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Lady Bird is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

She is beautiful and looks so soft! Your photographs are amazing, Anna. Thanks so much for sharing them.


Your photographs are absolutely incredible! You have an amazing eye, and Lady Bird is just beautiful.

I Just love to come on and see pics of your animals! I want a farm!!!

Lady Bird is just so darn sweet looking even if she is a bit ornery. Love the names you give them - is she going to plant some wildflowers? Your vintage Halloween card is adorable & I can't wait to find that sizzix die cut. Thanks!

Beautiful pictures, as always. On a much smaller scale, all the pictures I take of dogs are usually blurry because they want to see what's going on and get too close and then lick my face.

Hope it cools down for you soon!

I love donkeys! Little Lady Bird has a sweet face.

Lady Bird is so cute! She looks so soft and velvety! I'm sure she'll be very spoiled and it looks like her mama loves her

Wow, these pictures are so lovely. Adorable!

Anna, the photos are great; so glad you kept at it, till you got some nice ones. Sometimes critters just don't do whatcha want 'em to, do they?

I was trying to take pictures of a little blue heron today in our backyard; when I got too close (still about 20 feet away) he went flying off croaking his displeasure. And he elicited similar admonitions for me from the great egret and tri-color heron, who were also at the pond. Shame on me!!!

She's so pretty...I love the colors and markings. Thanks for sharing.

Just found your blog and I am soo enjoying your animal and stamp pix/designs! I'm adding you to my faves, hope that is okay!

Oh my gosh Anna, your picture of Lady Bird's face is gorgeous! I could almost feel her pretty face, how adorable is she and how beatifully you captured her. Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi Anna, Lady Bird is a sweetie, but you have to tell her that she would look better in pictures if she wasn't wearing her daddy's toupee! It amazes me how you can get these shots with the animals looking right at you. I don't have the patience and won't take the time to wait for the perfect shot. She really is a beauty -- you have to love all baby animals. I agree with one of the other commenters, her face and head look sooo soft. Love her eyes! They make her look so gentle and soulful.

Beautiful face!!! Fantastic photos!! Can't even imagine how long it would take to get one so perfect! TFS

What a sweet face!! Sorry about the heat...hope you can find some relief soon! :0)

Beautiful pictures as always. I love Lady Bird's big ears and her coloring is beautiful, her coat looks so soft.

We were so sorry to here about Twinkle Toes, and happy to see Lady Bird. It certainly moves up the "talk" about the circle of life in my house!!! Sorry it is so hot for you all, and without a beach in sight!!!

All our best, Sandra and Christina

What a sweet face and so expressive! Love her coloring!

I didn't think anybody could be cuter than Eddie, but Lady Bird is the new champeeeen! I heard it was 103 yesterday in Flower Mound, so I feel for you. It's bad enough in Florida, but not that hot! My glasses fog up when I go outside! Arrrrggghhhh!

What a sweet and adroable face on Lady Bird. I love her coloring, Anna! Even with the heat disadvantage you managed to get a cute picture. I especially like the one of Lady and Jackie from the side. It really shows how soft their colors are.

She has such a sweet, soft beautiful face! Looks like you could just give her a big 'ol squeeze!! Thanks for sharing them with us ~ I love ALL your fur & feathered children! :)

Oh, those are such GREAT photos! She is just beautiful, as is her Mama...I can just see her helping you take the pictures! haha
I LOVE your critters...thanks for the peek at the newest baby! :D

I have been unable to photograph my cats (and with one very ill, I feel compelled to) but as soon as I haul out the camera, they bolt. Have no idea why. The dogs don't. And I refuse to photoshop what I do take of them. Just bugs me to no end so I just click away until I get what I want. Good or bad.

I need a donkey to talk to. Tell these gorgeous creatures hi for me?

Lady Bird has a sweet face.

I understand missing a pet bird. We had parakeets while I was growing up. My Grandma's parakeets would call out cards while we sat at the kitchen table playing Royal Rummy. The louder we were, the louder the parakeet.

oh, look at that precious little nose! i love her! and your pictures are almost as good as Alan's...ha ha ha ;)

Fun pics!!! And I love your CHA Fav's as well!!! It was SO nice to meet and chat with you for a bit at CHA!!!

I love them! Their markings are so neat! Great pictures! Bummer it is so darn hot where you are! I will send you some ocean breezes! Deb

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