you!!

What a gorgeous card! I especially love fall now that I've re-located from Chicago to Los Angeles! We have a gentle change of the season & some of our trees even put on a color show!
Thanks for the inspiration! I LOVE THIS BLOG!!

Fall is my favorite time of year.I love to watch the seasons change.I also love your cards!! You are so talented!

I love anything Vintage...I think that is because I AM VINTAGE....lol !

The little Halloween characters are adorable.

I love the cool nights that call for a sweatshirt.
And the bonfires. Roasting Hot dogs and making some'mors. Decorating outside with pumpkins and haybales.


My favorite fall treat is cooler weather, the sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet and yummy halloween candy :)

Oh My! Hands down, my favorite fall treat are apples dipped in ooey gooey caramel. And they always taste better when you go apple picking first! Lots of sweet juicy goodness. If I just made you hungry, please choose me. I just adore your awesome card.

As a midwestern gal transplanted in the "peachy" south...I do miss the fall...I DON'T miss major raking and chores that go with it...but my favorite thing, and don't think I'm odd, but, I love SCHOOL SUPPLIES. They totally symbolize the onset of fall for me. (It must be the perpetual student in me) I love the whole "getting ready" process, picking out a new back to school outfit for my d.s. and waiting on that bus to arrive. It means that fall, even though he goes back to school in AUGUST! (YIKES!) is on the way. Strange??

OH...BTW!!! I soooooooooooooooooooooooooo love the give away! I ADORE those journal cards for all the pages I create!!!!! I just love'em!

This stamp set is the cutest! Fall is my favorite season....I love seeing beautiful mums and ornamental cabbages in the garden, eating apples right from the farm,fields of pumpkins and making soup as the weather gets cooler!
I enjoy reading about farm life on your blog. The new babies are so cute!

Wow, I just love what you did with the cute image! Can't wait to get that new set! love checking your blog and seeing all the cute animals.

What a silly question! I love pumpkin pie, pumpkin mousse, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake......just plain pumpkin! I also look forward to cooler weather.

I love every season, but Fall has it's own special magic! I love apples...crisp and raw or made into cider, pie, crisp, sauce. You know what they say "An apple a day!" Thank you for sharing your creativity.

WOW! I just love that card! Your watercoloring talent amazes me every time!

My favorite fall treat would be my mom's homemade apple pie!

I love the colors, smells and cooler temps of fall!

Love,love,love the new Crafty Secrets stuff...all of it! My fav Fall treat would have to be cider and homemade doughnuts.

It feels good to look at fall! Living in Florida this means the wonderful weather is just around the corner. This little girl is too cute for words.

I LOVE those new Halloween stamps...so cute! What a generous giveaway, please enter my name.
Have a fabulous day!

Hope I'm not too late to enter as I'd LOVE having these!!!

Fall is my favorite time of year here in So Florida .. the humid drops, as does the temperature, and the rainy season turns into the sunny, breezy, dry season. Paradise!

Thanks so much for the chance!!

debkneer at aol dot com

This is my first comment because I just found you guys!! I love all of the great ideas. Your Vintage Halloween card is priceless!! I love it!!

Fall is probably my favorite time of year. I love the trees changing colors, crafts shows starting, and the air getting a little crispy. Carmel apples along with candy corn are my favorite things to eat. Can't eat to many of those though and keep my weight down!!

I love the colors so warm and bright, the first fogs and the smell of mushrooms!

The things I love about fall are the changing colors and the crisp air that makes me put a cozy sweater on!!!

hope I'm not too late.......... hope I'm not too late!!!!!!!!!

My favorite fall treat is going apple picking and then making apple pie or cobbler with all the apples we picked.


I love picking apples in the fall. I also love the smell of fall and taking walks while the leaves are falling. It is my favorite season. :)

Lori Washburn

Mmmn. I don't think I have a favorite fall treat, but I do love all the comfort foods of fall and winter: Chili, delicous soups, etc.

Definately cooler weather. After a hot, muggy summer I'm ready for cooler weather!

What a fantastic give away ... you are very generous and we all appreciate it!!! My favorite thing about Fall is the cool, crisp feel in the air and of course the color of the leaves. Living in NE Ohio we get great fall color and on those cool evenings we like to build a bonfire and roast marshmellows. Thanks!!

