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That smile is one in a million. I love when animals do that ... and I SWEAR they really are smiling!! My dog laughs ... it's gotta be a laugh. She rubs her nose with her paws and makes these little noises, then opens her mouth just so I can see the front 4 teeth on top.

Now..How CUTE is that!!!
She is just Adorable!

I love your farm animal pictures - your cards are nice too..... *wink* But I really, really like all the animals! They are so sweet and your pictures are lovely. Makes me want to go to a petting zoo - that's as close as we can get to a farm!

That is one adorable cutie pie! Thanks so much for sharing your fab pics - as well as your fab cards!

Adorable! (I want her!!)

What a cutie!! Callio-pea looks like she might be ready to talk in the picture on the right side. I wonder what she's trying to say to you, Anna. Maybe something like, "Hurry and take that picture, the sun's in my eyes!", lol. Thanks for sharing these darling pictures:)

She's so sweet!!

What a doll! She should be on cuteoverload.com! I love that site (spend entirely too much time oogling the cuties on there)!

wow! I had no idea how tiny these goats were until I saw your DH's hand next to her face! They're adorable and I'd have had a hard time just bringing home one or two I'm sure. Enjoy - too sweet:)

that hand gives you a better idea of their small size, how precious!

This is too cute.


I would give anything to hold that darling little goat. I visited a farm once (more than thirty years ago and still remember this) and got to sit on the ground and hold a darling little white baby goat. It nuzzled me and I enjoyed petting it and fell in love. It seemed to be enjoying my affection and I was in heaven. Little did I know it was eating a hole in the front of my tea shirt. Bawhahaha!!

With Alan's hand under her chin, it is easier to see Callio-Pea is tiny.

She is a beautiful little goat. Thanks for always sharing all your babies with us!! Love from Idaho, Jeanne xoxoxo

How cute is she! That is simular to how I get my donkeys to smile.... I actually almost train them when they are little. I tap their top lip, and they smile for me! Cute little one!

I NEEEEED her! You don't mind if I pick her up when I pick up Eddie, do you??? :)

Oh, what a cutie! That is just precious! Thanks for the smiles to make US smile! :D

Thanks for the early morning smile, a great way to start off my day

OMG!! That is so cute!!!! The pic on the right looks like she's wearing lip liner!! She is absolutely adorable!

"Pea" is so adorable. What a dear little face! No wonder she smiles with all the love and attention showered upon her at your farm. Isn't she just so precious...

She is so cute. The pic gives us a good idea how small she is compared to Alan's hand! I love her name. Years ago there was a Calliope on General Hospital - a ditzy blonde as I recall. Hugs.

Aaaahhhhh! That is so funny! Man, what a cutie!

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