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p.s. The Red Frizzle feathers looks like flower petals. I think the flower I am thinking of are astors.

Cleo looks like a very lovely lady while Dixie Cup looks mischevious.

I didn't expect to be able to recognise the animals. The faces are so different.

Prince Chuck looks like he wants to grow up and be King Charles.

Oh my I love that little chick!!! I've never seen one of those! They sure are all growing like weeds!!! TFS the beautiful pics!

Oh that Dixie Cup is just adorable and such a BEAUTIFUL color. I can only imagine what she looks like in person!! I LOOOVE your farms updates along with everything else you do!!! Thanks for sharing!

OH I LOVE THE FARM UPDATES! I did one today too. Ok, that Frizzled Chicken is the greatest... I just hope the one without the funny feathers isn't made fun of by the others. And I would love to know where you got the other one those white fuzzy slippers, she is gorgeous! Can't wait to see a photo of Ribeye... he sounds adorable!

Thank you for sharing your life on the farm with us! It brings back many fond memories of life with my Grandparents. Your photos are fabulous!

OMG, so cute! All of them, but especially the Frizzle chick!

Anna you sure know how to take the most amazing pictures!!! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!

Hi Anna! I especially love the chickens. I never knew there were so many varieties, and you picked the best (of course!). Keep those photos coming!

Thanks for such a wonderful update..
The pictures are so Cute!!
Dixie cup is so Adorable..and Cleo so
sweet. Those little chicks are both
so Cute too. Life on the Farm does
sound good...brings back wonderful memories!!

Anna - please, please never stop posting those sweet little farm faces on your blog. I LOVE seeing them. We are just too city-fied nowadays and are always rushing in traffic, here and there, going, doing, buying, too busy to stop and smell the roses or kiss a baby cow nose or hold a little chicken in our hand! I love where I live - in town, but only 1/2 street from a neighborhood of acreages where people still have small farms. I love to hear the rooster crow each morning, and ride my bike up and down the streets that have no sidewalks, smelling and seeing the sights. Yesterday I saw two deer running (actually galloping) down the street behind my house. Took me by surprise, although we do see them quite often (standing or walking)because we live near a wooded mountain. Anyway, you're doing a great job at keeping us nostalgic! Keep it up. God bless you and your sweet little farm! xoxxo Jeanne in Idaho (sun is shining finally!)

Hi anna!!

I think that you need to make a Frizzle Chick stamp....how cute would that be. I can't believe that your babies are growing up so fast. I LOVE the color of DixieCup and Cleo.....and they look so shiney!!

Have I mentioned that your Photography is phenominal!! OhmyGosh!! You ARE good!!
Have a great weekend!!

Oh my gosh, thanks for the giggle, I really busted out loud when I saw the Red Frizzle baby, they are too funny! You do not know how much I look forward to your seeing your beautiful pictures of all your farm babies, they make my day.
Thank you!

I love the farm updates - so does my daughter. I've never seen the types of chickens you have on your farm. The most exotic chicken that we've had is called phoenixes. They have long tail feathers. Thanks for sharing.

Don't ever doubt that people don't enjoy your farm updates. I check your almost every day to find out the latest farm news. Your talent and creativity are enjoyed as much as your farm tales. Don't ever stop.

Love love love Anna's Ark....check in every day to see how all the animals are doing!
Stamping is a nice bonus!LOL DD

thanks for your most wonderful updates Anna. I feel like I right out there in the middle of all the excitement. Those Frizzle hens are just the most adorable, funky looking things on earth! I bet they will plume out so gorgeously. And aren't Cup and Cleo adorable too! That Cup sounds like a real handful. And Cleo, what a pretty little face she has even if she wasn't in the mood for a photo shoot! Some models just look great no matter what! So, is there a reason behind the two toned tongue on Cup? Is that particular to the breed? She looks part Chow! Hahaha. What a combo that would be! Hope they are all surviving our intense heat - maybe animals don't feel it the same way we do. I also loved the sweet Sheep card. Great sneak peak! Imagine, Crayola Colors! You can make even cheep look good, girl. Have a wonderful weekend...

Your photos are simply beautiful but with the subjects you shoot they could only be winners every time, such personality shines through. TFS

Awesome pictures, as always! LOVE LOVE LOVE those bovines! :D AND the chicks...TOO CUTE! Wow, you don't know how much I wish we had more critters at our place...I'm so envious! You are living my dream, and you have TALENT, too! WOW WOW WOW! What a gal! :D

Oh my gosh, that Dixie Cup is too sweet. And your little Frizzle chick is adorable!

Thanks for the farm updates! I adore your pictures...you make me want to move to the country and start raising animals! Your little Red Frizzle chick is beautiful, I love her curly feathers!

I love to get the farm updates. It's like farm living without the hassle! ;) I would also love to see my Pixie Dust. It is so funny how I am feeling a special bond to her. Can't wait to see what Princess has to throw into the calf mix! Here's hoping for a banner year of heifers.

Thanks for the update! I love your farm stories and photos. Those chicks are the cutest things, and the calves.. beautiful!

Oh, God, Anna, I am in stitches! I read the links to the spider posts...and...you are so much like my Mom! ROTFLMAO @ you finding the plastic spider!!!!!!!!! btw, thanks for the great wolf spider photo! I LOVE spiders, and wolf spiders are awesome. I had to save one from an office worker at the local pound one day. She bit me! hmph. I still saved her. Ingrate.

