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OMG!!!!!! It's ADORABLE!!!!

Baby chicks are adorable! This one takes the cute factor to the top, thanks for sharing!

There is something about a baby "anything" that just make you say awwwwwwww! Well, perhaps not a baby reptile! You wee chick is so adorable with her wonky feathers and sweet feet. I'm enjoying this so much...

Can I come take care of your darling animals?
This little chickie is soooo cute!!!

I love the name chosen for the little chick. She/he will have to grow some more to fit the big name.

Anna: I have learned so much about chickens
since visiting your blogsite. You have some of the cutest chicks and unusual species I have ever seen. It's a treat to
:visit: your farm online.

Oh my goodness! How absolutely darling! I love these pictures! I can't have anymore chickens - we are maxed out but I soooo want another one or two or three...

Little "Z" is a cutie! I bet she'll be a real beaut when she grows up. She looks like she likes the limelight!!

Anna- can you turn your place into a Farm B&B please? I would like to come spend the weekend, play with your animals.. or and.. play with you and your stamps!

it would be SO MUCH fun.. please do it.. :) :)!!!! I've learned so much about farm life from your blog. (i;m such a city girl!)


ps.. this little one is very sweet!

Oh my goodness, how adorable!! I hope it's a hen, and you will have some precious eggs from her! She really IS SO CUTE!!! :D

As I look at this picture, I can't stop chuckling...he/she is just soooo darn cute!!! I can't wait to see how beautiful she (I'll think positive) is when she is all grown up! I love her colors, too - she looks like she is adorned with gold! tfs :)

She is adorable. I wish I could go on vacation and come live on your farm for a few weeks. It sounds like so much fun. Plus I would get to stamp with you too. Thanks so much for sharing!

You have a way of capturing beauty in all living creatures and this is no exception! Excellent photo, adorable chick! "Zippy" gave me the greatest awwwwww moment of the morning:) TFS

so cute. I just here and go "ahhhh". Of course you are the one having to feed and care for them. I just get to watch and love doing it.

Awwwww so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your farm pictures!

She is a beautify! So colorful and has extra fluff! I bet the other girls are jealous!

Oh my word!! How does the little guy get around with all of those feathers on his feet? Wicked cute. -Molly B

Feathers on their feet! How cute is that!

You are making me want to have chicks, a whole yard full of them!! You must stop this!! LOLOL

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