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ok, LOVE the zebus! omigosh, what great colors. :)
laughed hard at you not bringing your camera the first time. it is my mantra, "don't leave the house without the camera." so...the other night...i did! AND i fell and cut open my leg and had to go have stitches and had no way to document it! grrrrrr

i want a goat. have i mentioned that? ;)

Anna: What cute pics. I can't imagine better parents for a couple of these darling goats than you and Alan. How do you two keep up with everything? Hugs, Troy

Awwww! They are so cute!! They look gorgeous too-can't wait to see pictures of your babies!

Oh how adorable!!! I am turning away and not looking... I can not look.... pout pout hubby says we are not quite ready to get any goats, oh but they are so cute! Sounds like a fun day!

I love the one in the bucket!!! It looks like it is smiling!
I love looking at your animal photos!

I love the coloring of the Zebu cattle. The goats look very curious about what you are up to in the barn.

Well, couldn't you just squeeze the stuffing right out of these little cuties!!! Absolutely adorable!

What sweet goats! We go to a little farm about an hour away that has little goats to feed and hold. They are so much fun! Enjoy! :D

How could one *not* love those beautiful animals? That Zebu calf is beautiful (as is its mother)and the goat babies are so sweet. I'm glad some of them are coming to live with you; I'll get to see them grow up (I hope.)

Can't wait to see your new babies, Anna! I love those ranch scenes with all the goats.

What awesome animals! They are utterly beautiful creatures...all of them!! Your photo of the goats made me laugh...you mentioned the 3 watching you. I had to do a double take, because I only saw 2 faces...I wasn't wearing my glasses so wasn't sure I missed the third little guy! You are too funny Anna!!! Can't wait to see what little creatures you came home with! The little goat in the picture is beautiful!!

How exciting for you to go and chose the baby goats. I think it would be equally hard for me to chose also. I love all animals - well not reptiles or rodants, but basically most animals. I had a hard time picking out a puppy once - it was a terrible delima and wanted to bring home several. We settled on the one and she was the dog from H--l! I got blamed for picking out the worst pup of the litter. LOL! But I did make a good choice on our current dog. He's wonderful...
I really enjoy my little visits to the farm and to your gallery of wonderful art. It's such fun...

the last little baby goat is just precious. He looks just like he is grinning for the camera. LOVE IT.

These animals are all beautiful!! I love seeing the babies, they're all so cute:)

Amazingly beautiful animals. Everyone of them. I would never be able to pick nand would also like one of each. Can't wait for the pictures of you new little ones.

I love goats. We used to have a few (one or two) when I was young. That little guy in the feed dish is adorable. -Molly B

These are wonderful pictures, Anna. Darling baby goat & beautiful calf.

Oh, you are so lucky to be living on a ranch. All that wide open space. Love the animals you share so frequently, love you pictures, be they animals, flowere or just a panorama of your area. Your blog is just so much fun to visit. By the way I love your cards too. MaryAnn

These animals are all so cute, but the one in the feeder has coloring that looks like a huge smile on his face! I love it!!

Oh, how beautiful the animals are! I love how the cattle have such black, black noses. That little calf is adorable, as is the kid in the feed bucket!!! I can just see those three goats in a row being turned into a stamp image somehow ;) TFS your beautiful photos.

I want them, too. Wish I had the means to have a small animal farm. That said, if I'm ever in Texas, I'll just have to visit yours. I know it's a lot of work, but I'm also sure you wouldn't trade it for anything. Please keep the photos coming.

You are right--they are beautiful. You know, I probably wouldn't have seen the beauty if you hadn't shown me with YOUR *eye*. That is so cool that you can do that!!

The coloring on that zebu calf looks like a renaissance painting! COOL!

Oh my goodness, what beautiful animals!!! I love that Mama and calf, what a pair! Awesome...and that precious goat in the feeder, how cute! I can't wait to see who you took home...I just LOVE your animal pictures! You ARE having a great weekend! :D

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