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I check your blog every day for more furry friend activity and am always bummed when there is nothing new...but I do realize..hee hee..that you have another life besides being here,,,love your blog,,keep up the awesome site....

Hi anna....
Glad to hear that things are Busy and that you are okay. Enjoy your visit with your parents.....Alan has good taste....the picture is gorgeous!!

Yes! Salado has a stamp store called....Stamp Salado! It is owned and operated by Sandy Shaw, and carries thousands of stamps and related necessities. Sandy is very knowledgeable. I'm so glad that your parents arrived safe and sound and are settling into their new surroundings. I hope the heat doesn't bother them too much.
The piece of art from Alan is gorgeous. What a sweet guy he is to give so generously...

What a beautiful piece of art. You are a lucky lady. I remembered your parents were coming so assumed that was why no posts, but yesterday started looking in your gallery to see if you had posted anything new. I am so glad you are having fun with your parents. Enjoy them as much as possible while you are lucky enough to have them.

Love your new piece of art from Alan! I'm so happy your folks arrived safe and sound and you're having a great time with them! Glad to hear things are going great on the farm! Can't wait to see the latest pics!

The art is beautiful! It sounds like you are having a fantastic visit with your parents.Family time is precious,enjoy the rest of your time together!

ooooooooooo, love the artwork! thought it was something you'd done; branching out.

how nice that your parents come and visit you! hope you keep the a/c turned up for them. :)

Hurray! I thought your folks were there, so knew that was probably why you hadn't posted! I'm so glad you all are having great fun. I hope the TX heat is not exhausting them! Keep that A/C running! :D
I LOVE that art piece that Alan bought you! Wow, it's just beautiful...how nice of him! I'm sure you will always have special memories of your folks being there when you got it, too!
Have a WONDERFUL time with your parents, and tell them HI from a cyber blog friend that thinks you are GREAT! :D Happy Days to you!

This is a beautiful!! Aren't you a lucky girl!

ohhh Salado has a stamp store... hmmm been a while since I have been there, might need a trip! Sounds fun with your parents visiting, enjoy them! And Alan is a sweetie, that is a beautiful print.

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