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LOL! I love reading about your farm life! Reminds me of my house...

Wonderful information, I love it, LOL. You never know when that could come up on Jeopardy or some other such show. TFS.

I have to agree with the person that asked, where are all the cats? when there is surplus milk. Many beef cattle can be a bit short on milk, some Heffers may be short on it as well. It looks as if Dixie can be a "wet nurse" for the whole herd. Nice "do" on the shooter, but where's the bucket sitting? Love, Dad

AAAAWWWEEEEE. she is so adorable. give her a big hug and kiss from me...(does she let you get near her yet?) It's ok to make her a lap calf, right? Let me know when you need a baby sitter! Hugs, Janet

Anna: I just got caught up with all of your farm activity. What fun it must be, but also lots of work. I love all of your pics & the stories that go along w/them. Dixie Cup is just so cute. Sorry about your little goat. Glad Betty will have some new friends soon. The camels were fun too. Thanks for the smiles.

woo hoo!! Let's hear it for UNL! I guess we do have farm stuff up...I just don't get out much. ;)

Oh, Dixie Cup is SO beautiful! What a pretty head she has! I just love baby calves :D
Yep, that milk can travel a long way! Amazing, isn't it??!! I'm sure you WERE quite surprised to get a milky shower from afar! :D

Dixie Cup is just beautiful!!!! I cannot tell you how much I LOVE your photos! When things slow down at the farm, and it is winter here (MN) how about I come down there and you can give me some lessons! Wink! Thanks Anna!!
Lori M

Hi Anna. Your photos in your Animal Album are delicious. Just love them all. I especially love the picture of Dixie Cup smiling for the camera with a wet muzzle. Poor Dixie! I guess she could probably feed all the animals you have with all that milk. Surprised she doesn't drown little Dixie Cup! You're doing such a terrific job keeping us all updated on your farm activities.

I really enjoy hearing about your four legged farm friends!

I think Dixie Cup actually looks like she's SMILING in that sweet picture! Darling....you're having too much fun - there oughta be a law!!! xoxoxo Jeanne

Thanks so much for sharing this part of your life with us. I love your cards but I also really enjoy your farm too.

Where are the cats at a time like this? Did you watch Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel last night? Mike was helping birth cows! I thought about Dixie & what she went through....bless her heart!

that photo of you being squirted would be great to enter in your county fair!!!


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