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I love your pixs! The kids would have goats if they could but they have settled for adding to the chicken coop!

I am so glad you mentioned the picture quality on Typepad - I thought I was going crazy because the pictures looked really cruddy after they got on the blog BUT if you hit the picture they were fine - I will have to work on that also - thanks for the hint!!!

Your goats are just so adorable. I keep trying to convince the fam that we need to go green with our mowing by getting some goats.

I wonder if my subscription was lost in the Typepad changes. I haven't gotten any email notices for a few days, but I'm glad I checked in to see what I've been missing. Love your new banner, the animal antics and, of course your cards. Strange weather up in Minnesota also. Spring has been cooler than normal, with flowers blooming later. But last Sunday it was 80 degrees, which resulted in multiple tornados (and one death, sad to say)...then 2 days later I had to close my windows and turn the heat on briefly.

(flower photos at www.bungalowdays.blogspot.com)

I love hearing about your goats and seeing the beautiful photographs you take of them. I look forward to hearing more about those cuties!

Sweet, sweet babies, Anna! Love your pictures as well as you beautifully narrated descriptions! Thanks for the heads up on the Typepad issues as well.

That goat is pretty cute, even from a suburban girl's eyes! Thanks for the info on typepad, I've been going nuts trying to get clear pictures on my blog! This helps.

Love your new banner. And,of course, love those darling babies. We are feeling like the northwest here in Reno - the sky has been gray for a week with scattered showers & quite cool. We don't complain about rain though as we can always use it. Don't worry about your pics - they are always special & your recent cards are so fun.

Thanks so much for sharing your goats with us.
I love the goat pictures, as I love all your photos. I like the new banner.

Makes me glad to be on Long Island right now...we are lucky to get to 80! The weekend was gorgeous here and in the Adirondacks where I was vacationing.

The goats are so cute!!

Oh these three are just too adorable! You are so right about the heat. I had planned on working outside all day yesterday... but just couldn't take the humity and heat for too long at a time! Whew! So I had to come in and work on cards... =)

Oh my they are adorable!!

Your new goats are adorable! It sounds like they're living the life!

Your pics look gorgeous to me! I love your little gals and they all have pretty collars on! We had a beautiful 4 days weather wise...could keep the windows open and the screened in porch for the kitties. They're loving chewing on my chive plant and have their catnip chewed down to the ground!

The TypePad "upgrade" has given me headaches too. Not happy.

It's been hot up in Nebraska, too! Yesterday was just nasty...too humid. Fortunately, a storm came through and knocked the temp down and got rid of the humidity. We were camping just over the state line in the Loess Hills in Iowa and discovered three new kinds of ticks! One of them my friend called "seed ticks" and I think you have them down in Texas, right?

Your three goats are adorable. I can't believe that they like to sit on your lap. Can't imagine that Dixie Cup would ever get THAT close! Hahaha. These goats have the sweetest faces, and look like the kind they use in petting zoos. Maggie is cute, but Callia-pea has so much personality. It just sparkles through the camera. I agree, it's far too hot here just now and I don't have to work outside. It has certainly curbed my taking the baby for a walk anywehre! The mosquitos are alarming in the evenings also. Ah well, Texas in summer....

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