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Oh my gosh....how cute are they!!!!! You raise the cutest animals.

Oh, FINALLY! Photos that are blurry, or mis-shots! ROTFL!!!!!!!! :)
Those two are extremely adorable. You'd also like the Boar (sp?) kids I saw today and last week. They have droopy ears and one of them has the tips up and stuck!

i love goats! i love goat cheese, too! yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Your new babies are so cute. I can't wait to see what you get next.

Oh, Anna, they are BEAUTIFUL!!! You lucky girl ~~~ all these fabulous animals to share your farm with!!

These girls are adorable! We do not live on a farm...but we do live "out in the country"...We have 2 pygmy girls. We love them. I call them "Lap Goats". All the kids in the neighborhood love them too. (one of the girls is gray with black on all four legs...I thought they looked like boots, so thats what we call her: Boots!)

Previously we had 2 Nigerian Boys and 1 Pygmy Boy. Unfortunately they all died. :( One boy had awful problems with "stones" in his urethra. It would cause him so much pain. The vet said this is a common problem among males. After that we will stick with females.

Anyhooooooo, Enjoy your new babies!

Great pictures!!
I love those NEW babies!
They are so cute..
and have a nice new home!
"Congrats on your new addition"

The goats are so cute! I just love animals, but haven't been around many besides cats. Your Callio-Pea name reminds me of how I came up with a name for my calico cat. I looked up names that would mean many-colored or patterned, and saw 'harlequin'. I could picture the court jesters wearing a harlequin-patterned outfit, so that seemed fitting. But I call her Harley and if anyone asks, it is not the motorcycle or Harlequin romance novels :)

Oh my goodness, they're just so cute!! Congratulations to you and Alan on your newest farm babies!

Oh my gosh...so sweet..we have always wanted goats! I've been showing the kids all the animal pics and we are all in awe!

When I hear calliope music , I think carnivals and merry go rounds... sweet name for a sweet "kid" :))

Anna, aren't they just the sweetest things! How precious that they are so friendly and desire so much attention. And their size certainly encourages lots of 'lovies'. You guys are having just too much fun up there on the farm.

You take absolutely amazing pictures. You capture the beauty perfectly every time.


They are adorable! Enjoy!

Congratulations Anna and Alan!!! These are the sweetest little creatures! Their little faces are precious! I hope they get along all right with Betty! She has some playmates now!!

I don't think I've ever seen a sweeter animal face that that on Callio-pea! What a darling. Please give us a photo with Alan or something else where we can clearly see her relative size. How tall are these pygmy goats? How long? How heavy? Would love to see a photo of one of them sitting in someone's lap. It boggles the mind. TFS

Oh, Callio-Pea is just beautiful! What gorgeous color! And QL is adorable too...what fun! I am so envious! We really need to get some more critters, but just haven't...I'm going to show these girls to my hubby!
Thanks for sharing the great pics, and now I'm waiting for another baby calf! :D

Oh Anna.... they are soooo cute! I want one! or TEN! One of hubby's customers gave me a gift today of a handmade wool wall hanging she made. It is a sheep. She is trying to convince hubby and I to get some sheep so she can purchase the wool from us. But I so love the look of these goats.... They look so fun! Hubby says no hurry we aren't ready for them yet, but I am!

Awwwwww....they are SO precious!!! Lucky you to get to enjoy the farm life with new babies and beautiful creatures!! I can't wait to settle down and hopefully have some land and animals- in 15 years or so, humph!!! Thanks for sharing the pics!!!

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