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Congrats Wow 2 years thats wonderful. We (as in my 2 boys and I)love looking at all your animals it must be a joy to live on your farm. Cynthia

I absolutely love your blog - I read it every day - my twelve year old always wants to read it with me so she can see all the awesome pictures of the farm animals. I'm with you about the wasp stings - we had chickens and I went out to the building to get the food for them and was stung - man it hurt.

Oh my goodness. . . what a cutie! I love the name too!

Sorry about the wasp sting! Ouch.

Ow..bad wasp! I'm somewhat allergic to stings, so I get terrified! Owee...

Pixie Dust is just adorable! I so enjoy seeing all the pics and hearing the tales..thank you so much, Anna.. I truly enjoy your blog!

She is a beautiful girl! What a great color!

Oh my, what an adorable baby!!!

I learned a new trick last summer for wasp or bee bites. Pour some milk onto a piece of bread and hold it on the stinging area. After a few minutes, the stinging goes away. My grandson had about 3 bites up his leg from a hornet or wasp? we used the bread trick and he was ready to play soon after. - Judy

Pop! ;0) Another beautiful farm baby popped out! AWWW, this one is just so dang cute!
Love that name too!
Congratulations! And keep'em poppin'! ;0)

Congrats! Such a cutie pie. I hope your bite is better and you aren't in any pain. Big hugs

I'm sure I could have mustered a few choice words if that happened to me. I hope that your sting heals quickly and painlessly. Thanks for the photos of the new babies. I always love them and show them to my daughter (age 6) who always says in a high pitched voice "They are sooooo cute!"


How darling! You have your own "Fairy Land" there with all the Pixie's and Dixie's, you know "Trixie" works well with all those names too! LOL

So sorry to hear about the sting - those are nasty little buggers - hopefully onw of the chickens ate it!

She is just too cute for words. Congrats to you, Alan & Pixie!!

Awww - I understand why you think all "your" babies are cute - because they are!

Wasps are shady characters b.c they can sting you more than once. Ask me how I know.....well when I was a kid my mom use to hang our clothes on a clothes line outside. Well, apparently one of those nasty wasps got in one of my shirts and when I put the shirt on it stung me twice on the belly!! I was terrified of wasps after that!

She is beautiful!!!! What a little sweetie!!! That picture is just darling :) and how awesome that you were able to be present for the birth too!!!! Her name is just perfect

So sorry to hear of the wasp sting!! Ouch! Hope that you are feeling better soon!!! What a horrible place for the sting too. Ugh, I certainly agree that tears and moans were in order ;)

Pixie Dust is so cute!!!! I wish I could visit your farm, I spent some time looking at the farm pictures, lovely animals you have. My husband really liked it.

On the other hand, I hope you are feeling better by now, I was stung by a yellow jacket once and it was so horrible, I cried for a while, hurt so bad.

God bless

OMGOSH Anna, in the NECK? YOOOUCH!!!
Of course the first think I thought when I read this was... "Thank goodness she gave the camera to Allan!" It might not have landed as well as the chicken feed!

Pixie Dust....love it!!! She is so adorable. You're really having a bumper crops of calves lately. You must have very contented cows. Love hearing your stories.

Oh, I meant to add...did Alan get pics of you after the wasp sting??

Let the chickens take care of themselves until Alan gets out there and kills the wasps!!!!!!!!!!!! that's what men are for. ;)

congratulations on a darling little baby! Pixie Dust is a great name. There is a Pixie in a series I read. His name is Jenks. He's married to Matalina and they have about 50 kids. When Jenks gets mad at a human, he "dusts" them! It itches and stings...like a wasp!

Get well!!!!!

Okay....I was really getting into this farm thing. Cute adorable chickens, birthing of baby cows.....yes, I was getting into it....until you got stung by the wasp. I would be sooooo out of there. I like animal critters but NOT bug & spider critters. Where is ORKIN when you need them????? Hope you feel better really soon....I'm feeling your pain.

Beautiful, beautiful baby! Congratulations. She looks like milk chocolate. Ya coulda named her Godiva!

One more thing, Pixie Dust is now my new wallpaper on my desk top. Hope you don't mind!

I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! I am so glad you liked the name that I suggested. Gosh! I feel like an auntie! As my e-mail address infers, I LOVE cows. My grandparents had a dairy farm and I spent LOTS of time there. I am so honored that you used that name. I will have to save this blog entry so that I can look at her all the time! LOL Thanks for making my day.

What a cutie!!

Ouch!! Hope you are feeling better soon. I was stung once on the inside of my elbow and it hurt...can't even imagine on the neck! Take care. :0)

Oh what an adorable face!! LOVE her color too! Hope your neck heals soon!

what a beautiful calf!!!!!

Sorry to hear about that wasp... YIKES!! Last Halloween I impaled myself on a yellow jacket w/my middle finger no less! First time I've ever been stung and I'm 39! Yikes!

