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What a beautiful new baby! Queenie should be proud. The video was a hit with Elliette! Thanks for sharing.

New life being brought into the world is always amazing! It is so remarkable how God gave all his creatures that natural instinct to care for their babies.

That was so beautiful! And I just love how Queenie attentively, and lovingly checked on her newborn right after. Congratulations again!!!

What a terrific video. Queenie did a great job thanks for sharing with us.

Boohoo! I can't see it either:( I get a message that says *this file type is not supported by AOL Media Player*

I want to see more! Thanks for sharing with us!

The video was truly amazing. I have been following everything at the farm with my grandson who is almost 5 and he has been so excited seeing all the animals. When he comes over the first thing he usually wants to do is see the "farm animals" again.
Thank you for sharing all of your awesome pics with everyone.


SO sweet!! Thanks for sharing! Happy Mother's Day to the new mom! Jessie

That is amazing. What a good mom. I think
I will ask my daughter if the grandkids can
watch this. Thanks for keeping us in touch
with another way of life. Being a city girl I don't get much of an opportunity to
learn a lot about farm animals. Basically
an Old Macdonalds type education. With a
moo-moo here and a moo-moo there.

Bummer! I'm unable to view it. When I click on the link all I get is a blank screen. I'm not computer savy enough to figure out what's going on. Thanks though--your blog is great, love your cards & learning about farm life!

My 13 yr old DD and I watched the video. She said to give you a message, "Thanks for the video, it's pretty amazing. Oh, and (claps) for queenie".


Congratulations on your new addition to your farm! It makes me want to add some cows to our little farm. We already have three horses, two cats, three dogs,.......yea, now we need some cows....and a chicken....maybe a couple.....and maybe a pig, a potbellied pig....and an OSTRICH...YEA!

Wow, this is just awesome!! Thank you, Anna, for sharing these wonderful peeks into farm life.

wow, amazing. I have never seen an animal being born before. You need to do more of the show and tell.

Oh wow Anna! Thanks so much for sharing! I've never seen an animal give birth. I shared the video with my 4 year old son who thought that was very cool! Congratulations to Queenie, you and Alan!

Thank you so much for sharing! It's great to get back on the farm - even if it's only vicariously through the internet. ~chris

Can I just tell you I could not hop up like that after giving birth!!!! (heck--I couldn't even waddle up)

Way 2 Go, Queenie!!!!

Wow ....I'm so glad that you caught that on video. Another first for me!!

Queenie looks like she's gonna be a good Mom!!

OMGosh that is soooo cool! Thank you so much for sharing, I can't wait to get home to show my kids.

Wonderful and amazing video of a live birth. It's just so exciting to get to be a part of your farm life through the internet. Okay, so you didn't call her Glory, but Cleo is a great name too! Have a wonderful Mother's Day Anna - look at all the children you have!!! Just like the old woman who lived in a shoe!

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