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I don't know any meanings of these names, but I just like Lucy and Maggie...of course, I love Sanna's suggestion for Clarabelle - perfect name for a cow. If you're as old as me, (which you're NOT, but someone may be), you may remember a cartoon with a cow names Clarabelle. That really dates me!!! No matter what her name is, she's a Babe!!! xoxoxo Jeanne in Idaho

Here's my suggestion. Nothing to off the wall. How about Alana. That's a combination of Alan and Anna. No? Perhaps too much of a human name huh! My second suggestion is Nala! That's Alan spelled backwards...

She's so darn cute. How about Babette?

Delilah........Daisy.....Darlin.....Hattie Belle.....May owuld be a good middle name. Alli (It was Alans Brithday) Alli May.....

My 5 year old son thinks she looks like a Sally. She is very cute!!!

This is kind of silly, but how about Moo-reen.
I am sure that you are going to come up with perfectname---the ones you have are pretty clever!

Hi, Her name is Ebonique Ciara.

A beautiful combination of the color Black and that she is unique. It is also egyptian for female. It appears it also the name of a very successful female singer. The Ciara part comes from the Ebonique equivalent in the Irish form. So I guess her name could also be Ciara. Anyhow I just love names with some sort of meaning. Like one of our cats is named Skittles cause it was my daughters favorite candy at the time or our newest kitty Leopold after the famous piano composer and since piano's a re black & white and he is B&W - well there you go, my silly way of naming my animals. You would laugh to hear someof our past names, like:
Chicken Little
Penny Whistle
Schwartz - I know enough.
So my entry is Ebonique Ciara
Thanks for asking

How about Toodles?

I vote for Slo-poke (remember those carmel suckers) as it took FOREVER for her to get here!!!! And who doesn't love Slo-pokes!!

How about Toodles?

I love the suggestion of Alannah. My suggestion is "Diana" for "Princess Diana" since she seems so regal, she's such a beauty and probably will be a princess. Another wonderful photo, TFS.

i'm torn. the "Come on Eileen" is one of my all-time favorite songs and goes so well with Dixie/Dexi's Midnight Runners, and she was born in the night...so how about Eileen since that was what we were saying for so long...Come on Dixie, have that calf already.

on the other hand, Allanah is great since she was born on Alan's birthday.

good calves deserve two names. Allanah Eileen. i gotta go with that. Ali Eileen would be a great nickname.


OH my gosh she is adorable. I'm bad with names. I like what someone above said, Darcy. I think that is really cute. Better than what I could have come up with. My mom was the one who named all of our farm animals. Great photo. -Molly B

What about Lassy?

Muffy or Muffy Mae?
Miffy or Miffy Mae?

Hmm.. How about Keegan, or Declan or Kennedy, Shane, Seamus or Patrick???
Regan, you did say Male didn't you?? If a girl I love Clara-Belle, Clara Mae, Mauve, Kennedy, Shane ( love unisex names) Avery, Brett ( celtic, close enough?)

Awww she is so Cute!

How bout Sweetie Pie or Sweet Thing! ...those are the first things that popped into my head after reading your post ;)



She looks like a Lily to me. Absolutely beautiful and tender. The lily is a symbol of innocence and purity as well as beauty, which sums up the pictures of her!

Thanks for sharing all of your farm pictures. I look forward to seeing all of the animals and the updates.

Beautiful calf. I thought Harley when I first saw her until I read that it is a little girl and thought April or Maple. Any name will be great. She looks special. Hmmmm maybe Special is a good name. HA Ha. I could keep this up all day. What fun. Thanks, Mary

She's beautiful! Does she look like a Delia or a Delaney?

Daisy May?? Kind of cute, huh!

Dixie's Rose Lee :)

Karen L.

Drindle May seems to come to mind for some reason. It's different and she's quite a unique little animal herself. She's a charmer for sure.

Okay, since she was born on Alan's birthday, I suggest "Birthday Girl" and you can call her "Birdy" for short. Kind of like when a little kid would say the word "birthday". Or, "Dextra", ha!! get it? Dexter-extra - as in Dexter's addition?? Or, from the way Dixie's udders look maybe "Anita Milken"??? LOL!! Better stop now!

