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How about "Bottoms Up!"

how 'bout "Duck Ewe!" ha! You'd have to have just the right friend to send it too!!!

Dress code! Ewe didn't mentioned a dress code.

Ewe are invited,
Come as you are.

"The Duck of Denial wanted to wish you a happy 29th birthday, again!"

"I thought we were playing Duck, Duck, Goose.
My Baad...forgive me!"

"Isn't it BAAD to wear white before labour day?
I must be BEHIND the times!!"

"Haven't 'herd' from you in a while...
Are you up to your 'sheep chicks' aqain?"

Man, sometimes ya just feel like a duck outta water!
Cute card.

I don't really have any good suggestions, but ewe all are quackin' me up with your clever ideas!! I really, really like 'em all!!! Oooh, you are all so clever . . .

I love your sentiments and all the ones in the comments. sometimes its so difficut to com up with one.

How about, You really stand out in a crowd, Thanks for being my friend.

I want ewe back!

This is adorable! Some great sentiments to choose from above!

Love the card, how about
Sorry you're birthday was left behind...
next time I'll have all my ducks in a row.

Also glad to see pics of the goats, very cute. Nice that they are so lovey. Neighbors have two, and they just like to try to eat my shoes and butt me.

Different is good ... right?

CUTE card!!

Ewe quack me up!

sheep. sheep. duck?

Outside: When all the world leaves ewe behind . . .

Inside: Don't forget you can fly!

Better duck--ewes behind again!

lol how about, which of these things don't belong? like sesame street. lol

I know this is late and I love everyone's ideas. I thought this when I saw it..."Feelin' a little sheepish... (inside..hang in there, ewe'll soon be yourself!

How about "Are ewe a little off today?"

Such a cute card!

How about..."I'm lost without ewe?"

Just duckin' in to say I miss all of ewes!

Pretty bad huh???? bwahahahhahahahaha!

"HOW EWE DOING!?!" Taken from Joey's Pick up line from the show "Friends".

You're behind ;)

Anna, this is one amazing card. I wish you lived close enough so I could come over and play.
How about "There is one in every crowd and I am do happy it is Ewe"

How 'bout "Here's looking at ewe..."

ypu always put your best side forward

I don't have any sayings for the inside...I think they've all been said. BUT I love the card! One of a kind and oh so cute!!

'well, you finally quacked!'

- for someone who finally spilled some beans

- or lol for someone who went off the deep end

Adorable card!

Well, you finally quacked!

- for someone who finally spilled some beans
- went off the deep end and did something crazy

Adorable card!

Fashion, I am always behind the times!

I don't have one to add but I love reading the other suggestions! Love the card!

SO ADORABLE! I absolutely LOVED reading everyones wording! I wish you'd do more of these!

I can think of a couple...

My, how ewe've changed.

Here goes Mutton.

Going off the Sheep End (My fave!)

Very cute card, Anna...you never cease to amaze me.

Come sit with me I've got a yarn to spin.

Another Anna original! I love your humor!

Cute card! How about - You're outstanding!
A little more "mailable" than your sheep saying but not near as funny!
PS I love your blog - it's the first one I check whenever I go blogging!

I love the card!! Love your coloring on it as always. ummm how about, 'ewe are one lucky butt!!'

Love your card. It reminds me of "dare to be different." That would be fun to send to a teen or college age student!

So cute. This reminds me of Sesame Street "One of these things is not like the others..."

How about, "Oh...I thought it was duck, duck, goose!" heh

My first thought was... "Odd duck out..." and maybe "You're one of a kind" on the inside.
~Crystal M.

How about this one: Is it something I said?

Great card!

I can just here the little duck saying; "What's up lamb chop?" or how about "Who's yer daddy?"

Great card, thanks for sharing.


Ok, how about "All these fuzzy butts but only one quack!" Get it?! The sheep don't have butt"quacks"!

Hope ewe are feeling just ducky!

How about - "In Hindsight...."

Okay, being that the card is blue and the coloring of the sheep look blue with their backside, I think the phrase "once in a blue moon..." on the outside and on the inside, "a friend like you comes along" or pretty much anything on the inside.

Gret card!

My first thought was "Who's my Mommy?"

