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How nice that people can make creative for children especially when it comes to encouraging children to eat more. The hen is beautiful, I love to have one for my daughter so Keylin ..

That is a great chicken!

OMGoodness how cute Anna!! Could you send some craftiness my way!! :)

I want to be you when I grow up! Where does the talent end?! this chicken place mat is WAY ADORABLE!

love it any thing to do with chickens they would make awsome gifts you should sell them you are awsome

That placemat is DARLING!


These are so darn cute!! I love the adorable checkered comb on top!

Oh my gosh! This is too stinkin' cute! You don't happen to have a pattern you'd be willing to share, would you?


Anna, We love it! We need a pattern!

How Cute Anna!!

Aww, this is too cute. I love it.

Very Crafty....
These Chicken placemats are Adorable!!
I love the materials..
"Super Cute" !!

This is the cutest little hen!! I think the rooster pattern used for the main body is so appropriate, too:) I love the expression on her face! Oooh, oooh, I just had an idea (fancy that) you could have different chickens at each place setting - just like you have different chickens on the farm!!! Thanks for sharing this delightful creation - I love it!!!

What next Anna? You're amazingly talented, this is soooo cute!

Really, you need to post a photo of the original chicken. This is so darn adorable. How did you make it? What stitch setting on your machine did you use to apply the eggs, eyes, etc.? LOVE it! Thanks for sharing,

Man I wish I could order one of these beauties... My Mom just got a new table and chairs. I got to see them and sit at them once for about 20 seconds, but just knew they were sadly lacking (ssh - don't tell the Amish fellows who made them). So glad you and your Mom are having such a grand time. Hope Allen is enjoying the visit as much as the rest of you and those of us in your readership. You know how you can tell if he really likes your folks? He doesn't ask to move manure every day...

This certainly looks like one of your chicken stamps! I love it!! It looks like a fairly nice size and love the little face watching you eat! LOL

Hm, I'm thinking if you are going to put it in the center of the table, you should change the pattern a bit so that there are four chickens with their heads in the middle so that each person can see the chicken upright. . .
I don't sew a lick, so take this for what it is worth. ;)
It really is cute! I think it would make a good paper piecing for a card. hmmmmmm

Anna & Anna's Mom: These are so cute - I might try a couple for my sister who also raises chickens.

That placemat is sooo cute!! You don't happen to make and sell any rooster ones do you?(wink)

Sounds like you are having lots of fun with mom :-)

Hi Anna.....
Did I ever tell you how much I enjoyed your blog??? The placemat is adorable....I bet that you and your mom have so much fun together and it is great seeing that you both craft together.
I also quilt and just started locker-hooking....I will tell you that my craft room is a dangerous place. I need a sign that says Enter at your own risk".
Enjoy the time with your family....I'll be watching!!

ACK!!!! You're killing me with all your sewing FABRIC projects! I may have to get out some fabric now.
Too adorable on the placemat!!!!!

Moms are great aren't they? My mom is coming to visit for two weeks and I can't wait. I've got my sewing machine out for her already!! We are going to be making festive P.J.'s !! Even though she's not a stamper, I'm going to bring her and my crazy Aunt along to the Wisc. shopping excursion. What fun , can't wait!

Oh, I LOVE your chicken!!! She is TOO CUTE...what a fun thing to have on the table! I always use tablecloths, but still like something in the center...she is precious. You all are having too much fun!!! :D (Hurray!)

ADORABLE! Love it... so when can I see the donkey mat? and then place orders?

OMG, that is adorable!!!! Is there anything you CAN'T make???

These craft items are adorable, Anna. Glad you're enjoying your parents...such wonderful memories.

What a happy little table hen she is. I'm so glad that you and your mom are having such a wonderful "crafty" time togther. Hahahaha! A Hen For All Seasons! Now that would be cute!

OMG ... this is too cute! I LOVE it. It's so much fun to see what you create when your mom is visiting. Thanks for sharing your awesome projects.

Oh stop it - you're killing me with all these super cute projects!!! Love it!!!!!

Very cute placemats! Maybe that could be my replacement for not being able to have real chickens....still working on DH for the real thing....

SOOO darn CUTE!!!
Go Mama go!!
BTW--I think we had similar placemats in the early eighties, too.

Oh Anna! This is so CUTE!! You need to make some of these and sell them! Are you taking orders?? LOL! I want one of these!
You and your mom are so talented!! Loved the cupcake pin cushions too!! Super Cute!

The chicken placemat is adorable, love it! Its really nice that you get to spend time with Mom crafting, hope they are having a great time with you and Allen.

Don't let Mommy go home. I am LOVING what the two of you are creating! The chicken is such a riot. I'll be smiling all day. THANKS!

That is too cute! Great for kids!

This is absolutely adorable!! How cute to have one at each place setting, what a riot, your table would be quite festive for sure! Glad you are still enjoying your time with your folks and able to craft more with mom ~ lucky girls! :)

Way to cute! Love it!!!! You are too talented. =) Cluck!

I love this!!!! I love chickens too! You could have all sorts of colors and seasons and moods of chickens! You should sell these, I would buy one!

Anna - that is super duper ADORABLE! I bet you're loving having your mom there - I know I would. C:

Cute chicken. Your Mom sounds like fun. You may have to flatten the trailers tires to keep your parents longer at your home.

That is to darn cute. You are so lucky to be able to craft with your mom. Thanks for sharing.

You could have chickens that look like your different color chickens. Black & White etc...
Gramma Dar

Super cute! Wish I was in your family, I could come get crafty with you and your Mom!

Love it!!!

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