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Congratulations on the sweet baby girl, Anna! When I was a girl and our cows calved, I usually got to watch until it was almost time for delivery. Then Daddy would call an old farmer over (unless it was a long labor and we needed a vet). The problem was that the old farmer was embarrassed for me to watch since I was a girl! It annoyed me to no end to be sent packing when the best part was coming. So I'd climb up at peek in from the barn eaves. :-D It's such a miracle to see those babies up and nursing so soon after delivery--memories!

Congrats Queenie!!!
Cleo is a beautiful baby!!! :D

AWESOME.... so proud of her (both of them). Way to go Queenie!

I am a paramedic and got to deliver a baby today! To watch a birth live, whether bovine or human, is truly a wonderful experience and a miracle... Congrats Queenie, and thanks for sharing the event with us Anna!

This is AMAZING and how great that you were able to witness it!

Your photography always blows me away!

Yippee! Another heifer. Do we get to help with the naming again? Do you have a Princess yet? Mom is Queenie so naturally wouldn't her daughter be Princess! Or maybe Duchess? That's a royal title,too. Congrats to all of you on the farm.

wow, does this bring back memories! i was even dreaming of baby critters being born last night. must be a psychic link! congrats on a darling baby heifer!


I am city girl who just LOVES your blog. Thanks for giving me a great taste of the country every day!!

What an amazing and joyful event!! God bless you all.

"HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the ladies on the farm".

Hugs and TFS.

WAY TO GO QUEENIE!! The photos were fabulous, Anna, thanks for sharing all the wonderful parts of your life! The baby is so adorable and I"m sitting here doing my high pitched, baby talk squeal at the pictures like i do with all baby animals hehehe ). Can't wait to see some video clips :-)

Congrats to you all!! :0)

What a beautiful sight and Queenie's timing couldn't be better...just in time for Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day, Queenie

Wow! I wish I was there to be able to see all these wonderful forces of nature happening all around you! I find it amazing that the baby can walk after 20 minutes! Isn't life a mystery and a miracle? TFS!

Oh, I'm so happy the calf is here, and all is well! FABULOUS pictures! I LOVE it! You are so great with the camera, and I'm SOOOOO glad you all got to witness this birth! WOOHOO! :D
Congrats to all of you, and I can't wait for the video and more pics! :D

Queenie gave birth to a Princess! That is so cool that you got to see it. It is beautiful and kind of painful all at the same time, to watch.

Thanks for sharing!

Queenie gave birth to a Princess! That is so cool that you got to see it. It is beautiful and kind of painful all at the same time, to watch.

Thanks for sharing!

Oh Anna, this is so fantastic. Congratulations to Queenie. What a beautiful baby she has. Thank you so much for sharing your life and stories on the farm. I have shared with friends and families your photos and they are loving your farm life as well.

What a special moment! Now you have your little princess. I love the pictures!

Thank you so much for sharing your life on the farm with us all. Your pictures are amazing and so touching. Bring on the babies! Good job, Queenie, and congrats!

It just amazing me - the birth process for animals - 15 minutes later they're standing and nursing!
Plus she pushes her baby out with no drugs! I requested something as soon as I entered the double doors of the hospital!! (:

I got tears in my eyes reading this story. How beautiful...and to catch it on camera!! Welcome to the world Baby Queenie!! I can't tell you how much I enjoy your tales from the farm.

Oh by the way.....if you are looking for names for this new baby....Princess would be so fitting since she is the baby of Queenie.

I loved seeing the pictures of the birth, Anna! I have enjoyed all of the farm articles this past few weeks. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be a part of the excitement as new life is being brought into the world. I think I remember you saying you had three pregnant cows and that you hoped for baby girl calves. Well two down and one to go if I have my facts correct. Can't wait to see pictures of the new baby and the video as well.

Congratulations to you and to Queenie (are you going to name the baby 'Princess'? LOL!) She is adorable, though it is really difficult to imagine a baby more beautiful than Dixie Cup. :)

Have a wonderful Weekend!


Awwwwwwwwwww how precious! So true, right on Mother's day weekend. How wonderful.
I love that you share your farm life with us. You bless us all with your glorious photos. Thanks for letting us "come down to the farm" through each photo.

A miracle that never ceases to amaze me! This has made reflect back on the birth of my 2 beautiful daughters. Thanks for inspiring a wonderful memory! Please let all the new momma's on the farm know that Beth, Mary Elizabeth and Rachel wish them a Happy Mother's Day.

