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HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY LBH. This is another great photo Anna! TFS.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you also and all your little grandpets.



So cute!

How fun to be able to enjoy so many new little lives on your farm. I'd never heard of a "Turken" before so it was interesting reading about them and seeing what they look like. Thanks for sharing.

You'll have to excuse all my typo's. I guess I'm not functioning on all cylinders! Sheesh!

I'm so happy for Little Brown Hen. I'm sure she is feeling very fulfilled now. What happened to the second egg? It's been raining babies at our house too! I'm a foster mom for infants, and we agreed to do respite care for friends of ours so that they could get away for a Conference/Vacation together. Their baby is 11 months old, and then we received a long awaited call to take in an 8 month old. So like Little Brown Hen, my next is full of little peepers - at least until tomorrow when the respite babies goes back home. Then I will have just one chick - but he's a cutie and healthy! I'm still checking in daily for updates. I love your farm and all the excitement that spring brings. I hope DC is doing well inspite of all the rain we're getting!

ohhhhhhhhhh, okay! not a cross between a turkey and a chicken. whew! it's funny enough when young roosters are learning to crow. imagine what it would sound like if it were a cross and he were learning to gobble/crow???? lol!


Beautiful. Congrats!

It's a cutie...at least for now;) Little Brown hen seems like such a good mommie...hope she keeps hatching more babies! One can never have too many babies!!

What a cute photo!


Oh, what a GREAT shot! Congratulations Little Brown Hen!!! The baby looks very healthy, too...and thanks for the explanation. This farm girl was thinking just what you said was NOT true...it's good to learn new things!
Have a great week! :D

How adorable!

YEA! I was wondering about little brown hen and her eggs this weekend. That is such a cute photo! -Molly B

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