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I love reading your animal posts! These chickens are adorable! How fun!

I was so happy to see this update! I feel like I actually know a thing or two about chickens. LOL What a great variety you have... I can't decide which I like best!

Omg i just have to comment on those pics & of course your sweet little chicks.....Just simply adoreable.I hope you will keep us updated with pics.I have added you to my blog so i can keep checking.
Fantastic pics & thanks for sharing :):):)

GREAT pictures, you two are having way too much fun!!! I am filled with joy, knowing that you are having such a great time on the farm. (I wish you could have Oregon weather in TX, but at least summer doesn't last forever! :D )
Thanks so much for the update, and I can't wait to hear about the next group of chicks that take residence at your menagerie! :D
Have a FABULOUS weekend!

Okay, now I'm happy! I've had my "farm fix". I was getting a bit figity not seeing anything animal lately, but of course I just love the cards you make and your expertise at watercoloring with ink refillers. Okay, I'm good for the weekend...

Anna: Thanks for the very fun post to brighten everyone's morning. That is really a fun pic of Fancy Manetta & the top of Alan's head. Hope he didn't get scratched! Would that cute chick w/the balloon be a fun new stamp? Happy Weekend.

Love, Love, Love the update on the chickens! I do hope that Fancy Manetta doesn't turn out to be a rooster -- She is adorable! I wish I was closer -- I would take a couple of 'Manettas' off your hands. I love all the photos. Too bad you lost so many in the one shipment. :-(
Thank you for the sneak peek! I think I see 'leggings' on this happy chick!
Have a great weekend, Manetta

Thank you SO MUCH Anna for sharing all of this with us! I have learned so much with you...and have had a mighty fine time, too!

Love the farm update... the chicks look wonderful and how fun to have so many different ones!

Now to the sneak peak... unless it is that cute chick on Alan's head.. It is one cute chick holding a baloon, really cute!

OK, I am NOT a farm girl! But I LOVE your farm updates and stories! I haven't told you, but I do! I love the vicarious farm-ness I get from your posts. I love trees and open spaces, but farm animals freak me out! No idea why... LOVE the Manetta on Alan's head -- he's such a good sport! :) Mary

OMG! They grow so fast! They're so cute! I love the little yellow pullet with the little puff on the top of her head!

Thanks for the update! They look so sweet and can't wait to see the new ones when they come in! I think you should get some of the chickens like Martha Stewart has that lay eggs in pretty pastel colors? I had no idea they were so many varieties of chickens! Little Fancy Manetta even looks adorable at this age! I can't wait to see them in their adult plumage and colors! Love the sneak peek...she's adorable as usual!!!

Reading your posts makes me want to live on a farm! Although I can just imagine all the hard work you put in behind the scenes! Great pictures, and I cannot WAIT for the Whipper Snapper release! I love love love Chicken Stamps!!!

ROTF at Fancy Manetta on Alan's head...hmm...I wonder....if you were to crop the bottom of the picture just a teeney bit more...would Fancy Manetta look like she is hatching a great big Ostrich egg? LOL
Please don't tell Alan I said that but I am cracking myself up here (NO pun intended!)
Love the stories and so appreciate you both taking the time to take the pictures for us to enjoy

Your photos always brighten up my day, even when making cards seems too much (due to depression) your farm photos remind me about life outside my darkness. Thank you for sharing.

These are adorable little cuties!! LOVE the pics and the stories with them. The new stamp looks cute too!

I just love reading about the farm. Especially the chickens, since my husband has a soft spot for them. They are such fun animals! I do hope you get some pictures of all the differn't shades, sizes, and colors of the differen't variety eggs you'll have. That's one of my favorite things about having a variety of birds.
And the sneak peek is daaarling. Thanks for that! :)

Those Red Frizzles are splendid! My hat is off to you and Alan for chasing down the chickens . . . a pig might be harder to catch, but at least it couldn't fly! Your blog is such a kick to visit. I always leave educated, cheered, and inspired to be more creative. By the way, I am going to need that stamp when it comes out (the striped legs and feet slay me)!

How fascinating!!! I'm a city girl, born and raised and had no idea there were different kinds of chickens...just ones in the freezer dept. of the grocery store. I'm getting a kick out of your reports and pictures. I feel like I'm getting a real education. It's just so dang fascinating!!! Thank you for sharing your adventures with the farm animals.

Alan is SUCH a good egg!
(yeah, pun intended--sorry about that)

Your pics are always amazing! Love the chick that went on Alan's head! Too funny! My son just learned about embryology in class. So he and his class raised baby chicks. He was so excited to take them home overnight! (We live in the city...so this was a pretty big deal!) : )

I so needed this adventure in farm antics! Everyone (except me) in my family is ill with fevers, aches etc AND I was in bad need of a fun reprieve! Hope you know what a difference you make in a gals life! Thanks!

So cute! I love all the pics and hearing the stories behind them. Please keep sharing them!

Well, now you have me laughing! That Fancy Manetta is a hoot! Poor Alan...he'll have to wear a hat for protection around Fancy Manetta.

All the chicks that you've pictured are sooo cute! Can't wait to see the Buff Laced Polish Bantam all grown up. I bet she'll be gorgeous with her showgirl feathers!!

Oh....how I envy you...we used to live in the country..back in the 70's...the kids grew up and married..we moved to the city. Of course we cannot have my beloved chickens. I have to tell you..we had a little chick one time that as soon as we got the chicks home from the post office..we opened the box..and the little thing perched right on my finger. Then as it grew..it would perch on my arm..then full grown..it would fly up to my arm...he was a heavy rooster...we loved that rooster...!!! Thank you for posting about the farm life...Love it!

How cute they are!! Thanks for the pics, as always!!!!

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