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Peep peep I see all three. Fantastic photos!

and here i thought turken was only a way to cook! ever have turducken? it does not appeal to me...i like things crispy!

was Manetta bred by a chicken or a turkey? maybe Little Brown was bred by a duck since her eggs are green. :)


Whoa! Talk about a busy farm! Have fun with all the new life popping (or peeping) up!

Holey Majoley!!! You are gonna have baby chicks EVERYWHERE!! LOL Fun, fun, fun!!! :)

how cool! I can't wait to show my 2 year old in the AM (she's sleeping now)...We love reading about your animals!
ps- I know this is silly- but is a Turken a chicken/turkey mix? Never heard of that!
I've also wondered what you raise your cattle for - meat or milk?

Oh I love visiting your blog lately,with all these babies on your farm!!! How sweet are these chickies!!!

Mercy! That is awesome! I wonder if Manetta took some of Little Brown Hen's eggs for herself! LOL LBH is not going to have as many, but she will be very satisfied with herself nonetheless! Congrats on all the new little chicks, ladies! VERY FUN! :D

Oh my gosh I just love chickens! I think I say that about every farm animal, but I can't help it! Don't even get me started on pigs! I suggested chickens to my husband but I got the look...the look of "what kind of stupid question is that" look. I have a small backyard in a suburban neighborhood and I guess they might get underfoot while the boys are playing...and then hubby would have to build a hen house, and I would have to gather eggs, and feed them, and worry about them. I might re-think this. Great pics! Way to go Brown Manetta!!

Congrats on the new babies!!! ! and you should know....cats never sleep where you want them to....that would be too easy ;)

As namesake for all girl Turkins, all I can say is 'YEAH'!! How exciting and what a surprise! I hope Little Brown Hen gets hers soon. That had to be a hoot to watch you looking for where the peep was coming from! :-)
Take care and congrats to Brown Manetta!

Oh wow, do you have lots of new babies to tend to. Do the cats bother the baby chicks? Thanks for the sweet pictures.

That is so neat!! There's always something exciting going on at a farm and new babies are the best excitement ever!
Jane R

Little Brown Hen is pretty color! You are having babies everywhere on the farm. Any baby donkeys yet? I pass by the sheep farm every day on my way to work and see the babies out of the barn eating grass and they are so cute!

How cute! I love reading your blog everyday.

Wowza! You guys are in production heaven up there on the farm. How adorable those turken's (?) are. Brown Manetta looks exceeding smug with herself. Well the secret is out now....babies are everywhere... maybe Little Brown Hen will take the hint and have her babies soon! Such an inspiration for her in the Dog House Next Door! This is so much fun, I love visiting your farm everyday, and I don't even get my feet mucky!

YEAH.....more names to pick out !!! Congrats on the baby chickens...you go Brown Manetta !!

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