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Love your cupkakes!!!

Have you seen mine? They ar made by Linda Muhr and my mum.

Have a nice weekend!!

Awwwe! Those are so cute! I agree you should give some as Blog candy!!!! I really want one!!!! TFS!
Tucson, AZ

These are so cute!  My 7 y.o. daughter is in 4H, and we are constantly looking for projects for the fair.  We might have to borrow your idea... if that is OK?  Love your blog.from Maryland.

The pin cushions are adorable. You are definitely multi-talented.

These are the cutest! I would love to buy one from your store! You and your mom are so creative!


They look good enough to eat mmm
looks like you and oyur mum had a fun afternoon
wendy x

I agree...these would be a wonderful blog candy give-away. They are darling!

These are adorable! What a fun project! I love all the cute trims

Oh i love these. I can't sew. but i love when people make such neat things with sewing.
yeah...like some said...blog candy!!

these are so cute, aren't you so talented :)

Shut Up! These are adorable, you are so creative!

Cute, cute, cute!! Looks like you're all having fun!! Enjoy!

ADORABLE!! Please sell them in your store so I can buy one for my teenage daughter who sews.

YUM! Very cute. I bet they were fun.

That is just pretty darn cute!

How adorable and how lucky for you to be crafting with your mom!! Glad you are enjoying their visit!

hey love it what a cute idea

alltho I'm not the first to say it , they are so cute and I too thought they'd be nice blog candy! Thanks for sharing.

Wow! I love them! Anyone would love this as a gift! You're so creative!

Those are SO cute!

These are fabulous!!! Could you post some pics of the "innards". I would love to try to duplicate them with Christina but can't quite "picture" the wood branch/nail/ attachment.


ps...thanks for the note, glad you got the package!!!

I love the brightly colored fabrics used for the pin cushions. You must have a large amount of material stashed away to have used so many varieties of prints.

They would be cute as part of a sewing kit for high school gratuates going off to college.

Anna: These are very cute - what fun to be able to craft with your Mom - brings back memories of my Mom. Thanks!

what a fun idea! I thought E6000 worked on everything!

These are soo cute. I dont sew but I love cupcakes. I like the blog candy idea!! Keep up the great blogging!

Anna these are adorable!!! What a fun project for you and your mom!! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!!

Cute enough to take a bite out of!

Okay...those are just too darn cute!! :0)

I´m just surfing around and looking for some new ideas and projcts.
I came across your side and I think it´s great. Thanks for all inspiration.


How cute!!! and how much fun you must have had making them!!!

These are absolutely adorable. Great job Anna and mom! How very clever of you to come up with a way to keep them secured together. What a team...what a team!!!

OMG those are soo pretty! I had one my grandmother made for me a long time ago, and my kitty loved it a bit too much, lol! I so need another one, lol!

Oh my goodness - they are so adorable!!! Love them!

Anna, the pincushions are too stinkin' fun! I can always count on you to bring a smile to my morning!!!

totally adorable! What a fun way to spend time with your mom!

aaaaaaaaack! Anna, these are just the cutest things ever!!!

Oh my gosh - How darling they are! Especially precious because you made them with your mom!

Those are adorable! I'm so glad to hear you are having a nice visit with your folks!

These may be the cutest things I've ever seen! :) Love 'em!

Oh my gosh, these are TOO CUTE!!! Please sell some in your ebay store so I can buy one!!! You all must have had great fun doing these...what a blast!! :D What a joy to do Mother-Daughter things!

How about cupcake pincushions for blog candy???

Gramma Dar

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