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Thanks for sharing the fun. This may prove an excellent source for catoons! Now I have to go find these cows!

Hey!! How did you get those stats from Typepad? I have been looking all over typepad for that. I must be blind. LOL

I wouldn't want to know why someone is searching for pictures of cows with huge udders!?!

What a SCREAM!!! I thought this was a stampin' blog? :) Hugs!

This just goes to show what can happen when you get a degree from a conservative liberal arts College in Eastern Oregon, where Cows roam freely and Bare Breasted. How mortifying. Yuk Yuk Love, Dad


I don't think I want to know mine......donkeys.... The huge utters is a scream thought!

Chuckling going on here! Nothing like a well-rounded blog! We think you're awesome, Anna!

Too funny! I don't even want to know why people are searching of "Pictures of cows with huge udders"!! eeewwwww!

OMG that is too funny! I absolutely love your blog and enjoy coming to it. I always smile when i see the beautiful pictures of your animals. It makes me want to come and visit. I would have a field day playing with all the animals!

That is UDDER-ly hysterical LOL. I live vicariously through your blog !!!

Thanks for sharing :)

LOL...that is so funny...cows with huge udders...love it

Only in America...


Gotta love those HUGE udders! ROFL

Pictures of cows with huge udders?!?!?!?! That is TOO HILARIOUS!!! Why in the world do people want to see that?!?!? :) Thanks for the laugh.

Yep, that is good for a giggle.

Oh for crying out quietly! That is too funny! Absolutely LUV your site. You are not only an excellent photographer, you make cards too!! I just love your stories about all your animals, I feel so close. Thank you so much.

OMG That's hilarious! I can't imagine what mine would say....LOL

LOL!!! That cracked me up!!! :D

Anna, I think your site should show up when anyone types "joyful" - you are a delight :-)

Bwahahaha, now you know what you are "famous" for...that is too hilarious! Laughter is good, we all need more of it! :D

Just shows ya what stands out in some people's minds! Hahahahahaha! xo

oh, so funny!

Oh my, I laugh out loud and HARD when I read these. Thanks for the humor...I love it.

yup, those pics of cows with huge udders..just what I was searching for...LOL

too funny! But excellent site, nonetheless!

Good grief!

Thanks for the giggle!

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