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So enjoy visiting your wonderful farm and animals through your photos - You are truly an artist-----PLEASE KEEP US INFORMED OF ALL YOUR BABIES---P.S.----Love your vintage tractor

Thanks for the update photos on Dixie Cup (GREAT NAME!). She sure is adorable.

What a beautiful cow. What breed is it? I love the colour of the fur. We breed Holsteins.

OMGoodness, Dixie Cup is adorable and I love her name, Anna! I've enjoyed catching up this morning with all the spring goings-on around the farm! Gorgeous new photos!

Oh Anna I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your posts about Dixie & Cup. How facisinating to live on a real farm. And what a cutie Cup is! Ohhhh! Thank you so much for sharing your piece of the world with all of us.

Just love dixie cup's face!! so sweet.

You do take some of the most fabulous photos I've ever seen! What kind of camera do you use? The colors are always so brilliant and simply amazing! Keep 'em coming please - I never knew cows were so much fun to watch!

BEAUTIFUL photo of Dixie cup at the beginning of your post. I swear, she is the prettiest calf I have EVER seen (not that I have seen THAT many, but there was a dairy that delivered mlk, cottage cheese and DELISH ice cream - including ginger, my favorite - whose dairy cows came toward the outer fence to graze and we could see them).

Hope you are having a good weekend and enjoying the babies while they are little.


I absolutely love your blog. Not only for the stamping items but I ADORE all your farm pictures and stories. I so miss being on a farm. I am in the country on a small plot but no animals and it is just NOT the same. So thanks for sharing that so I can reiminisce. Also, I have no idea what camera you have but your pictures are phenomenal!! Do you take pictures professionally? I think you should. Holy Cow..lol

I just LOVE to hear about all the animal news. You are SO lucky to have them in your backyard!!!!

I love seeing the farm animal photos...they are so sweet!

Anna, I love your paper crafting, but I so enjoy your animal/farm pics! Keep them coming!


Anna, I love your paper crafting, but I so much enjoy your animal pics! Keep them coming!


Your photos are always so amazing! The picture of D.C. and Jr. is so funny! Looks like Jr. is saying "Go ahead, make my day!" It's so interesting that the cows are so wild. I would have thought with so much human contact that they would be quite approachable! I was driving home from Salado this afternoon and got behind a pick up with two goats in the back. I was imagining it was Alan bringing home some new "tennants". Probably not, just wishful thinking. No babies for Little Brown Hen?

"JAWDROPPING" photos!!!!!! TFS.

Dixie Cup is so pretty! I like the pic of her staring at Junior!! I just noticed that Dixie's eyes are like your goat's eyes. I thought goat's were the only ones with pupils that werehorizontal instead of vertical. I learned something new today! Dixie is a very pretty gal too!

I just love your photographs... they are so crisp and just plain stunning. I spent over an hour out yesterday morning trying to get some new photos of the babies, when they weren't running and blurring the images, they were behind mom's rear end or under mom or in the shadows. I took over 100 photos and only got a hand full of decent photos. Nothing of Rosie my little dark brown baby... I can't get a photo of her face! Her bangs are so long and dark I can't get her eyes! I am thinking it is time for a pink hair bow!

Really love the photo of Dixie Cup and Junior!

Love hearing stories about the animals. Dixie Cup sure is a cutie!

hey, who told her she could grow up so fast??????


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos! I can't believe D Cup is a week old already! Time sure does fly...and thank goodness Alan is home to feed again! You had quite a lot of chores to do in his absence!!! I hope you two have a wonderful weekend...and DO take more pictures! I think they are GREAT! :D

Oh my goodness gracious...these are wonderful photos!

I love the look on the cat's face like, "Oh no. I don't think so little moo moo." HAAAA!!

I love how shiny and new the coat of a calf is. Congrats on your new addition.

Your photo's are always so stunning. Dixie Cup has the cutest face!! Momma looks quite nice as well, I love the coloring in her face. LOVE the fur children updates & pics!!

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