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Omigosh! I looooove this bear! SOOOO SIMPLE! SOOOO CUTE!

Global warming? Adore your polar bear! Stay cool! Deb

Anna, I almost spewed out my coffee this morning when I saw this card (Too Funny) that's one HOT looking bear! We aren't too far behind you temperature wise either here in (Wally World) aka Walla Walla, it's 95 right now! Yesterday it was over 100. I sympathize with you.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this card! I am a transplanted Canadian living in a suburb of Houston...we hit 98 yesterday...before the humidex!! I will have to get this set to make this card for the gang "up north." My native born Texas friends have been complaining about the heat too...so it's not just me!

Love this card - it is so darn cute!!! And that cool sparkling water - oh my, it looks refreshing:) Have fun this week and stay cool! TFS

Whenever people complain about the heat here in NJ, I just remind them that it beats chipping ice off the windshield. But in your case, I'm not so sure! I hope your AC keeps working.

Hey, Anna! Remember the dry heat back in the PNW? Here in central Florida, we've got sea breezes cooling us down to only the 90's! Those same breezes kick up T-storms all summer long, when they combine with 90% humidity! Aaaaack! We had a monsoon yesterday! Love your bear in the "pool!" Reminds me of my High Hopes' Chopper in his innertube. Maybe I can draw a shower head for him! LOL

So cute! Wouldn't that be a fun thing to see. Too bad they don't set up something like that at the zoo for both the animal and visitors to enjoy -- that would be funny! Love it.

Oh mercy, no power???!!! ACK!!! I would have melted. Thank goodness you got it back...
Now, do you know about "Oklahoma air conditioning"? You take a bed sheet, spritz it with water, and place it on your (preferably naked) body. Guaranteed to cool you down! I tell ya, in that kind of heat, you need it with or without AC!!! Take care! :D

Love it! Love it! Love it!

The shower in the pool is just what I need. I am so excited for you heading up north to see all the cool things and work with great people. I can't believe there is a copic marker person that you stalk, considering we all stalk you! Love the bird stamp in the previous post too. I am going to be scrapping and stamping under a bridge somewhere soon--when I use my house money for your stamps.

Boy, does he ever look like he's enjoying his little shower! The poor animals...but I know you and Alan are taking good care of them! Any new ones we haven't seen? How about those chicks in their feathery finery? Have a great time the week...you'll be missed. Take lots of pictures to share and try to not get sick this time.

I like it hot, just not humid. So cute!

I feel for you. Grew up working outside in that nasty weather. Misters sound like a good idea...too bad they are so expensive!

Be well!

Ahhhhhhh! Just what is needed in this heat! Cute, cute card. I love the way you did the water. So coool...

very cute! We haven't hit 100 yet, but the humidity has been so high that they say "it feels like 100*+".

Adorable card!

Your card is too cute I love the one's you make for Rosie's Roadshow...

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