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Just loved the card -- and I read all of your verbiage. I always wanted to live on a farm so I'm living vicariously through your blog! Incidently, how are Dixie and baby doing?

Love this image! Such a fun card!

those stamps are so cut love your cards

Oh, is he a character!! The ooooogaa is an absolute "hit the nail on the head" sentiment, lol. It goes without saying that your coloring is out of the world. TFS.

Love the card! I just got this image and had a blast making my first card with it! Too funny! Understand the extra chores thing too. When hubby is out of town I have to take over his feedings... why is it that he does it is 30minutes... and it takes me over about an hour? I think I talk to the donkeys too much.

Your cards are indeed wonderful and I do look forward to them. But your photography is also just as beautiful. Your life, animals, cards -I love reading about all of it! And who can resist baby animals??? :)

This guy cracks me up, Anna! How cute is that? Amazing job with painting, as usual. You never cease to amaze!!

Gorgeous photos too. Have a fab weekend!

the caveman is so cute...i love him!! perfect stamp for little boys cards...maybe big boys too. lol >"<

Hi Anna.....
You can ALWAYS talk to us!! I love this card....I'll have to go visit that site.
Wow.....you must be super busy with all the babies being born on the farm. We have a finch nest right outside of our frontroom window....that's the closest this "City Girl" will get to hatchin'. You are really educating me though.....I told Doug we will definately have to go to the County Fair this year.
Thanks for all you do.....I love reading your News...

How funny is this little guy! I could use a good Medicine Man right now...lol! The antibiotics from my regular doctor don't seem to be working!!!

We'll never leave you in this house!!! We love everything you write about...farm life and all things paper related!!

Have a wonderful weekend and don't work too hard! :D

How cute...I think we all feel like this from time to time! I know I do!!! LOL Great coloring job!


that is NY for Me like it!

What an adorable card Anna!!! I so love High Hopes stamps! I am impatiently waiting for a order I placed right now!!!
I have had so much fun reading about the farm life and all the wonderful changes, I didn't even realize you hadn't posted anything crafty!
Thanks for all you do!
Lori M

Although I originally *LOVED* your blog for all your craftiness, I have to say that I sooooo look forward to all the farm stories and animal stories. I find myself checking your blog first and several times throughout the day to be sure I'm not missing anything. I'm enjoying living vicariously through your posts. Thank you so much for sharing!!

I love the little guy. It is nice to see a stamp completely different from what is available.

Reading about your farm brings back memories that I hadn't thought of in years.

LOVE it... you have the cutest stamps!

First of all, I am a card/papercraft kind of person and I love your blog. I am such a city girl that I just get a kick out of some of the things you have to do -- like watch the size of a cow's udder so it doesn't explode or what ever -- never knew that to be. Now I know. I'll be on those udders like glue, if I ever see another one. Now for the medicine man. I love him! I think I have to have him. I have had myself on a purchasing sabbatical, but he might entice me. Probably depends how long I think about him and how late I stay up. I find I do my best stamp shopping in the wee hours when I should be sleeping! Love your card!

I read ALL of your posts and I LOVE the photos you share as well as the adorable cards you create! It's all oooga good! ;)

DELIGHTFUL!!! Can I come and sit at your feet and watch how you do this????? This guy is just tooo funny and your added ooogaa is hilarious and makes the whole card. As always your painting technique is second to none - I'm a groupie!

Bwahahahaha! Oh man, he is too cute! Love your card...very cool!
Have a great weekend! Hope Alan gets home SOON! :D

Adorable card!!! Haven't played with this particular image yet but needless to say it will not turn out NEARLY this good!! Love it ~~ love the saying you wrote!! And I LOVE hearing about your farm life, and all the babies!! The pictures are precious ~~ and your adventures are always fun to hear about!!

I personally like all of your non craft post, but I also LOVE your cards. This image made me giggle. Your coloring is fantastic!

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