I don't have a saying for this card, but now I am signing that song from Sesame Street or maybe it was the Electric Company....."One of these things doesn't belong here"
Great card Anna! Thanks for the laugh!

"Are ewe my mother?" or "Is that what it feels like to be the ugly duckling?" That's too long though. What about "Ewe are unique"

How about...

No butts about it, you're just ducky!
No butts about it, you quack me up!
No butts about it, ewe quack me up!

You get the idea! :)

Missing ewe.....

SSDD (same sheep different day) rather than the usual same **** with different day)

You are one of a kind. ]

I will always recognize you...or I would know you anywhere?

You always stand out in a crowd.

Step Out on Your own.

Don't follow the crowd

or be a like a sheep and follow the crowd--step out on your own!

You're charming!"


You are extreordinary
to me!"

...butt for you, I would be quackers!


Ewe are a Quack in a Crowd!

I just love these images -- and your coloring style. It just proves that one way of coloring is not the only way... Copics, Pencils and Gamsol, and others... all are great with such diverse results!

Ewe are one of a kind!

How about "I thought you said it was a costume party? No worries, I love 'ewe' just the way you are!"

Or "I do believe I've come underdressed... Ever have one of those days? Hang in there!"

Or - "What's everyone lookin' at?"

"I gotta be me!"

Alright, I'll stop now... I LOVE things like this - I could keep going on and on....

So many sheep but I still can't sleep for thinking of you.

Love your Rosie card!

Who let EWE in???? or Who invited EWE??? LOL, great card, fabulous coloring, as always!

I love reading all the sentiments, but ever since I saw the card all I can think of is the song from Seasame Street
"One of these things does not belong here..."

wish i was creative enough to have thought of even HALF of the one's i've read here. no new ideas for sentiments, but LOVE the card :)

what are ewe lookin' at?
i love ewe..even if your quacked up?
what the duck? ha ha

How about: I'm right behind 'Ewe'.

My first thought was;
The view really stinks from here.
Love the card, it's really cute!
Happy Memorial Day weekend


I like your sentiment the best, but what if you said...So many sheep, so little sleep!

This card is so cute - I love those stamps! TFS

I love this card and I would probably use "I must've not gotten the memo that said it was wool day!"

" But, MOM said, to stay here!"
after all the duck feels like a new kid in school...

Okay most of mine have already been taken...drat, How about Outside,
"Wool you be my friend?"
Inside: "That's just ducky!"

Anna, I love when you play with Rosie's stamps! This is SO CUTE!!!

Outside: ONe of these things is not like the other
Inside: You are unique!


Sheep happens but you Quack me up!

(sorry--it is BAAAAD--bud it made me smile ;) )

I don't know how to post but I wanted to say how cute this card is. I love Rosie's work and yours... When I saw this duck with the sheep I thought "That's the end and I'm sticking to it".... Have a great day.... Peggie

How about "The quacker I go..... The behinder I get."

So cute. How about 'gone quackers over ewe!'

How about "Ewe are Special"

Cheesy? Yes! :)

There's a "Quack" in every crowd ... hehehe

What about, Ever feel like the odd duck out.

Super cute card!!!!

What an amusing little card with so many possibilities! I love your baaaaad take, it cracked me up! LOL
Here's mine:
"Are ewe a little behind lately?"
"I hope everything will soon be just ducky."

How about - You lucky duck! We're a little behind sending you birthday wishes so you get to be 29 for a little longer!!! Hope it was a good one!

It's a little wordy but I think it's cute:) It gets the duck and sheep (*little behind*) into the saying, lol.

Love your card!! When your card first appeared on my screen, I started laughing - it's just so darn cute!!!

Well, this is really bad, but how about, "You are so ewe-nique?"

Cute card, thanks for the idea!

Connie K.

I have 2 "There's one in every crowd" or "Your Special"

Love the idea.

Jannette D.

Ok, this one is totally stolen from a Hallmark Fresh Ink card. I love it though and think it's hilarious.

Front: I hope your life is soon ducky,

Inside: Cause I know right now it's sucky.

Hahahaaaaaaa!! Love your card!

Outside.. Counting sheep again?
Inside.. Must be time for a vacation..

how about . . .
outside - I am one lucky duck!
inside - to have a friend like you!

altho I love yours about the so many sheep . . . LOL!!!

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