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CONGRATULATIONS Beth B. and enjoy your goodies!!

Cute card! TFS.

CONGRATULATIONS Beth B. and enjoy your goodies!!

Cute card! TFS.

Uuuugghhh back at ya, Anna! The shadow around this little guy is masterful. I just kept looking and looking at it. (The rest of the watercoloring is amazing too--it's just that a beautifully done shadow is a wowser to me!)

Congrats to Beth, congrats to Brown Manetta (Holy Hatched eggs, Batman!)and congrats to you too Anna. You're running a marathon with all these babies and still finding time to take pictures, make cards and post everything to your blog. I know this will probably give my age away, but I remember reading books with similar images as your card when I was young -er! How very sweet your card is...

Congrats Beth!

You are gonna need a whole lot more chicken feed!!! Wowser, I would keep Brown Manetta around and happy cuz that Momma knows how to deliver! HA... no pun intended. Love the card and I think I am going to go over and treat myself to some of these!

Congrats Beth!!
Such a sweet card!!! You'll have to show us pics of all those chickies!!!!

She is one busy little hen! I bet they are just so cute right now. Congrats to Beth on her win! Love your card. I must get my hands on these Crafty Secrets treasures!

"Congrats to Beth B."

*Another Cute Card...
Looks like a classic!!

Baby chicks- how sweet! Quick story about chicks in the bathroom- when I was about 4-years-old (yes, a long time ago) my father was in undergraduate school and was one of the biology lab assistants. One weekend, after everyone left, the chicken incubator fizzled out leaving it full of eggs unattended. Dad knew he was the last one left in the lab, so he packed ALL of the eggs in a carton (can't remember how many but a bunch) and brought them home and set them up with a heater in our bathroom. Being poor college students with a child, my parents had a small single bathroom home! Needless to say, it was quite a mess in the bathroom with chicks popping out everywhere. We were able to save quite a few but mom didn't let him live down the fact that he ruined her bathroom rug for many years to follow!

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