She is so black and darling. I love "Dixie's Midnight" since you know she was born in the night and is black as night as well. Or since she was born on Alan's birthday it could be "Alan's Midnight" or "Alan's Girl". Hey.... "Dixie's Ebony" or "Alan's Ebony". Well as you can see....I don't have a great imagination. I wish I could pet that darling little baby!

I think Hershey would be a sweet day. Also, Anna Belle would be nice.

1 more, my grandparents had the most beautiful black lab that they called Yalah (Yeah-La). I have always loved that nome because it is so pretty and very different. I can not wait to see what you all name her.

Not too creative, but I was thinking Dexi Mini, since she is the child of Dixie Maxie.

I was simply dumbstruck as the picture is so adorable, but my daughter walked in and immediately picked a name. She thinks "Luna", because he nose has a crescent shape just like the moon. We have a dog named Dixie and we call her "Doodle"

I just love Ribeye though. What a fun place you live in.


My suggestion is Black Velvet (because she looks soft and elegant), but I really like Darcy too.

Here's my suggestion...

Eyla Few (I Love You...get it?) That's what her tag - LF1U - made me think of. Eyla...I like it!

I have to admit that after I saw some ginormous cows at the state fair last year I was a little iffy on the whole species. Gives a whole new meaning to HOLY COW! But this little girl could warm anyone's heart...she's so sweet. Will she stay black, Anna?

She is sooo cute! Sure makes me miss my grandparents farm! The name that first popped in my head was Belle...something Belle or Belle something, lol. If she had been born in May, I would have said May Belle!

Oh, she's so darling. How about Darlin'?

Since she was born under the sign of Taurus, I suggest RAMONA.

Oh, she is just beautiful! I love baby calves SOOOOO much...I love for them to suck my fingers...and I love to rub their precious little heads!
I'm not good at names, but I know you will choose a great one! Hugs to the bovines...

How about Darcy Minnie
Darcy is an irish name meaning "dark one"
Minnie for the Maxie/Minnie connnection to her mama.
Sweet little baby.........

You should name her Paige, because reading your blog up until her birth was like a "page turner". I was addicted - I had to check your blog each day (sometimes 3 times) to see what was happening.

How about DeeDee (D-Driscol and D-Dixie)? Whatever you name her...she is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing her with us.

How about Clarabelle?

Darcy - Irish for Dark. Goes with Dixie and Driscol. Congratulations on the new addition!

How about Bella , meaning beautiful

I was thinking Dexi....and also thought of Dexi's Midnight Runners..LOL

We've been calling her Dixie's Babe......what can I say? She is so precious and looks like a little sweetie.....so glad she's finally here!!
How's Dixie doing today???

I have no ideas but she is adorable!

No name suggestions here. Just wanted to oooh over the latest picture. She's so darn cute!

ok, how about Dixie's Midnight Runner, like Dexi's Midnight Runners, who sang that song "Come On Eileen"...since she's a Dexter and she's Dixies and she's black...does it make sense to anyone but me? *giggle*

regardless, she's a beaut, congrats to Dixie, fiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally

Ok, I have a few ideas here...
Due to the weather.. she could be a "Stormy" formally something like Dixie's Storm, as that is when she finally came. But I lean more towards something like
"Patience" or "Anticipation" as that is what she did for us, let us checking on her numerous times a day anticipating her arrival or teaching us patience in her arrival. All good things in due time! I am just glad that SHE arrived safely and healthy! Still no baby donkey for my Cheyenne =)

How about "Precious", cause that is exactly how she looks in the picture above, or "Ireland" since that's where those types of cattle originated from?

Alannah is from the Irish term of affection (leanbh) and is also used as a feminine form of Alan. (a LON a). Not witty but a nice name since she was born on Alan's birthday.

What about Brenna? It's Irish for princess.

What about Oreo..
She is beautiful regardless of her name

I think she should be named MAY. I don't know why, but when I looked at the picture of her and read that you needed a name, the first name that popped into my mind was MAY.

Okay, we have 2 ideas here my idea is Dixie's Crystal (not sure if it is nationwide but Dixie Crystal is a namebrand of sugar we have in the south and this little gal is so... sweet.)
My daughter's idea is Dixie Minnie aka Minnie, of course, she would probably turn out to be the biggest heifer on the farm- lol!
We are so loving these photos!

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