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I love love love your new banner!!!!! It is so cute and fresh looking!

Love it Anna!!!! Very *happy* banner.

Noticed your new banner right off-I like it-looks cool and neat.

Bev J.

Ilove the new banner, Anna!

I *LOVE* it! So sweet and simple...

I love your new banner...so cute!

Extremely sweet! :) I love it. I just got a "makeover" too. Except I paid for mine, 'cause I'm not so good with the computer stuff. I blame it on Mommy brain. I used to be good at this stuff, I did. :) I swear.

I agree that she is super duper cute, but she needs some farm friends...I really will miss those uber cute flowers from your last banner, but there is always room for change, especially when you have the talents you possess.

I love it! You are such an inspiration, Anna. I look forward to your blog every day.

Love it, love it,love it! But I think she needs a goat or baby cow next to her, maybe peeking around her skirt!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!! You just oooze with talent girl!!! You are my crafty "Hero~ette"!! it even says so on my poor neglected blog. Thanks for sharing everything you do, you are such an inspiration. Have a fabamundo day!

It's adorable! I love the tag line!

Love it, Anna!

I love the new banner. I hope you turn that cute little miss into a stamp! I am glad you spent time spoiling (um, I mean feeding)the babies this weekend. All babies need and deserve to be spoiled (er... I mean fed). How are all the baby Turkens doing? Sorry about the heat. You could still be in Oregon with rain, clouds overhead, and chilly days.......... and at the end of May too! Oh well, I would rather have this than humidity.
Have a fabulous week. Manetta
p.s. LOVE the new WS stamp sets - they arrived at the house on Friday! Yea!

LOVE YOUR NEW BANNER ..... TOO STINKIN' CUTE. You always do such AWESOME work.


Wonderful new banner Anna! It looks like you have just the right amount of sweet and sassy in this delightful illustration! :D

Just too cute! Love it and the font goes so perfect!

Oh the banner is just darling! Love, love, love it! Great job Anna!
Chris Hauck

Adorable! I lovey the girl, birdy and colors! You rock!

It's A-DORABLE! I think that little girl needs to have a line of stamps that look like her!

I love it! You are so talented !!!!!

I LOVE YOUR NEW BANNER! I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU DO! YES I AM SHOUTING! I WANT TO BE YOU IN MY NEXT LIFE! LOL The blog banner is GREAT, I really do like it...and the pictures of the goats are AWESOME! They are SOOOOO cute! :D

This is awesome! I am so... technically impaired- maybe when life slows down I'll figure it out- bwahahaha! Love the photos of the goats (the "grainy" version of your photos blow my best shots out of the water)!

Very Sassy & Sweet Anna! Change is good and I love everything you write about and show us. You ROCK!

Wonderful, Anna! I love it (loved your other one too)! Simple, clean, classy lines.

Me next, me next! I can't do any of it....that's one of my summer tasks...when life slows down I'm going to learn that....yeah, that's it...summer!

I want to be you. Sigh. Seriously adorable banner. Wish I could do stuff like that. The sketching part. The computer part, I can. :O)

Simply cute!

Well how stinkin' cute is that! You amaze me...all the time. Not just occasionally, I am talking ALL THE FRIGGIN' TIME!! :)

I love your new banner! It's wonderful. I need to spend some time giving me a new one too..maybe this weekend.

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