I thought of pixie dust too when you said pixie stick... the next one should be STIX if anything... to go with those candies of childhood. I never liked them bc I always inhaled while trying to eat them and would end up coughing and choking lol. I should have commented sooner!

Glad you picked dust vs. stick! Next one should be STIX!! hehehe

Love the brown cow... thanks for sharing your farm with us!

Bobbie *Ü*

BEE STING....Anna - the next time you get stung, please, please just put a penny on it and hold it there for a few minutes...we got the info in an email that was prescribed by a doctor, and when my daughter was stung two weeks ago while out working in the yard, she remembered about the penny, and held one there (she keeps some in the freezer so they're nice and cool), and within minutes the burning was gone and the site was barely visible...no swelling, no burning or itching...you need to keep a penny in your pocket when you're out and about on the farm. And BTW - that baby is the most beautiful color - looks like CHOCOLATE!!! Congrats on little Pixie Dusty (Dusty would be a cute nick-name!)...Love from Cloudy & Rainy Idaho, Jeanne xoxoxo

She's beautiful!!!! 'nuf said!

COngrats on the birth of Pixie Dust,she is just sweet! Sorry to hear about the wasp sting, glad you didn't fling the camera. We have had some bee trouble here as well, and I've taken spraying them. Finally hot here on the east coast, so I agree, stay inside and take it easy.

Our power came back on this afternoon!! Yeah!! Of course, we're expecting another storm, but we won't think of that! Pixie Dust is a doll baby and I love her name! Perfect!! So sorry to hear about your meeting with that nasty old wasp! I've never been stung by one, but a bee was bad enough for me. Take care and keep cool inside while your sting heals!

Well, first, congratulations on Pixie Dust! Just exactly what do you guys do on this farm? Everyone seems part of the family so I'm guessing you don't actually end up eating too many of them.... Second, SO sorry to hear about the wasp! They are seriously bad hombres! I just had my learner's permit to drive when my brother was stung and I had to drive him to the hospital! He lived so I guess it's all good... :)

As someone who doesn't care much for cows... I must say that Pixie Dust is just beautiful. Great pictures.

Love the name Pixie Dust and the photos (sans the odor). :D Hope that nasty sting heals soon.

Ouch! How forward thinking of you to hand your camera to Alan - it would have been pitched across the coop when that stupid wasp stung! I totally understand the tears and screams. Wow! I hope you are feeling better now. Big hugs to you.
Pixie Dust is adorable. Very photogenic. I so wish we lived closer and I could see your menagerie!
Take care and STAY AWAY from the wasps!

Adorable little calf...love the name too!
I sent a link to your blog to my husband at work and he emailed back telling to be sure and send more pictures when they're posted. We love looking at them.
Hope you're feeling better soon...we want to see what's up with the chickens!

Anna - congraulations mom on your newest addition!! She's a real cutie!! Sorry to hear you got stung by that nasty wasp. That really must've hurt!! Keep those pictures and updates coming as I look forward to hearing about all the critters on your farm. :)

WHAT A BEAUTY! WOW, SHE (HOPEFULLY) IS JUST GORGEOUS! I LOVE her color, it is so pretty...
So sorry about the wasp sting! They really do hurt...hopefully Alan can find the nest and go spray them tonight! You don't really need any wasps around the farm! Feel better soon :D

Wow, hope you heal well and quickly.
Pixie Dust is GORGEOUS -- we have a couple of cows in our lives (we have a share in a milk cow) and Pixie Dust is the most beautiful young cow I have ever seen! Congratulations!

Oh I forgot to mention that I'm sorry you got stung by a Wasp...nasty creatues. Hope you are better now. Hugs, Ida

Congrats on the new little addition. Pixie Dust is very sweet.

Oh my goodness, Pixie Dust is such a sweet little baby!! New life is just heart warming, whether human or animal - it's all beautiful! (except for that nasty wasp that stung you!) Stay indoors,stamp,stay cool and recover from your boo-boo!

Pixie Dust is such a cute name and such a cute little brown cow!!

Owwwww, Anna, that had to have hurt soooo bad!!! I once got stung on the breast - yowza that really hurt, too! If I remember correctly, it hurt for days! {{{{{Anna}}}}} Hope you're feeling better soon!

I meant to add, you need to get a netted hood used by bee keepers. I hope you feel better soon.

Pixie Dust is so sweet.

Oh my cuteness!!! Pixie Dust (GREAT NAME) is the cutest baby!

Congrats to you and Alan!!!

Hope your sting feels better soon, I could wimper a little with you over that one!

Oh girlfriend take care of yourself... and make Alan go check on the chickens. Wasp stings are bad news. they hurt and they can be bad! Especially on the neck! OUCH! I think you need to stay out of the heat today... I say a quiet day stamping and staying still! YEP... Tell Alan I said it is required after the sting. =)

LOVE LOVE LOVE Pixie Dust! Cute and congrats on the new color!

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