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All together now, aaaaaawwwwwwwww! Love all your baby pics and these are sooooo cute!

How many years do you keep the hens? The chicks are so darn cute.

Awwwww!!! The Cuckoo Marans look sort of like penguins with their coloring. I just wanna reach through the screen and touch 'em all!!

oooooooooooooo, Guineas! I love Guineas! They make such great "watchdogs" and when they shed their feathers, they are so useful for decorating! Do yours go in at night? Ours wouldn't. Our friends have guineas. I have a cute shot of some under a pear tree. I'll see if I can find it and send it to you.

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Love your baby chicks. My mom always used to have a hen "setting" when I was a toddler-don't ask how long ago. She tells the story that when they would hatch she had to watch me like a hawk. I would pick one up and pet it, then go "ehhh" and if she wasn/t quick I would squeeze it to death. I guess I got a little carried away with my love for the little chicks-still love them today. Thanks for sharing all your pics.

Bev J. (Maxell on SCS)

These chicks are so cute! I remember my Grandma always had chickens on her dairy farm. I always hated it though when we were going to have chicken for dinner. I hated to see the process. I love reading about all your animals. I now know more about the various types of chickens then I thought I would ever know. LOL Thanks for sharing!

I really can't get over how cute all these chicks are!!!!

I love those adorable little Welsummer chicks! The coloring is wonderful and they look sooooo soft and fluffy! I really enjoy seeing the photos of your great animals. What a delight.

The little ones that look like chipmunks are so sweet! They all are but they are especially cute!

Oh, they are sooo cute! Brings back childhood memories of when my grandfather brought some home many years ago!

Awesome! New babies! They're all so cute!

I just love seeing all the new additions you get to the farm...almost enjoy the animal part of your blog more than the stamping...trust me...your cards,etc. are awesome, but I get such a kick out of the new little friends you have!!!
Wish I could have chickens, but DH won't have it....hee hee..

They are so cute. I love seeing the pictures of your farm animals. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Seattle Sue (City Girl) :)

Adorable! I'm guessing you lose sleep from time to time with all the babies in your life! How exciting!

Oh, your pictures make me want to reach in and pick up the little fluff balls! Their markings are lovely.

They are absolutely adorable!! How fun to have so many little one's running around. Can't wait to see all the different eggs!

What cute babies don't you wish they could stay little longer? With all your different hens your eggs will look like the easter bunny decorated and delivered them. Thanks for sharing your new babies. Ann

They are soooooo cute!!

I can just hear all the peep, peep, peeps coming from that box. How cute they are!

So cute!!! I love those Welsummers! Have fun with all your chicks. Keep the pictures coming, please. :)

Oh, they are SO CUTE! I want them! You are SOOO Lucky....but then again, I guess we sort of make our own luck, don't we??!! I LOVE your baby chicks, thanks for the pictures! They are just precious! :D

Just found your blog and love it! Love reading about your animals also!

How exciting for you to have more babies delivered! Aren't they cute. The one that really caught my eye was the wee gray one! She is absolutely adorable and so soft and fluffy. Well, they're all soft and fluffy looking. Your photos are wonderful, and thanks so much for sharing your life with us all. BTW - ummmm - errr - do you ever (gulp) eat them? Nooooooo. I didn't ask! Don't tell me if you do...too much information...

All of them are so cute!!!!!

YEAH...more babies to get updates on! They are so pretty.

Need a baby-sitter???? :) These are just the cutest little chicks - I love their coloring!!

Chocolate brown shell, huh?! Got something planned for next Easter??? :)

i love chicks i have a small hatchrey and sell chicks around u.p of michigan i love when they start to peep in the egg it is awsome i am crazy for chicks have fun with your new babys

Oh my goodness are they cute! They really do look like Chipmunks from that angle. How fun!

Hi Anna.....
It is SO MUCH FUN to watch your blog....anymore it's a guess to see what kind of new babies you are going to come up with. The chicks are too cute.....I betcha there's a lot of peepin' going on!!

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