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OK Pixie, I've been checking on you all weekend and no baby! Hurry up already!~! I can't wait to see your new little one! :D

I enjoyed catching up with all your farm antics today, Anna! Love the egg cartong tag & labels -- those will be darn cute! Sweet baby chicks and on Alan's head = PRICELESES!! :D

How big is this farm. Seems like it started out being described as a little farm, but sounds like a pretty big place now with all these babies....So fun keeping up with it all though!!

Oh, how exciting! Another wee calf to enter into the wonderful world of Lauhoff Farms. I do hope that Pixie has an easy delivery and that it happens soon. Life on your farm seems so exciting compared to the monotony of city life with it's harsh sounds and traffic.Thanks so much for keeping us all posted...

I knew it! I knew you were going to say Pixie Stix! Of course, that would be more appropriate to a bull calf. ha ha ha

Dawn, from Stamping with Dawn, just made a Pixie Stick holder last week, so it's Kismet. :)

Oh, that is a cute name. The only thing I could think of with "Pixie" was "Pixie Dust". I hope you get that heifer!

Fingers crossed and what a cute name!

I hope your parents will still be visiting so they can watch.

Oh my gosh Pixie Stix is exactly what I thought of when I read soon to be mama and Pixe on the picture. How fun will that be Dixie Cup and Pixie Stix I LOVE IT!!!! Here is hoping for a heifer.

It's a good life!
Terri E.

Here's wishing for a little Pixie Stix soon!

My OH MY, you are just poppin' them out over there, aren't you - well, not you literally ;0)! What an exciting time of the year on your farm. I just love to pop in here and hear all the stories and see all the pics. Makes me want to go live on a farm too!
Hope Pixie does well with the delivery and pops out a little heifer.
I must be in a poppin' mood here- I just realized I used pop 3 times in my little reply.LOL.

I hope you get your wish to use Pixie Stix
as her name. It's quite exciting being part of your farm experiences. Thanks for the insight, that many of us never have.

Wow every time "we" are awaiting an arrival I feel like an honorary grandma. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for another heifer calf. Thanks for sharing your farm experiences with us and all the magical pictures. Ann

Wow how exciting! Ok, rooting for safe, soon, little girl... Yea! Will be checking in!

Go Pixie! Hope this one happens faster than Dixie's! :D Can't wait to see the baby...and hoping it's a heifer or a red bull! Go heifer, go heifer, go heifer... :D

Fingers and toes crossed! I love the name Pixie Stix, too!

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