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Gold star for Alan! Thank goodness he could fix the problem! :D

Hooray for Alan! Now you can send him email kisses!

The picture you have to the left - lady holding the pot with the flower - is that a stamp? I love it. Judy

Hubby's can be wonderful =)! Although if it comes to the computer mine stinks... not a tech guy!

Congrats to Manetta and her new little niece! I like the new drawing you did for Alan! And so happy your back in the swing of things with your B, X, and Z in working order! Hooray for Alan!!

"Here he comes to save the day"....hurray for Alan! Those guys DO come thru for us, once in a while! LOL Glad you have all your letters now...whew! That cutting and pasting had to be a bummer! :D

I kn*w h*w awful it is when y*ur keyb*ard g*es *verb*ard. When that happened t* me, the keyb*ard was the last thing I th*ught was the pr*blem. I just KNEW it was A) me B) the c*mputer C) s*mething was l*cked up Glad Y*UR husband can help *ut. Mine is m*re pc illiterate than I am!

Men can be awfully useful at times eh? Glad your back up and running with all your letters intact! Wow! Manetta is an aunt? I can't believe you don't have pictures of the new nieces/nephews! Your missing letters must have really thrown you for a loop. ROFL!

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