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WHEW! I just made it through ALL of them. You have been a busy little beaver!! WOWWWWEEE!! So glad to see my espresso snowman aka Hot Cocoa snowman made into the line up. I was going to FREAK OUT if he didn't. LOL I will be purchasing him this weekend. heehee

So, so, HAPPY for you though Anna, these are ALL great! I think I need the Rootin Tootin Snowman too. Yep, definitely a MUST HAVE! :)

Hello WSD? Yes, it's me, Karrie, uh huh, I will take one of each please. THANKS! LOLOLOL

I had time this morning while drinking coffee to click in and look at every new stamp. Whew! You hit the jackpot once again, Anna. I have to tell you my favs of them all. First, I love that many of the images from your sets have been incorporated into one image....like the dog, dog house and bowl and the cat on the pillow. Christmas Car, Belle, Hot Cocoa Snowman, Johnny Snowman, Pinetree Snowman, Rootin Tootin Snowman, Santa Ornament, Snow Kitty, Farmer & Adell, Fishing Chicken. I'm sure most of these are not surprises for you as you know how I adore your snowmen. Congratulations on a wonderful release, Anna!

Oh My Gosh is RIGHT!! Love Bugs are REALLY cute!! But I like the cocoa snowman too! and gotta have Farmer, Adell and Fishing chicken!!

It was soo good to meet you at Creative Pals. What a great Bday present to me :0) I loved all my SMD birthday presents I received!!

So are you going to privey us on the 3 that you said were your favorite?

Take care!

oh gosh you are soooooooooooo killing my gas budget! (so i walk to work both ways uphill with no shoes carrying my lunch... no wait that was my parents line..*wink*)
i want them ALL, every single last one, but for now i will play with my 3 sets i just purchased and received in record time i might add!
(sorry so chatty, 2 cups of coffee...)
keep em comin Anna ~ they are delightful! LOVE the halloween ones!!!

lots of cute cute cute images! It's funny that when you become a fan of someone, how it easy it was to pick out your images when I was looking at all the new images. "oh, that must be an Anna one...That is DEFINITELY an Anna stamp!" LOL!

Oh my heck girl...I need one of each!

Those are all great!!! I really love Rover, Ski Jumping Penguin and Toad on a Stool. I must get those. Awesome!!! Angelina

Anna ~ you are amazing! Love, love, LOVE the new stamps. I don't know how you do all that you do. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

Oh, My! I have to agree -- I want to see more cling sets ;^)* That is the best way to go to get Anna en mas! The images are wonderful, but the cling sets get you so much more of what we love -- congrats on all your hard work getting out into the world!

The love bugs are my favorite! Are they going to be put into a cling mount set?! (hint,hint!)
Hey... it's not as good as your cards, but I have to share my card with your Blossoms & Butterflies set!
I can't wait to keep creating new, wonderful things with them! :)

Anna!! Great stamps! I was especially happy to see the hot cocoa snowman!! I remember when you shared your illustration...I was looking forward to buying that stamp!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

WOW! so many to choose from! They're all so cute! Love them!

I just purchased your blossoms and butterflies set and love it!!! You even signed and numbered it! How cool is that? I would like to see more of these types of sets, as I used mostly unmounted. I like how it is packaged too!

Love all of your stuff - extremely cute! Congratulations on the release!

Wowee, you have outdone yourself with all of these, when do you find the time? They are all adorable. I really like the bugs.

BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see your creations with these images. I'm sure they'll be inspiring.

Oh my there are so many great stamps. One of my favorites, (Toad on Stool) how cute. Oh and the (Snowman Couple) is adorable and (Stella) is also a favorite!

Wow YOU Have been very busy. I was able to look at a couple and they are adorable. Will look at the rest later. Congrats on your new release!

Your stamps are too cute!

You so totally ROCK! These are ALL fabulous. What an awesome talent you have! Congrats on such a large collection!


Good grief, Anna! You have been one busy lady and they are ALL adorable!!!! There are just so many cute ones!!

These are all adorable images!! Congrats on your new release!!

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