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Cute Card...
Adorable pig looks happy
baking cookies :)

How oinkin' adorable! and Yummy too!
I guess overall my style has not changed...but I hope the quality has improved! ;)

Mine changed to be like yours! LOL! WHen I first saw your work I loved how you used such small mats around your images and usually it was in black. That and the pattern paper thing. My stuff never came close to looking like yours - but I liked the way it was going! Now I just need to find some time to stamp again - to find out where my current style falls!

LOVE the card....too 'stinkin' cute! TFS

This is so adorable Anna! I'm glad your style hasn't changed too much....why fix what ain't broke! I love your artwork. Me, I tend to follow trends; I still haven't really found my "style"!

wow that pig is so so so cute i love work iam glad you had a graet time with your folks we missed youwelcome back to blog land michelle gall

Awake in the night and cannot sleep. Decided to get some inspiration for the week so I began to jump around on blogs to see if my eye can catch some new ways. I´m really happy that I came across your blog and I have stayed much longer then I should at your place. Thanks a million for all the inspiration.


Love this card! My style is definately improving, halleluia for that. I've gone from boring to not-so-bad now!

Yes, my style has changed. It went from just having a single stamp on one card to doing whatever is in fashion! I'm a follower, not a leader! I'll do the demos at our stamp club and then make those for a while. When it comes to making one from "scratch" or my head, it usually turns out pretty cruddy!

I love this card you made. That set would be perfect for recipe pages!

Oh for heaven's sake!!!! A double post - I apologize...

Oh brother! I just finished typing in a long note about my style and how is has changed, matured, and grown, but when I went to post the whole thing was dropped. Darn! Well, I love your style Anna and I appreciate that you share with us all your wonderful talent. I think this Piggy is adorable, and those cookies look completely edible. Great job...

I love this Piggy! He is just oozing personality. The cookies look so good, like you could pick them right off the tray and eat them, but then I'm on the 4th day of being back on Weight Watchers, and just about now I'd eat anything!! I wonder how many points paper has? LOL
I've been stamping for 2.5 years. I got introduced to Stampin' Up! by my neighbour, became a demo, and while my business floundered I discovered Technique Junkies. So, I can say that YES! my style has changed a lot. I tend to design cards with very clean lines not alot of clutter, and I'm experimenting with many different inks and mediums now. I have a hard time with Collage and any child with wings or crowns, but I certainly appreciate the wonderfully artful projects others produce with it. I love your style Anna, and I truly wish I could learn just how you get so much dimension with reinkers and a brush. You have a great talent and I so appreciate that you share it with all of us...

I have to admit that I have gone through several phases in my stamping career. I was introduced to stamping in 2001 through a friend who started selling Stampin' Up. I told her I was only hosting a party for her to help her get going. I was DEFINITELY not interested in doing stamping myself. ROFL Now 7 years later I have so many stamps and brands I can't even hold them or count them all. I have done collage, scenery stamping, ATCs, but I always come back to simple, clean cards. They will always be a staple for me, no matter what phase I am in at the time!

Love your Chef Piggy. Glad you are busy, was missing your posts though...
off to search for a pot bellied pig stamp, now that I could use...

Wow!! The goodies look 3D, as if you could just take one right off the cookie sheet! LOVE your coloring as always, you amaze me every day. My style is simple, every once & awhile I try all the foofala but I always go back to simple & easy.

I love your style. This card is too cute. Of course, I'm a fan of pig and chicken ...

Cute card!! Love the sparkle!

I have changed my style. Thirteen years ago, I started out as a scenic stamper and used realistic images. Today, I'm a fan of clean and simple cards/designs and also cute, beautiful, and elegant images - not on the same stamp, of course, lol.

Occasionally, I like to add a *surprise* element - like a pop-up, etc. More than you ever wanted to know, I'm sure:)

Aw...Piggy Chef is extremely cute here! He looks so proud too! I don't think that my style has changed all that much. I still go for the cutesy images (SU's Fishy Friends was my first set), but I do think my skills are getting better. (At least I hope they are...lol!) :D

toooo cute! My style has changed, more shabby now although it's kinda been that way all along.

I don't know that my style has changed, but my ability and talent has! I giggle when I see my first creations at the various family members homes!

What a great little card, I love that piggy chef:) My style has changed over the years, but I think it's improved as I've learned new techniques and experimented more. I hope you're having some great times with your parents and I know you'll be making some wonderful memories to treasure. Have fun!

Very cute! Love your background paper! It's perfect with Piggy here!

I think your little piggy has spent way too much time out in the hot Texas sun!

Oh, Piggy is so happy in her kitchen! Very cute card...
I tend to go with clean and not too fussy, too...I'm not a collage girl, either...just doesn't come together for me! I haven't been stamping but about 4 years, and intermittent at that...but I do love it! I don't think my style will ever change! :D

Such a sweet little scene!

Answer to your question: I'll let you know when I figure out what my style is :)

Great card! My style hasn't changed much, but the quality has as I learn the ins and outs of this art!

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