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Happy Birthday Anna's Mom!! Sorry I am late...hope you had a FAB day!! :)

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Wight!

Anna, seems like both of your parents have a fantastic sense of humor! I'm sure you can't wait for them to get there:)

Yup, that's her. We went out to "Chinese" last night with brother inlaw Paul and his wife and soon to be added to the list of Sainted women, Lorraine. Paul is a retired Master Chief (Navy) that has the Brass and nerve to play practical jokes on Admirals and get away with it! It was a dinner that was ripe for disaster, thankfully Paul was on his best behavior. Mom did not wear a bib either. It was her "29th" birthday and the nice ladies at the restaurant sang a rousing version of Happy Birthday. Love, Dad PS. Lorraine says the secret to a long marriage to a sailor is Long Sea Cruises.

You make such wonderful cards! These little stamps are just so adorable:)

Thank you Anna and Mr Lauhoff! Looks like what they say is true, everything comes around sooner or later--I'll be wearing a bib again!!! 30 days to go.....

Happy Birthday, Anna's Mom!

Happy birthday to your Mom! Oh, and Mom, thanks for giving us the wonderfully talented Anna!!

Best Wishes for a great Year, Mrs. Mom

Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!!!

wow, she must have been REALLY young when she had you! look at her...hardly looks a day over 6!

Happy Birthday Anna's Mom!

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