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Oh Anna, thank you so much for the photo of Lady Bird, it helped dry my eyes from just reading about Twinkle Toes, we too had a Birdie that went peacefully last year after 28 years. So, so sad, I am sorry for your loss, but how wonderful and adorable your new "Birdie" is. Do let Eddie know he's still my favorite though, take care.

she looks so cute. thanks for sharing.

It's so amazing. When God closes a door, He always opens a window! What a precious addition to your farm family - and I love the name too! She is a sweet looking little jenny.

Nice picture..
she is adorable!
Your family is still growing :)

Oh, my gosh, she is adorable! Thanks for sharing the pic that Alan took, and watch out...it looks like you have some competition there! :)

Mama and baby are so sweet together!

She is adorable and looks like a little sweetheart!!! What a perfect surprise to help comfort you right now!

What a sweetie!! Congrats on the new addition. :0)


What a great picture. I couldn't really see all the details from your phone when you passed it around in Milwaukee. Love the name. It was so fun to see you, and to hear stories of the farm. I hope you can make it to WI again, as it was so GREAT to watch you work. Very inspiring!!

I was so sorry to read about Twinkle Toes, it's so very hard to say good-bye. What a precious picture of your new farm addition Lady Bird, I love hearing about your animals and your photos are amazing!

What a cute little girl, have missed the photos of the animals. Your blog is wonderful,and the projects are great, but the animal pictures are the my favorite.

Congratulations on your new addition. I was told a very, very, long time by a priest at a funeral that God takes one but gives another in its place. Take care.

She is so precious!! Give her a little love hug for all of us when you get home. A door closes and a window opens. The circle of life goes on. Blessings!!

Congratulations. This is wonderful news especially after the loss of twinkel toes.

Enjoy your new beautiful girl!

Oh Anna how precious! I am so happy that little Lady Bird arrived at a time when you especially needed some cheering. She's just adorable.

How Sweet!! She's adorable :) I love the names - Lady Bird and Jackie. You're wonderful with naming your animal family! Their coloring is so pretty - and Jackie's mane, just beautiful.

aww, She is beautiful!!and What a lovely name!!!

Oh, she is BEAUTIFUL!!! Momma and baby look SO cute...what a wonderful event. Congrats on the new member of the menagerie! I just love the color of your donkeys, they are awesome! :D

Anna, I'm sorry for your loss of twinkle toes, but certainly a new window has been opened!

HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!! You know I love all your animal stories, but so look forward to the donkey ones! Lady Bird is just beautiful! I was honored to have met the "real" Lady Bird twice and I am sure she would have loved her name sake as well! JUST ADORABLE! I have two Mom's to be just about to pop... with Hurricane Dolly approaching I am sure they will deliver soon!

Wow, a new baby! Your farm is growing by leaps and bounds! Perhaps you should consider *leaps* and *bounds* for names, lol. Let's see, *Leaps* could be a kid and *Bounds* could be hmmmmm, I'll have to think about that one :) Any way, Congratulations!!!

awww, she's so cute! Wish I was there to rub her muzzle, what a cutie.


What a delightful baby donkey! Your farm must be just wonderful with all these animals! I really enjoy seeing these photos on your Blog.

So sorry for your Twinkle Toes but that is one sweet little jenny. A really neat photo. tfs

Bev J.

Thank you for sharing all your animals with us. We also just recently lost a beloved pet. Our Simba (4 month old kitten) got hit by a car on July 4th, he passed on 3 days later. My daughter has taken it very hard. I will show her Lady Bird maybe that will cheer her up. Mari

How sweet, thanks for sharing!

How sweet! And what a great photo...from a phone, no less! I thoroughly enjoy your blog, Anna. Your farm life stories and artwork are fabulous. Keep 'em coming and all the best to you.

What a little darling!! Love the name and the connecting tribute to Twinkle Toes. Congrats!

She's precious! I just wanna snuggle her. Do donkeys have donkey breath?

Congrats on the new addition to the family! She's so cute. What a sweet name.

She is ADORABLE!!!
I love the name!! Too prescious!!

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