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Your farm is beautiful , but your pictures are worth a million words. Such awesome photography. I miss parts of what your're describing. "You can put the girl in the city, but you can't take the country out of her!"

Chuck is a handsome little man! Well, now Ribeye has a little brother and friend to play with. Congrats Princess!

Congratulations on your new little fella!

Hmmm...if I were a bull calf, I'm not sure I'd like to be named after a steak! Otherwise, I love hearing about your life on the farm...and oh, those beautiful photos...TFS!

He is very handsome. Glad he is healthy as all the others were. I am a little concerned that you have a cow with a large udder showing, and just wondering if this is a new audience you are pulling in? (J/K of course)

I am already past my stamp spending limit at Whippersnapper, so it would really help me if you didn't tempt me with any more--but I see that you have a new one up tonight....aagh

Congratulations on the arrival of Prince Chuck - I love the name & all the comments about the comparisons to the two legged Prince! We went for a drive yesterday & saw many new calves out on the open range - they are so cute & funny.

Welcome to the world Chuck!!! My goodness...every day there is just something new and exciting to treasure on your wonderful farm! Congratulations Anna and Alan...and of course, Princess too! :D

Congratulations on the arrival of Chuck!

Beautiful pictures as always.


Mary Elizabeth was looking over my shoulder last night when I opened your blog. We were both so... excited! Such a great thing to share with my 11-year-old daughter! Wishing everyone on the farm the best!

Congrats on another fine calf. I hope that Chuck is polled. Princess just doesn't want to share the limelight with a little heifer! LOL She really is a princess!

Welcome to the world Chuck. What a cutie!

Congrats on the new farmyard member:) Your pictures are incredible as always, and I could spend the whole day here reading all about your life on the farm! Thanks so much for sharing your fascinating lifestyle!!

omigosh, what LOVELY eyes! He looks more feminine than D-Cup! :) Just send him up here when he's weaned. He'd be the perfect size for our yard. :)))))))

congrats on the little prince he is gorgeous!DD

Congratulations, Anna and Alan!! Chuck is a beauty!!!

How precious!! I think you should have named him T-Bone or Porter (for porterhouse steak); Chuck sounds not as grand as Rib Eye...I hope he doesn't feel slighted! I'm just kidding, of course. He's a doll and I love how he's looking at the camera while he's having a little bite to eat!!

Congrats to you Alan, and to Princess! A little boy, well at least he is a healthy little guy! And Love the name Chuck...

Prince Chuck is so adorable. I look forward to your photos, just so I can watch all your babies grow. They are so amazing. I am so glad that you are quick with the camera to capture these different moments with your animals. Keep the pics coming.

Anna, his ears simply aren't BIG enough to be a Chuck! *wink* Geez! Everyone knows Prince Chuck has ears larger than a circus tent! (I can say that, I'm Canadian!)

Chuck is a real cutie - I can't wait to see more pictures. (YOUR Chuck that is - not to be confused with Prince Chuck of Buckingham...)

These babies are just the cutest. If it weren't for the spider the other day, I'd be realy jealous. I'll just to love them from afar! Thanks for sharing

Congrats on the new addition to the farm! Love the name and he's so cute!! It looks like he's keeping his eye on you too!

Oh....I love the name Prince Charles for the son of Princess and shortening it to "Chuck" instead of Prince, Anna. What adorable pictures captured of a wonderful new little life. I wish I could see the animals in person.

Pop goes another one!;0) Yikes, they just keep on coming! Chuck is just darling!
And by the way, I want one of those Frizzle chicks and one of the Silkies too. They are just too darn cute!!!
Anette :0)

Wow, Anna & Alan, you have quite the nursery going there!! I love it...God has really blessed your little farm - pretty soon it will be a BIG farm!!! Love you - did your mom and dad get in? xoxoxo Jeanne/Idaho...PS - SO sunny today and beautiful - tell your parents!

What a treasure! Farm life is fabulous! You're so lucky to witness to many miracles daily! The babies are wonderful!

Way to go Princess!!
Little Chuck is pretty cute!!
"Your family has multiplied fast"

Congratulations to Princess! I don't know how you do everything you do Anna!! I can barely keep up with my 3 kids - let alone a farm and all. Love all the farm updates - I live vicariously through you on the farm. :)

What wonderful photos - how exciting to have another little animal (Little - not for long!).

As long as he's healthy, its all that matters. As an aside, my beautiful blue eyes Himilayan/Siamese cat is named after Princess Diana. We call her Spencer after Diana's maiden name. I brought her home the day before Diana died and had already named her. HOw weird is that?

Hopefully, chuck wont' have big ears and a bald spot!

Even though you claim "Chuck" is a nickname for the Prince of Wales, I'm seeing a pattern here of naming your little boy calves after cuts of meat! Please, say it ain't so, Anna!

Welcome to the world Chuck!!!! What a handsome little guy!!!! and what a happy father's day gift for Alan :) (boy your cows sure do cater to him huh?? ;) )

What a wonderful blog. Have to check everyday to see what has been added animal wise. No matter what kind of work day I may have had, this blog brings a smile. Great work.

Wow - what a stud! Welcome, Chuck! :) Thank you for sharing your farm life in photos - it is always so fascinating to see.

You are so very blessed Anna to have had a few heifers this season and only one bull calf. But isn't he beautiful just the same. I'm sure he will be an asset somewhere down the line, for breeding purposes if for nothing else. Congratulations on finding him in such a timely fashion. Great pictures as always...

How wonderful it must be to just witness the birth of animals and enjoy the wonders of it all. I can only imagine what it must be like.
I want to come and visit the farm because of you. I love the baby chicks and wanna get one, but I think we have a city ordinance that bans it.

Hey, first time commenting, but I've been reading for a while. I first found you via another stamping blog and I love your stuff. However, I just wanted to tell you how much my whole family loves your animal pics. My girls want to visit your farm! Your subjects are amazing and you are a talented photographer. Thanks for sharing that part of your artistry as well. :o)

Oh, he's just beautiful! What great timing too, to have found Princess giving birth! Just awesome...hugs to little Chuck! And congrats to Princess, on a job well done! :D

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