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Unless I miss my guess by a mile the card looks very familiar to me Anna, Coinsidence? I think not, we have about gotten all the upgrades done on it now and mom is pleased with the effort. The card is a "copy" of the trailer that Anna used to have, that now belongs to ME! Love, Dad See you soon!

This IS adorable... :)

Okay...this is too cute! Quite funny too! I actually laughed out loud!! :D

This is SO funny--I can just hear my mother saying this is her best Southern tone! And your watercoloring (as always) is masterful!

Soooooooooooo what aRE those neighbours thinking?! LOL Love the colors and of course...the coloring on this Anna! You rock!!!

I so love this stamp....I have a fifth-wheel and it's hard to find cute stamps like this. You've sure done it justice!

The trailer is just so adorable! I love it! Sorry to hear about your keyboard - sounds like something that would happen here!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this camper....thanks for sharing it.

Cute! Cute! Cute! You know your Rosie cards are my favorite.

Oh I love it!!! My husband builds little Tear drop Campers. They look very similar to your stamped image. I just have to have that Stamp. Thanks for Sharing Cynthia

lol--That is TOO cute!!! :)

Who cares what the neighbors think? But you and Alan gotta give them LOTS to talk about. Great card and congrats on the new stamp sets from Whipper Snapper. The picture of your Mom is cool. Hope you have a wonderful visit with your folks next month. No time to comment regularly anymore; you're so incredible that all I do is polish the pedestal and I now qualify for the bulk discount on polish - yay!

Great card...made me laugh out loud!

Great card...made me laugh out loud.

Put a plastic pink flamingo out front and I'd live there! Great job...I love the sentiment, too.

PERFECT card color to go with the design!

Adorable! Love the little bit of sparkle on the mailbox flag!

This is so darn cute!!! Fabulous coloring! The sentiment is too funny! How many times have I heard that comment from my mom growing up??? I lost count, lol:)

You've started my day off with a chuckle with this wonderful card! Too funny and so well done!

This does make me smile, and with that sentiment especially! Wonderful fun card!

Absolutely adorable. Cute as a bug that little trailer and the banner is perfect with it. As always, wonderful coloring...just wonderful!

I giggled too! How funny is that image with that saying? Adorable little card and great coloring!!

OMWord! This card just rocks! Thanks for starting my day off with such wonderful humor. A pick-me-up, indeed!

I love it!! I think I just received that image but since I ordered over $300 worth, I can't really remember;) All of them are adorable! I need to stamp with them though not just look at how cute they are in the boxes!!

Adorable! You make the Rosie's images look like so much fun!

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