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Oh, my gosh, Anna! I had such a good laugh here today!! Your keyboard improv, the keyword search report, the Rosie's trailer card--thanks for a great time! Of course, your images and coloring are right over the top and I always love your farm photos. I'm so glad I stopped by today!

LOL {{{{Anna}}}}}}}}}}} Creative solution to the rescue but wow...time consuming! So glad you got your keyboard fixed!

OMG! That's hilarious! But not!

Sorry you are having computer trou le Anna. Hopefully the new key oard will arive soon, and you will e ack to posting. Until then I agree, let's see some babies, oh , and have a great weekend!

oh, the pain! the agony! i feel for ya! i am known as the "killer of keyboards." my cousin bought a 'spill-proof' keyboard for me for xmas.
very clever fix! i would have never thought of that. i've tried the can of air, and that has worked for me, but i also pop the letters off the keyboard and look under them. there's usually something there.
good luck!

That is too funny!!! Better beware!

Thanks for my laugh of the day...sorry. I'm sure you are taking it seriously. :0
Omgosh...I can't help it. Every time I see the pink B's I giggle.

Oh I know that's not really funny, but it is! I cracked up reading this post! You are very resourceful!

OK, maybe you are being serious, but the limited supply challenge on splitcoast is to use alphabet stamps as the main focus of your card! This is hilarious! (OK, maybe not to you, but to me....) :) Mary

bwahahaha, I can't believe you pasted B's into your text! ha, too funny!
I hope your new keyboard arrives quickly, for your sake! That has to be awfully frustrating! Have a GREAT weekend! :D

That is hilarious. I never thought about that. You could always just post more photos of the farm. I was secretly hoping for more baby photos today. :o)

I'll leave mine out too!! A few of mine went 'missing' off and on for awhile on the laptop. Some I popped off and when I put them on again, they were fine. Others just took a little more pressure for awhile and then cleaned up their act again!! Hope yours return soon - or the replacement arrives in good time for you :)

Anna, you're so resourceful!!! Loved your little message:) Oh, my goodness I haven't typed a (you know what yet), lol.

I agree with Liz - may*e a can of air, or just tip your key*oard upside down and shake it all around and a crum* might fall out (happened to me once). Just having some fun with you:) Hope you get your new key*oard soon!

OH my how totally frustrating! I would pull my hair out... at least it wasn't a vowel...Vanna doesn't turn B, X and Z nearly as often as vowels. =) Hope your new keyboard arrives soon!

oh my...here's a ig hug for you (:)

(I didn't want to show off that I have a "b" and you don't...that would be ad.)

Oh No!!!! This could be a challenge. Hope you get a keyboard soon!!!

Bummer! That would be so hard to copy and paste a letter!!

I know it's not a funny situation at all, but...bwahahahahaha! this is so funny. You B's are beautiful all in pink and standing out in the midst of your text. I hope you keyboard arrives very soon.

Have you tried a can of air? Sometimes crumbs get under our keys and that causes havoc. Get out one of those cans of air and give your keyboard a boost. That might be all that it is.

You are too cute! Pretty clever about how you got those letters. I hope you get your new keyboard soon!

well that stinks!!! have a great weekend!

I know you will Be frustrated Being without the letter B until your keyBoard arrives so you should just Be patient. Be happy you don't have to write the twister... Betty BaBBle Bought A Big Blue Basket or even this one.. Betty Botter had some Butter,
"But," she said, "this Butter's Bitter.
If I Bake this Bitter Butter,
It would make my Batter Bitter.
But a Bit of Better Butter--
that would make my Batter Better."
OKay....enough picking on you...I"m just Being Bad ... have a Beautiful day.

How very interesting. We're just lucky that you're so clever to think of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. Have a great day!

*knockin' on wood* Because this never happened to me.....YET! I love your creative copy/paste use of those pretty pink B's. Hopefully it won't be long Before the new keyBoard arrives. In the meantime, have a great weekend and B happy :)

You are FUNNY!!!

What a funny (well, maybe not to you) and odd thing to happen. I bet if you typed your post and substitued another letter, we could still read it...lol

I can't imagine the effort that it must have took to complete your post today! Now, that's dedication to the blogasphere.

I know its not funny, but I had to smile. I love your stolen letters!! I've had that happen on a typewriter (yes, I was around when they were) but never my computer. I probably just jinxed myself:)

Oh my goodness--how sad. I hope the new one gets there soon.

Boy ! inventive as well as creative.

Ohhhhhhhh, I've had that happen to me, and it was just last month. Ends up... new batteries will help a bit. At least they did on my keyboard (wireless MS keyboard). I got the batteries to work long enough for my new keyboard to arrive as well. Some kind of short, I guess. Good luck!

I know how you feel...some times ago my keyboard decide that I don't need letter A! I used the same resolution as you and bought new very soon :)

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