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Very nice touch when selling and/or giving away.

Anna! Just enjoyed catching up on reading since December. What amazing things you have going on and what a vivid mesh of art and storytelling in your wonderfully put together blog. Thanks for keeping it up! Your life makes me SMILE! -Lois

For some reason, the tag looked like leather.
I like the tag.

Beautiful tag!

I wish you lived next door to me! Only I don't want to live in the TX heat!!!
Your tag is great...what lucky people, to get your fresh eggs, and with such a beautiful presentation! :D

That is so cute! I can't wait to see the egg cartons when they arrive - please post a picture so we can see how adorable they are!! =)

I would love to buy your *special* eggs in those *special* cartons adorned with your *special* tags! Too bad I live too far away! We buy our brown eggs at the grocers....blahhh! I bet your customers really feel special. They should because you can tell it is all done with love!! You and Alan are the greatest!!!

Oh Anna, that's totally adorable! Wish I was your neighbor!

Love it!

i just love this tag, and i meant to comment on your business card from the other day. both are TOO cute... wish you were close enough that i could buy your fresh eggs ;(

What a lovely tag! We too have to give some eggs away when the frig gets full.

Oh my goodness, that is just way to cute! Do you mind if I completely case it? I guess I will have to pop into Crafty Secrets to pick up a couple of things!!!

The recycled egg cartons are a great idea also - my friends give me their extra ones - we aren't up to a high production level.....yet! LOL Have a great day!

LOve this. Your little chick is so adorable too. Wish I lived closer! Hugs

So cute! How much fun would it be to receive my farm eggs with an adorable tag like that!

Wow, you are running one classy farm!!! I want to live near you :)

Won't you please - won't you please... please won't you be my neighbor! (Ha now you will have the image of Mr. Rogers taking off his shoes singing that song!)

Really wonderful gift tag and a great addition to your yummy eggs!


Wish you were my neighbor...(now I have an image of Mr. Rogers taking off his shoes and singing that song) Really this is a cute tag, and a wonderful gift with your yummy eggs!

Eeeeks! You seep creativity.

And you are an enabler for me for Rosies stamps (as well, as WS, of course).GRRRR. :)

Keep posting farm life and cards...lovin' it.

VERY cute tag....you GO girl!! I love looking @ your site everyday, just checking in on the farm life, its relaxing....

This tag is gorgeous!!! What lucky little eggs (and egg-eaters)! ;)

Wowsah! What an amazing personal touch to add to a carton of eggs! I LOVE how you stitched around the edges and added the button! Very clever and such a lovely way to say "thank-you". TFS

Anna the tag is GORGEOUS! I sure hope the eggs appreciate how you dress them up! Ü

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