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Oh lordy, I remember those spider stories well (too well),they gave me nightmares for weeks! ;0)
Happy blogaversary, Anna. I am so glad you have this blog. Thanks for sharing your talent, your stories and pics about life on the farm and for making me laugh!

Congrats to the lucky ladies who won your blog candy! I loved re-reading your spider stories, although now I feel like I have something crawling on me!

Anna: I've been away for about a week & boy have I missed a lot! A great big congratulations to you on your blogversary. I love checking your blog 1st thing when I get to work & it almost always brings a big smile. I love your art & your farm stories as well as your beautiful photos. Love that new baby calf too! Again, congrats & a big THANKS! XOX

I haven't been around the last week due to vacation but I'm trying to catch up and had to read back on the two memorable posts and they had me cracking up...especially the plastic spider one! I stepped on a spider a few weeks ago in the garage and a bunch of babies darted...was disgusting and I was stepping as much as I could. I'm sure I didn't get them all, but that's just GROSS!!!

Dotty clearly deserves the birthday bonus and you, YOU deserve a medal. Thanks for making me laugh ALL over again. I love this blog!!!

Congrats to the winners!

Spiders...OMG...we're dealing with some but not near like those! ewwww...guess I should stop my whining ! LOL


You crack me up!! I had not seen the original spider blog, but now that I have all I have to say is YIKES!!! We have wolf spiders here in Indiana and I thought those were bad, but they pale in comparison to that one! I couldn't handle it.

Then, I had read your 2nd post, but it is much funnier now that I read the 1st. Happy Blogversary and thank you for sharing!!

2 of my absolute favorite stories anywhere. I didn't comment on the last post, but your blog is wonderful. The mix of craft & farm is perfect. I feel like I have learned so much about the animals--and I wouldn't have learned about them in other ways I don't think. I'm always impressed by your cards & I just think you are a wonderful person. You know I pop over here 2 or 3 times a day when I can.....Keep it up. Can't wait for your 25th blogaversary...

I am SOOOOOOOOO not clicking on the first link!! I know exactly what post it is and I still have nightmares! LOL!!!!!

You are SO funny, it is no wonder I love your blog! Your spider stories are hysterical and I am still laughing (JulieHRR's comment on the earlier blog post was so funny I almost fell off my chair laughing.) These stories are before I joined, maybe I should go back and read some others when I'm needing a pickup! Thanks for taking the time to lighten up my day!

Congrats to Lori M. and Dotty! Enjoy!!!

Anna, I got a chance to read about the Rabid Wolf Spider yesterday and it grossed me out - yuck!!! All those babies running around helter skelter - nooooo!!!! Sounds like a scary movie!!!

I did not read about the black plastic spider until just now - ewwwww!!! It must be a girl thing, because when I see a spider, I yell for DH to kill it (gives me goose bumps just thinking about it)! When I'm all alone and *I* have to kill it, I've been known in the past to spray poison until there is a mound of spray/foam on top of it and after it stops wiggling, I vacuum it up!!! But, now I have a new tool that I love - it is battery operated and looks like a tennis racket and shocks the little buggers! Puts them and me out of our misery!! That racket goes on vacation with me, too:)

Have a lovely day, Anna!

I wasn't even having second thoughts about my upcoming birthday until I read the 'bra size' comment!!!! Now in 1 week I will match mine, and NO WAY am I revealing either number on the internet!!! :D I would have up until that comment was made, but now - nuh uh!!


p.s. and having lived in both Florida and Texas, I must say that the spiders in Florida are MUCH larger than the Texas ones. that is one thing that they can have bigger in another state!!! ;)

I read your 2 "most memorable" posts. UGH! I am with you on the spider thing - YUCK. Don't you love how men don't tell you EVERYTHING until it's too late to retract your decision. ROFL Keep up the fun blog. You make my day.

Happy Blogaversary, Anna!! Yours was one of the first ones I started reading & I still enjoy it to this day!! I LOVE the perfect mix of farm life & stamping!! LOVE all the pictures!! You are still as inspiring to me as ever!!!

I had a trick played on me by my dh and my dd. A friend bought me a stuffed rooster and I keep it above our cupboards. Well, they took the rooster and put it in a huge dutch oven on the stove with a lid on it. I came home, thought, hmmmm wonder what's in here and lifted the lid, I almost fainted because the rooster is very realistic looking. Did you ever see the movie Fatal Attraction? Where she comes home and the pet rabbit is in a pot cooking? Yeah, they were channeling that movie......arggghhh!
You know I love your blog Anna, always have, always will....
Hugs and Happy Blogversary!

HAHAHAHA! Been there done that with the gigantic spider!!! That was hilarious! I had a farm in Michigan - I know that feeling of fear & dread - like I am the only one here to handle this monster and I HAVE to do it. Thanks Anna for your blog - it is such a joy! Never think we are bored with your farm tales - I love it!

