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I have been thoroughly enjoying the photo's of all the beautiful friends on the farm! What a cool bunch of photo's especially the live birth! Woohoo! Thanks for sharing!
Feel free to visit my blog! You'll have to dig for stampy stuff....alot of fun life stuff happening I wrote about!

Hello, your photos of this new little one are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story!

Anna, love all these updates! I just had my husband and daughter in here to look at your farm family. So cool, I didn't know about cows not liking to be touched much. Have fun with all those babies! Thanks for the pics...

Cleo is a cutie!

How is Dixie's udder doing?

Great pictures! What a fabulous experience each season! I would not do well as this for a business, I would get just too darn attached to them all! Happy Mother's Day!

She is a sweet calf, but then all baby animals are that way. I look at the picture of her sleeping and it just makes me smile. Congrats on the new addition. Love the name Cleo!

Love, love, love the video! Alan sure has a strong accent, doesn't he? :) Can't wait to show the boys this video. Thanks!

Great pictures and video ~ thanks for sharing this special moment and a Happy Mother's Day to Queenie!

What a SWEET baby!!! Looks like Mom and baby are totally bonded.

Oh Anna, you photo's are wonderful. What a beautiful calf Cleo is. Look at the expression on Queenie's face. If that isn't just love in motion I don't know what is. I agree with your FIL! Touch says so much whether to animal or human. Trust is such a huge factor. Give each of your precious animals a tickle from me.

The "trust factor" is what makes a ranchers day easier. That means that you treat each with respect, compasion and translated to animal husbandry means "touch" touch the young and touch them as young as possible, and as often as possible. Whether it's a cat or a cow, chicken or dog that compassion is building trust and the ability to handle each with safety, when raising larger animals with a great amount of personal strength that trust is very important. So, Rub that tummy and scratch that itch, and hand feed those "cookies".
Those babies can grow up to be really big and fast even without horns. Have a great Mothers Day! Love, Dad

Cleo is beautfiul. LOVE the first picture you posted above...the sun shining so gently on her precious face. LOVE IT !

Great pictures, Anna!! I know you're the photographer in the family, but I agree with the above poster ~~ how about some pics if you with some of these wonderful animals?? Happy Mother's Day to you!!

It looks like you'll be celebrating Mother's MONTH at your farm! LOL Congrats on Cleo's arrival and TFS all your amazing and beautiful photos! Enjoy your special day!

Awwww, what a wonderful Mother's Day for Queenie! Thank you for sharing all these new babies with us, Anna. And Happy Mother's Day to you too. Linda

Cleo is so adorable and I love her name. Queenie looks so attentive and I rejoice in her being able to be a Mom again. It is amazing to me how animals can have such strong emotions. We don't often think of them as being able to grieve and we sometimes assume that being protective over their young is instinctive. While some of that comes into play, I have witnessed other emotions that are more of the personality of the animal. She obviously adores you and Alan or she would not have let you love on her baby! (Can we have some pictures of you rubbing on Cleo's belly? I have never seen that happen). Congratulations to one and all! Hugs!, Janet

These photos would represent a relationship so beautifully. I loved the video of her being born.

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