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What lucky cats to find a home with you. I love shazam's face. how handsome

WOW, Anna you are just one ball of talent!

Great photos ! Love seeing all the animals, wild or not. Always something interesting to view! I know Spring is a lively time on a farm!

I just *had* to comment on this post. I am a cat nut! Anything cat related I'm all over it. Especially feral/wild cats. I volunteer in my community on the trapping/spaying/releasing of these beautiful babies. We have several colonies that are now "protected" by the counties. It is truly rewarding. And it is so awesome to see some living the good life on the farm with you!

LMBO about Curly and Curly Too...reminds me of that old sitcom with darryl, darryl, and my other brother darryl. Great photos, wish we could see that Damn Cat!!

Nice cat photos. :) Larry looks alot like my Bibby. She's a big girl and quite the scrapper.

The other day I was at my friends' farm, and since so much was blooming, I went on a photo safari. Their horses cracked me up! All three of them were so spooked by the camera either clicking or the flash going off. They'd shy and then sneak back in case I had a treat. Next time!

We haven't even planted petunias! Yours look really nice. :)


Phabulous Pheline Photos!! I LOVE the stories and photos so much!! Your photography looks very professional.TFS.

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures around the farm. Whenever I get your email I'll have my 5 year son come and look at the pictures of the animals on "Dixie Cups Farm". I personally love the names of your cats!

Those pictures are wonderful!!!

I just wanted to tell you that Splitcoast led me to your blog, and what a treasure I've found here! I love that you spay your barn cats ~ yippee for you :) I live in town and we have 10 indoor pets (I call the birds and squirrels our outdoor pets) and the most recent addition is a Golden Retriever puppy. We are an animal family.

I love putting your photos on as my desktop background on my laptop. My daughter is 7 and she loves to see your pictures and hear about your animals too.

Thanks so much for sharing your photos and life on the farm with us ~ it is truly a gift.

Oh my!! These are great photos and gorgeous kitties!! "Damn Cat" is cracking me up!!

FYI - My husband now regularly asks me about Dixie & Dixie Cup, so yeah, we enjoy your creatures, great and small!!! You brighten my day every day!!

Just love reading about and seeing all your critters:) My neighbors have a steer that has such a personality. He loves to give me kisses on my arms and takes the water hose from me when I fill up his trough:) We both wind up with a shower!LOL DH calls me EllyMae even though I am currently critterless. He says I can't have a horse because when it gets hot(We live in AZ) I would want to bring it in the house:) Not true, but I would expect an air conditioned barn!LOL Sorry for the long post, just wanted you to know your stories and pictures bring a smile to my face everyday:)

Anna, What wonderful photo's of the "wild" kitties. You know what a cat lover I am. Of course I love seeing all your critters and reading about life on your farm. Be sure to check out my own blog tomorrow as I am introducing a new member of our family.

Oh, LOVE the kitty pics...they are great! I have 7 kitties, most of them in and out; I just LOVE cats. Could NEVER live without a cat...Thank you for sharing these wild ones with us! They are beautiful! :D

Curly and Larry...hmmm. Perhaps Shazam (although I love the name) should be renamed "Mo." They are beautiful cats, and your photos are great.

Thanks for the laugh!! Shazam and Damn Cat, LOVE how you pick their names!! Your pictures always amaze me, they are so fantastic ~ you should have them in a gallery. Love the stories you share as well. I look forward to visiting every day. Thanks so much for sharing everything with us ~ it's enjoyed so much!!

Love the pictures, and your blog is always so entertaining and I find myself checking daily to see what is happening now on your farm. Your narratives are a bright spot in my day TFS Ann

These are great pictures of your cats. I'm so partial to animals, I'd have a house full if it were feasible. Oh well, I guess I'll just love of the two fur faces I have and accept that that's all I can manage. Love visiting your farm everyday. Kind of like visiting Mr. Rogers, except you have more personality!!!

I just love reading all your farm stories and browsing through the pictures. Being a complete "City" gal, I can't even imagine! I don't even have a yard that you can let your "wild" kitties roam on! You are so blessed and I just love it!

Great pics and you know I love kitties! We have a female orange tabby petiful looking kitty right now...she has washed all the fur off her legs and stomach. Vet said she was fine just a nervous kitty.

These photos are great, Anna. For a city girl with an indoor cat, I certainly enjoy a taste of a different lifestyle. As an animal nut, I do enjoy the photos. And thanks to your suggestions, I've just picked up the Crafty Secrets Birds and Botanicals; I know they'll be great to work with. Thanks for all the effort you put into your blog, it's always the first thing I check when I power up the computer!

Love the kitty photos... I am wishing I had a few here... we are fighting mice in the hay barn. We have one that has starting showing up at night, but during the day you never see it and it is like a flash when I catch a glimps at night. Very WILD! Love the photos as always... and thanks for the info on what camera you use. I would love to get a upgrade this year.

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