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I love the flower, its so cute!

Thanks for the sneak peek...What a gorgeous poppy!

Wowie, I love this flower! But...don't you know that it's not nice to tease! LOL At least July is only a few days away so the wait won't be long!

Wow this is really stunning! Put me on that can't wait list too!

WOW! (Imagine that *wow* is super huge and bolded!) Gorgeous!!!

Very nice. I love the ribbon.

This is just stunning!!! Love it!

This is just stunning!!! Love it!

Lovely Anna - you're magic on coloring!

When I grow up, I want to be you. I really love this image and the way you colored it and the way you mounted it...oh, everything about this card is wonderful! Not fair. Why do some people have all the talent? Just Kidding. Thanks so much for sharing this window of your life with us. Love it!Also love that you can't keep this part secret.

The poppy is fabulous!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the images! Love your gorgeous coloring, the paper-piercing and the sweet paper ribbon!!!

Beautiful card and great new stamp sets!

Anna......such a beautiful, vivid flower..awesome coloring. My stamping goal for this year is to learn to color. I'm using your tutorial to help me with that. Can't wait for this stamp set. thanks for the preview.

love your blog banner!
This card is adorable. Can't wait to see all the new stamps!

That's an awesome card, very pretty, but come on...come on...where's the pics of the new babies...lets see how they're all growing....hee hee...just kidding, I truly enjoy both aspects of your blog...

Ooooo, does this mean more flowers! Yum! Love your coloring, you did do a super job on your poppy!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I really want your last four sets...I've gotta get to making some samples for Lisa! And now MORE...yea! You must have been inspired by your new picture that Alan bought you. Do poppies really grown in fields like that?

That is absolutely fabulous! The flower is of course beautiful (both the image and your beautiful painting) and I love the little details of the swirls and bird in the background and the little curved banner for your sentiment! Perfection! Have you ever considered having tutorials or hints regarding painting and/or photography on your blog- you know, in your FREE time *wink*? Maybe you have and I've just missed them. Hope you and your folks are having a wonderful time!

WOW! That is absolutely gorgeous Anna! Wonderful work as always!!!

Oh My Lawdy!!!! LUFF IT!!!

very pretty. I have no doubt the stamps will find their way to my wish list over there at Whipper Snappers. I haven't finished paying off my installment loan for the last bunch i HAD to have.....They are lovely though.

Anna this is just fantastic! Beautiful job in coloring the Poppy! Again you've achieved the most striking dimension on a card. Way to go!

I love the poppy, I can't wait to see the rest of the set. I imagine it will go on my 'need to have' list after release date.
Your use of the stamp makes the set look very special as usual.(dah)

Beautiful!! More to come in July?? Ooooh, I can't wait to see what's next! :)

wow, great job colouring that poppy! delectable!

Beautiful!!! I love how you colored the poppy too!! Wow.....to have 1/2 of your talent...LOL!(seriously)...I can't wait for the new July release. =)

Anna! Love the vivid colors and the blue around the lovely poppy, just makes it POP! Looking forward to seeing the new release!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

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