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Anna, these chickens are GORGEOUS!! My favorite is the Black Silkie because that little bit of turquoise is mesmerizing and the feathers must feel wonderful!!

My next favorite is the Red Frizzle Cochins...I would LOVE to see those feathers IRL.

Thinking about your mail reminds me of the "Old McDonald Had a Farm" song, "with a chick, chick here and a chick, chick there", LOL. Have fun with all the babies and TFS.

Wow, what gorgeous hens!! What fun you'll have raising different kinds:) I would never have guessed that they would send the chicks through the mail. I hope they don't toss the boxes that the chicks are in like they toss other boxes!

Not wishing to "vent" to much family history and risk the rath of my daughter, I will say this much. Anna's Great Grandfather was a "subsistance" Rancher, that means that we raised livestock for our living. Cattle Horses Hogs Rabbits and yes Chickens lots of chickens. They used to send fertilized eggs throught the mail, but with the faster mail now they do indeed send live chicks and they even "sex" them for you. If you order hens you get hens! So she gets her "nesting" habit from family.
Pigs, I must say were the most fun and playful. Love, Dad

I am a farm girl and I love reading your stories. We started lambing last Tuesday and we are up to 34 today (mostly twins). There is nothing more precious than watching them run, play with the others and just laying in the pasture with their moms. They will always bring a smile to our face when you are having a bad day. Thanks for sharing your stories. Judy

Anna - I am loving reading about your animals...as is everyone else. Thanks for sharing all your stories and stuff w/ us. I am a little jealous about all the new chickies you've ordered... I am wondering if regular people can have chicks in their backyard??? What do you need for them? My husband would totally DIE if he came home and I'd ordered baby chicks. =)
Can't wait till a new baby cow is born!

ooooooo, i love Silkies! :) can't wait to see pics of them as chicks.

sounds like you are already taking baby steps to keep from stepping on all the babies underfoot. :)

i did some reading on Turkens (also called Naked Necks and Transylvanian Naked Necks). they originated in Hungary, but, and this is a quote from someone else, "perfected in Germany." they were bred to be easier to dress. imho, the best way to find chickens easy to dress is to dress out some muscovy ducks first. after that, anything is easy! :)


Anna...I'm with the rest of the folk on shipping...you can "really" receive chicks thru the mail?? That is totally hilarious! Do the boxes have special vent holes etc.??

How the heck are they delivered???!!

Chicks in the mail! What a novel idea. I would have thought they would send them on a chicken truck. Those look like the most interesting breeds of poultry I've ever seen. Amazing! I really like the look of the Buff Orpington Bantams. They even look sweet. I guess it will soon be time to select a name for Queenie's baby. Here's hoping it's a little heifer. You must be overwhelmed with all the feeding and caring for all the new arrivals.

I love these updates & info. Oh, the pictures! I'm getting attached to these critters and I'm thinking I know them personally. Keep it up. Diana

Wow how fun! Loved the info about the chickens and will be looking forward to a happy healthy new calf! We found out yesterday that one of the donkeys is much further along than we thought... so we will be watching her close =) Don't cha just love livin on a farm!!!

Wow, I never knew all these varieties of chickens existed! We raised leghorns many moons ago, but these new breeds are unique! Looks like you're about to have many "mouths" to feed soon:) Have fun, and TFS all these wonderful stories about farm life. I so enjoy it!

They are so cute and so pretty! I would love to have chickens running around and fresh eggs! What fun to have all of those babies! I can't wait to see pictures of them!

Well it sounds as though you'll be busy caring and nurturing lots of babies real soon. You definitely don't sit still much, now do you? I can only imagine the schedule you keep with life on the farm. I thought I was busy with 4 kids but I do believe you have me beat! I can't wait to see the pics of all the new baby chicks. Being a city girl I have to admit I thought a chicken was a chicken. I never realized how many different types there were. Amazing how much a person can learn by just opening their eyes and ears. Thanks for all the knowledge about life on the farm.

They send chicks throught the mail? yikes!
Anna, even though I'm a city girl, I love reading about your life on the farm! The combination of your gorgeous photos and stories make it seem like such a fairy tail (although I'm sure it's quite a bit of work!). You should write children's books! Oh wait.... that would take you away from designing stamps/cards. NO DON'T!

They all look so fun! I hope they arrive in excellent condition and they all turn out to look like their pictures! They are all beautiful!

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