I didn't even have to click on the links because I really remember those two posts...eek!!! Happy Blogversary Anna!! I LOVE peeking in on all of the wonders of the farm and your happy life and your gorgeous creations! Thank you for everything that you share with us!! :D

I knew it ... I read the headers and instantly remembered what they were about. Now that should tell you that either I need a new hobby or I read your blog entirely too much.* HAHA * Thanks for all you share with us.

OMG - IT IS ALL SO HILARIOUS AND SCARY AT THE SAME TIME!! I HATE those grody baby carrying glow in the dark eyed BEASTS!!!!! I'm scared to death of them. You are so dang funny!!

Well, I must have missed the RABID WOLF SPIDER the first time around but that's just about the grossest thing I've seen in a long time. Eeeeek! Glad we don't have something that big here in MD...at least not that I know of. Although, when we first moved back here to our new home, there was a very large snake climbing up the tree in the backyard. I don't like snakes either and he was too big and too close for comfort!

And that spider on the garage story was definitely one of my all time favorite posts from you as well. You oughta write a book, Anna, with all of your funny stories.

I can not believe I did this to myself AGAIN! I read these stories the 1st time around so I KNEW what I was in for and went and read them AGAIN!!! But reading was not good enough, oh no, I HAD to go and open that darn picture again!! Sort of like a train wreck, you don't WANT to look but just can't stop yourself! We have those stinkin' spiders here in AZ too. I hate them. Now I'm going to need a shot of tequila just to go out to my craft room. Yes, I have killed one in there before, Ewwwww At least I read " I was brave" 2nd and it cracked me up as much this time as it did the first time:) I am looking forward to another year of your amazing talent and precious pictures of all your critters:)

So completely falling over about that "bra-size" comment!!!!!!

OMG that is too funny! Thanks for pulling those on out of the archives, I joined your "life" post spiders... good thing probably since I HATE spiders as much as you, and I may not have come back if either of those were the first posts I read!!!
Bring 'em on (the stories I mean, not the spiders!)....
My house spiders and ai have a little agreement going on- they know where they are allowed to hang out. If they cross the line... I call DH! Or sometimes I am brave enough to do it myself. Thanks goodness they aren't as big as those in Texas. I guess everything really is bigger in Texas!

Congrats to Lori and Dotty!
Sigh. Tomorrow I WILL be my bra size!!!
How come I am not finding that funny?!

LOL! The "I was brave" post was my all time favorite. I laughed and empathized and shared it with everyone I thought would appreciate it. LOL! Too visual!

Congrats to Lori and Dotty! How Fun!
And thanks again to Anna for posting two more past posts...I just about peed my pants while reading them! Now I have the heebie jeebies just before bed! LOL!

LOL! Your spider stories are funny! (oh, but I do understand your fear!).
Happy Blogaversary!!!

Um ok not fair... I missed every post about the blog candy and anniversary. =C

Happy Anniversary Anna from a loyal follower. I've been so dern busy I haven't even had time to read let alone post. ~best

Bwaaahaaahaaa! I love your spider stories. I have a couple I could swap with you, but not tonight. It's late! Your stories made me start to feel creeping feelings in my feet and my legs are kinda twitchy! My eyes are darting two and fro and I'm hunched over in my chair. I'm on the look out! No stupid spider is going to take me by surprise - even if it is a piece of tinsel from the Christmas Tree! I grew up in Western Canada and let me tell you, they don't have spiders up there like they do in Texas. Wolf Spiders, Tarantula's, Black Widows!!! And jumping spiders too!! No sir. All the spiders up north have drown with all the rain. I just can't figure out how come the spiders down here don't fry in the heat! The only good spiders are the little ones who make their homes in the corners of your bathroom floor and they eat the little gnats and stuff. Of course then you get a Gecko in the house and there go all the spiders! Isn't Texas wonderful? So diverse! Stay out of dark corners, Anna!

Thank you thank you thank you Anna!!!! I cannot tell you how very excited I am to win your blog candy!!!!
Big cyber hugs to you!!

OMG. Your two stories from a while ago were so funnneee!!! I hate spiders too. We don't have any really big ones in Canada (thank God), but I would FREAK if I lived where they were as big as you described, complete with picture. And the plastic one? Oh, I almost peed my pants reading that. I must have started reading your blog after all this spider stuff, cause I don't remember it and I would have! You are a great story teller! Is there anything you cannot do well? You're amazing! Thanks for the great blog. I never miss a post and love the farm stories, your photographs, your cards. It is my fave. I actually READ it. It's more than just purdy pictures!

Ok I had never seen those posts before, and yea that spider is scary. I had to look twice, I didn't want to but I had to. OOO shivers!!
Thanks for re-sharing, I think :)
-Molly B

Oh my gosh ~ seriously??? Did you hear that thud? I just picked myself up off the floor! You are so generous! Makes me happy that I was born today!! THANK YOU!!!

Congrats to Lori M. as well!!

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