Oh My osh, I just love Heartwarming Vintage and especially the Halloween and Christmas. Please enter me in the draw. Love your work.

Fall is my favorite time of year as well. . . cooler temperatures, fall colors, walking in the woods on crisp leaves, planting bulbs for the next spring, pumpkins, getting out my sweaters . . .

I love pumpkin roll! Yum yum yum! Love the card and I am sooo glad I just signed up for updates from this blog.

I love fall for...the cooler weather, the anticipation of holiday events, and the planning of all the gifts and baking for christmas.

What I most love about fall is the crispy feel in the air as the temp cools and the colors begin to show. It seems like breathing in a fresh smell. I really like the vintage look of that stamp.

I love the feel to the air- Cool and Crisp, there is even a certain smell in the air! Thanks for the candy.

I love the crisp cool air and most especially the colors of fall. The trees all over the hills of Western New York are gorgeous!

Forgot to mention my favorite fall treat. Must be the colors on the trees and the nip in the air at night.

I'm probably too late but I only learned about Crafty Secrets this weekend. Oh my, what fun products. And the best thing is, they sell them here in The Netherlands and in Belgium too. Not everything but some stamps. They won't get the Halloween ones but I'll try to get them another way.

Your little witch card is so cute!! I love to decorate for Fall. I think that the colors of pumpkin, black, cream, dark yellows, etc. are wonderful! I put out wreaths, candles, pillows and quilts in those colors.

HMMMMMMMMMM favorite fall treat LOL That would be pumpkin cream pie YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for the chance to win candy :)

How exciting to purchase a cute set of magical fairies and find the website, newsletters and blog because of my purchase! I think I've died and gone to heaven! I may be too late for the contest, but my favorite fall treat is Gypsy Soup (a recipe by Mollie Katzen in her Moosewood cookbook) made from sweet potatoes and other fall harvest vegetables. I always look forward to cool nights when I can put on a pot and smell the aroma.

i would have to say pumpkin pie as my favorite fall treat and it seems like i only enjoy it at that time of the year.. weird, i know =)

thanks for the chance!

These stamps look like so much fun! I love all your gorgeous creations and am a huge fan of your photography (I check out your blog the most to check up on your critters) :p


Anna, I am so excited about the new Vintage Halloween set---can't wait to get it. For my favorite Fall treat--fresh apple cake. It's dense and moist almost like a pudding. Warm home made carmel sauce on the top Hmmm, can't wait.

Susan W

These little books look like so much fun. I'm in love with the images I have seen so far. Thanks for the chance. Pattie Brown
[email protected]

Such a sweet card! I love this little image. There is so much personality in these new sets!

I had to giggle at your comment about fall being just around the corner...unfortunately here in Texas it won't arrive for a while yet. I have been here 22 years and my body still says, "Ok it's August it ought to start getting cool any day now...". But it seems like it never happens...finally in early October I get my crisp fall mornings :-)

But you know what? I don't miss shoveling snow! Not one little bit!

Mother Hen

Love the cooler fall air, the color changes, the fresh snap in the air, the taste of fall apples and pumpkins and everyone decorating in the beautiful fall colors. Halloween and Thanksgiving dinners with their richness and celebrating with friends and family...who doesn't love Fall!

Just love that Halloween stamp set. Those Journal notes look very nice.

I like the cooler weather during the fall and like to look forward to the upcoming Holiday season.



I love everything Orange in the Fall, especially PUMPKINS!
Would love to win your blog candy!


Love these little booklets. Your card is so cute! How is Pixie Dust?! Thanks for the chance to win.

Your card is so gorgeous! It's amazing how you can make her look three-dimensional!
I love fall! It's nice and cool at night but warm in the daytime. I love the changing leaves best, especially along the lake that I live near.

what a gorgeous card, favorite fall treat is hot cider.

I love love LOVE fall apples, especially Honeycrisp, my family's all-time favorite! They're so sweet, crunchy and delicious! And if you wanted to add a little caramel to them - yummo! Keep up the great blog, Anna - love your work, your photography, everything about your blog! Judy H.

My fav fall treat is Thanksgiving dinner!!! (yes, I love it all) Fall is my favorite season - the smells, the color, the crispness in the air. I love it all!

I could never pick one favorite fall treat but my tops are apple pie, candy corn and hot apple cider, YUM!

Love the vintage halloween stuff!

