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Dear Anna,
I pulled up your article regarding gamsol and prisma watercolor pencils. My question is-what brand of watercolor paper do you use. I tried a couple different papers, but the pencil stays on top of the paper, it doesn't blend into the paper. I'd appreciate your help. Thanks so much, I really enjoy your art. Sue

This is way too cute! You created the most adorable scene! Great coloring!!

This brought a chuckle- too cute! Love your new banner too!

Anna, I just love your sense of humor! Your coloring just made this so much cuter, too.

I love cards that make me laugh. I love the bear down in the dump.

And Leigh and Kerry's cards using the toilet stamp are funny.

Anna, This scene is great -- your coloring (awesome, as usual) and such a GREAT use of the stamps. Love Rosie's Roadshow stamps... don't own any, but I can still love them!
Thanks for sharing this... I find it really inspiring the way you created "levels" and tell a story in a scene.

This is the cutest little scene! I love love love your down in the dumps! It's sure to lift somebody out...or make someone want to stay since it's so cute! :)

Very informative, I truely enjoyed your website. Thank you for your hard work.

giggle -- SNORT -- giggle!

OMGOSH! I love Rosie's stamps, but you take them to a whole new level!!!

How flippin' fabulous is this scene! Amazing Anna has done it again! "The Dumps" have never looked so good...lol! Fantastic card! :D

Anna, not only is this a fabulous composition, but you are THE single most amazing colorer (colorist? ARTIST!) around too--you ROCK!

I love hearing about the chicks too. :-)

Bubba just made me laugh! I feel like that's me this week. How super clever of you to put all those elements together and come up with such a funny and sweet card. Wonderful, just wonderful...

Beautiful card!! you are very creative!!

ah, the baby chickens are cute!!


The 'queen of the scene'...that's what you are. Whooda thunk it to put all of those images together and come up with this gem. Poor Bubba...he really is down in the dumps. But you aren't! Another awesome card, Anna!

This was a fun challenge and all of you made great cards!! My RR order is growing!

LOVE IT... you have the best sense of humor and I always love your talent.

Poor, poor, Bubba!! LOL Your card turned out great!! Somehow I ended up in the toilet AGAIN!! LOLOLOL

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I wish I had a smidgen of your talent! This card is wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing! M

Anna....This card is adorable...I love all your cards with your watercoloring style! This card is awesome!!!!

That is TOO CUTE! I love it! You are SOOOOO creative, and you put such great things together! Thanks for making me smile! :D

Anna, this is sooooo cute!! I love it!! As usual, your watercoloring is fabulous!!

This is fabulous! Couldn't be any cuter! And you do the most amazing watercolors--I could sit and look at them ALL DAY!

wow wonderful scene Anna! Love that bear, and really fun challenge for the three of you to tackle! Your card is just too much fun!

This is awsome!! I love it, such an original take on the challenge! Your work is amazing!

Great card! I laughed as soon as I seen it.

That card is just adorable!! How clever of you to put all those stamps together and come up with something that was just "meant to be". Very cute!

you are amazing Anna, how you can put all these single stamps together for a scene as utterly amazing as this! I love it!!!!! Wow, you're a genius girl, in everything you do (I'm a BIG fan of your photography too...I'm sure you've mentioned it on your blog before, but what camera do you use, and do you edit your photos in an editing program after you take them? Do you shoot in jpeg or raw?) Just wanted to let you know I think you are amazing!


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