The calves are looking ADORABLE as are the chicks!!!!! Would you take a pic of Alan with the calves? I remember how small Dixie is from the other photo, but would love to see the calves by something for comparison! One time our Ayeshire, Lucky, had twin bull calves and they were shorter than our Dalmation! :)

Had to laugh at the Frizzle chick - looks like a mousse job gone wrong. But the babies are sure cute!

Oh my, that Frizzle chick is the cutest thing ever!

Thanks for the photos! While the heifers are cute, that Frizzle chick is ADORABLE! I love those feathers! And she posed just right.
How are all your turken's doing?

Anna, these photos are just adorable!! I love reading all about your animals.

Thanks so much for sharing your farm pics with us -- I LOVE them, as do my kids! We always love reading about life on the farm. We're learning quite a bit. lol Your pics are always so great, and the one of Cleo and Cup in the field is especially beautiful! Gotta love those Frizzles too! ;) tfs

What beautiful pictures. You really can capture their expressions making them so alive!

Anna, I know you wont take this wrong as you know how I adore your art work....but I am always just as thrilled to see the farm pictures and read the stories going on there. My friend, Cerinda signed up for your blog especially for the farm stories. She is a stamper and loves your work as well....but kept asking me to send her the farm photos. She finally signed up herself. grin!

I'm not a farm girl either. I remember visiting my grandparents farm when I was young and thinking a farm was the last place on earth I would want to live. Still I find your farm pictures and updates fascinating! I LOVE the farm animal pictures, and I would love to see more of your cats and dogs too. I hope Daisy and Farley are doing well. Thanks for sharing your life with us. Crystal N

Loving the pictures !! Thanks for the updates.

What fun!! We get to watch all your farm babies grow and they're all soooo cute! There is something special about those Frizzles and Red Silkies, though! I just love looking at them ....really adorable! Well, since this is a farm that I see in cyberspace, I guess I'll have to send a cyberspace *pet* (as in petting, as in petting zoo - just want to be sure that that is clear, lol) to all the Lauhoff animals. Please pass it on:) Thanks, Anna!

Phenomenal pictures as always!!! I absolutely LOVE the mother/daughter portrait, looks like that one could be used in a farm or dairy ad :). The little Frizzle baby is the CUTEST baby ever, I love the look. The Red Silkie chick is adorable too, looks like a little hair mousse worked in here & there and she's all dressed up and ready to go! I just love the farm life updates it's fascinating to watch them grow up from afar! Thanks :)

Loving the updates and pics of your population explosion!

Me too, the more I read about all those cute and adorable animals, the more I want to get a farm and live with them! My son and I love to read these updates. I wonder if I can have some chickens in my back yard here in suburban Atlanta!

I LOVE animals and I think it would be so cool to live on a farm - so I live vicariously through you and your posts! Thanks for the awesome picture updates! (And the stamping ones too - that got me here in the first place!)

Never had cows, but I did have chickens. Your frizzies and silkies are soooo cute! I used to raise Rhode Island Reds for eggs and Vantress Cross for what my children called "freezer birds". We would take them to an Amish farm to be dressed. That is another whole (very interesting) story. I really enjoyed watching my chickens too. They had a chicken house for the night but spent the day free roaming. You make me want to get some again; sadly I now live in town and can't. :o( That's why I enjoy your farm so much! God bless!

Those chicks are too cute. I mean - the cows are too....but that Frizzle! TOO CUTE!

Have a wonderful weekend. Please send some TX sunshine and heat my way, OK? :)

All the babies are looking so cute! I love those frizzles chicks! They're so funny! I think a couple of my kids had "do's" like that once during their teen years!!

Beautiful pictures and stories about your farm animals. I know what you mean about the cows being curious but not wanting to be touched. Out of the 30 or so dairy cows that hang around at the gate near my driveway, Mariam is the only one that makes her way over to us for some lovin'. She loves to be scratched and stroked...we just love her.
Your sheep card is adorable...Crayola markers...really? I'll have to dig mine out and give them a try.

Loved today's blog. What a treat to sit here in my kitchen, having my first cup of coffee and pretend I'm down on the farm. Makes me wish I was really there. Thanks for the 'farm visit.' Now it's back to the hussle of bussle of my day. Your's looks so much more fun!!

Every one of your animals are beautiful and you can tell how well taken care of they are and loved! I love those baby chicks and their "do's" whether on their whole body or just the feet...they are too cute for words!! Can't wait to see them full size!

While I am NOT a farm girl by any stretch of the imagination, I just love looking at the pics you take! My fav of this bunch has to be the one of Cleo. He totally has the expression my girls would have when they were just DONE with me taking pictures. LOL!!!

Oh Anna your pictures are amazing and the subjects adorable!

I love the farm updates. It reminds me of when I use to visit my grandparent's farm as a child. We named ALL the cows, and knew exactly which one was which. My poor grandfather couldn't keep up with it all, but we'd try to keep him straight. We loved it when a new "Buttercup" was born (I think we had several Buttercups over the years). We'd go out in the field with a truck and put the calf on the back of it and the poor mother would walk as fast as she could to keep up, moo-ing the whole way back to the barn. My grandfather has since passed away and the farm is no longer going. I miss those times, but find myself smiling when I get to see what's happening on your farm. Thanks so much for sharing.

I don't think my neighbors would appreciate a Frizzle but boy is that a cute little bird! Thanks for sharing the updates. Everyone looks so good! Can't wait to share this with my girls in the a.m.!

Can I send my Sister to your farm for a week? She is a hard worker and would love the experience. heehee

You are making her want more and more chickens, you need to stop with the cute pictures!! LOL

I will have to get a Frizzle - they are just way too cute! You are very bad influence for a suburban chicken owner! LOL!

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