Love this site. I try and visit often!! Love the pics of farm life!! Especially the babies!! :) My favorite fall thing is Pumpkins!! Any kind, on the porch, carved and ready for Trick or Treaters, or in my muffins, or in my cheesecake!! Long live the forgotten squash!! :)

Love this site. I try and visit often!! Love the pics of farm life!! Especially the babies!! :) My favorite fall thing is Pumpkins!! Any kind, on the porch, carved and ready for Trick or Treaters, or in my muffins, or in my cheesecake!! Long live the forgotten squash!! :)

FALL.....a time to sit back and watch nature evolve into a new chapter. A time when we actually can see life in the garden transform into another stage. Brisk breezes, accompanied by falling leaves of gold , burgandy, and green. Busy squirrels gathering frantically on the ground every acorn that falls. Watching the pumpkins burst to full size, turning brilliant orange. Oh yes..I love the sights of FALL.

Oh my! She is sooooooooooo cute!!!!

Fave fall treat? Well, I do love candy corn!! Does that count? :)

Best part of fall is cooler weather and warmer colors!!

So when can I order that Halloween set??? Sooooo cute! Hmmm...fall treats...I love hot apple crisp with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Yum!

I'm just happy for the cooler temperatures. We always look forward to the warmer weather, yet its not long before we're ready for it to go away.

I absolutely love the small Twix candy bars! Fall is the best time of the year and my favorite season! I love Crafty Secrets vintage images both in paper and stamp form.

Coffee and oatmeal raisin cookies!

Coffee and oatmeal raisin cookies!

Love the Vintage style and your very cute card!!! I was born in Oct. just before Halloween and it is my favorite holiday! So excited about the new Halloween goodies coming from Crafty Secrets! My favorite Fall treat is Pumpkin Chocolate Bread! I love anything with pumpkin!!

What I love about Fall...Everything!! Cool, crisp temperatures, apple pies, pumpkin picking with the kids and decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving!!

hmmmmm... I would have to say hot apple cider with carmel!! Yummy!! And just love your card! I NEED to get me one of those sizzix dies!!

Anna, I love vintage Halloween so thanks for the heads up on the new set! Love the booklets too! Favorite fall treat? Hmmmm, hot cider and candy corn -- not together of course, my teeth would fall out! Mary Gillmarten

I love your cards and seeing all the animals on your farm. Your pictures are so beautiful!
My favorite fall treat is pears baked with apple cider and cranberries.

My favorite fall treat is cider and donuts!!!
I love your vitage halloween card!TFS and for the chance to win such great goodies!

I love the Halloween card!! Besides Halloween my favorite fall treats are the weather, the changing leaves, apples, and being able to cook soup.

OOOH! What a cute card! You are so talented! I guess my favorite Fall treat would be apple cider - yum! I also love all the earthy colors and all those sweaters I get to wear again!

Ohhh your card is adorable!! I can't wait to purchase the set. My favourite fall treat would definately be pumpkin scones! Hot with butter! Yummy!

Oh wow this one is too easy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Brachs Candy Corn. It has to be Brach's too not just any ole candy corn :) LOL. I absolutely love this card and the Craft Secrets stamps. Thanks for sharing with us.

Your Halloween card is delightful! We may get 90s this week and I'm not looking forward to that, so I don't know how you can take the 100+ temps you're getting. I soooo look forward to Fall. Maybe I'll make some Halloween cards this year!

Oh my goodness...what a BEAUTIFUL card!!

I love that new vintage Halloween card you just did and my favorite treat is candy corn. It just doesn't seem fall without them.

Thanks so much :).

OH my the vintage halloween girl is adorable, but your coloring of her is fabulous! Love it!... Now to go and stare at beautiful Lady Bird some more!

Love the little girl card, how sweet.
My favorite fall treat is pumpkin apple muffins.

ACK!!!! I now know what Halloween set will be mine this year!!! WOWOWOWOW

I love your work. If I could watercolor like you I would think I had died and gone to heaven. Halloween is my favorite card-making holiday and this set promises to be wonderful. Is it out yet? Or is it going to be a new release sometime in the future? I couldn't find it on the Crafty Secrets online store. I also have to have the sizzix scallop card die -- your blog is bad for my pocketbook!!!!

Delightful card! My favorite fall treat is watching the leaves change colors.

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