Spent the day at the local Petting Zoo with Rachel's Pre-school class. I felt the need to check the mini van upon leaving to make sure Mary Elizabeth hadn't tried to sneak one of the little Pigmy Goat kids in- it was their first day away from their Momma and she spent the entire morning bonding with them. The lady zoo keeper was completely impressed by how patient she was with them.

CONGRATULATIONS QUEENIE! This story brought me to tears, there's no way I'll make it through a video clip! Lol!

How wonderful for Queenie! And how perfect that you and Alan and the ever-present camera were there to record the birth for all of us to share in. Thank you! Hope Dixie got to see how it's supposed to be done--quick and almost easy. Way to go, Queenie! Welcome to the world, little princess.

Aww. I'm glad Queenie and baby are healthy. That's wonderful!

Congrats to queenie on the birth of princess or prince!


Congratulate Queenie, her baby looks beautiful and healthy.

Oh, Anna - I love it that you share each new baby with us!! What a wonderful miracle babies are! My goodness...you have just so much fun on your "job!" This little one is a Princess for sure!! xoxoxo Jeanne in Idaho

I wish we were back in "form" as soon after birth as Queenie! She looks FAB having her little post-delivery snack. Her baby is precious...it IS so cool that you got to be there! Thanks so much for sharing.

How fabulous! Middle of the day is really out of the norm, I get all nervous and excited when I see those hooves... it is a mircle and you got to see it! And I can't believe another girl... we really need to save the water our animals are drinking, it has been a good year! Congrats to all of you! Especially Queenie!

And will the name of this new arrival be Princess? Sounds right for the daughter of a "Queen"! Your barnyard tally just keeps growing and growing. Great timing on your part to be there with your camera to record this little one's birth.



Oh, I've had a busy baby day here myself and just now have the opportunity to check in to see how things are on the farm. Yahooo! Oh, the richness on your lives is simply amazing! That camera must be attached to your hand because you sure don't miss any wonderful opportunities to capture the amazing life you have on the farm. And for all us city girls it is so exciting. How wonderful that Queenie had an easy labor and delivery - in that you didn't have to get out a block and tackle to deliver her calf. And it's a girl!!! Great news. I'm so excited I feel like I'm babbling mindlessly...lol
Have you got a name picked out yet, or can we all put in our two cents worth. Okay, well, having a baby girl was a crowning glory for Queenie so my suggestion is to call her Glory! Queenies Crowning Glory!

Congratulations! what a week for birthing! I hope you saved your list of calf names. This has been such a pleasure to follow your adventures.

Poor Queenie...that had to hurt! The photos were incredible. Thank you Anna.

To a life long suburbanite--this is AMAZING!!

WOW! (sorry--temporary loss of intelligent vocabulary)

Wow!! Amazing!! Every day is a learning experience on your farm!! I am so grateful you are always right there with camera in hand! And even video this time? Can't wait!! Thanks so much for sharing, Anna. I would never get to learn or see 1/2 of what I do if it weren't for your fabulous pictures on your fabulous blog!!

When I was expecting our first child we came past a farm and one of the cows was in the process of delivering her calf that was the first time I had ever seen anything born. I came from the city so hadn't had the opportunity to witness the miracle of birth before, I was in awe.Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures with us. Queenie you take good care of your little girl. Ann

More babies on the farm, how wonderful! Love having you share them with us.

What a special gift! Great pictures and the baby looks so cute! Give Queenie an extra cow cookie for me! She deserves it!

OMG, how fortunate you were to be there at just the right moment!! Another baby!! Your pictures are so amazing!! Thank you for sharing!

Ohhhh,,how amazing that you got to watch the birth,,that is soo cool. I've been checking your site every day to see all the farm updates, even showed it to my little three yr. old neice the other day..she enjoyed it also...keep the baby pics coming, I really love your site...

Yeah Queenie!! I loved the chicken photos, Anna! The different varieties of chickens are always my favorite when we go to the State Fair. Do you ever watch Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe? He did an hour long show on a dairy farm where he helped to milk, inseminate and birth cows. I was so riveted and thought of you and Alan. He made it hysterically funny as well.

I am sobbing with joy! I would do anything to witness such a beautiful birth. They are all such miracles. I am so happy that you and Alan were there at the right time, right place! Princess Anne maybe? Hugs to all of you! Janet in NC

How very exciting....a baby girl...congratulations to all of you! I hope all goes well with Queenie and her new calf.

Jane R

Wow! I was literally on the edge of my seat trying to keep myself from scolling down in a hurry making sure I read every single word! Happy Mother's Day Queenie! What's this cutie going to be called???

Just loving your farm stories, this one is priceless. Keep them coming, Sheila

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