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I see I'm not the 1st one to think of it but Belle keeps running thru my head ya know Dixie Belle.

Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I think her name should be 'Patience'!!! She certainly took her time coming into this world (or maybe we were all just impatient!).

Congrats on the new arrival!

How about: Min-Dixie?

It has been so fun following the farm news thru your photos and comments. Seems like she was born overnight and even though there wasn't one, I like the celestial name of Eclipse ... black sky.

what about "Molly" LOL just my dd said that because of a book in spanish: "la vaca Molly" (Molly, the cow), also it can be "bonita" (beautiful).

The pictures are very nice!! and we are happy that the calf is good and beautiful.


I have to go with Allanah also because of the date of her birth.


I think she looks like a Bridget.

If you have any kids that watch cartoons they have seen Dexters Laboratory LOL
DeeDee was his ditzy little sister.


Buttercup, or maybe Maggie

I stared at her photo and asked her what her
name is and she answered, "Sophie". So that's my thought of the day.

Bob says that you could name her "Winn" because it sounds Irish and her mom is Dixie (a la Winn-Dixie supermarket chain). She's a beautiful girl!

I have a couple of suggestions that haven't been mentioned yet. How about April, it is her birth month? Or Allie for Alan? Or I have a friend from Ireland and her name is Mazie. She could be Crazy Grazy Mazie! Or how about Nora since the french word for black is Noir? Or how about Eve since she is dark like the evening sky? I guess I better quit and give someone else a chance. Thanks for the fun time!

I had to laugh but my 2 yo DD says her name should be Moo Cow.

plain and simple. :)

Good Luck on choosing a name...
she is a Beauty!!
This new photo is precious!!


Congratulations! She is adorable! I would call her Molly, Molly is Irish and she just looks like a Molly to me.

OK---I'd say Nicodemus because she "came in the night"---you could call her Nicki---that's a little more girly! (from the Bible in John 3:1-2) "1 Now there came a man of the Pharisees whose name was Nicodemus, a member of the council. 2 He came to Jesus at night and said to him, “Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher who has come from God. For no one could do the miraculous signs that you do unless God were with him....” "---it sounds corny, I know, but she did "come in the night"!!! Congrats! She's beautiful!

Penelope!!! Penny for short! Doesnt she look like a Penny? Good luck with the naming!

She is a beauty that's for sure. She looks like a Lucy Mae to me. Enjoy your newest member of the family!

hahaha! As Jennifer wrote earlier, I was coming to say Doodle as that is a nickname of my Dixie....Like Yankee Doodle only she is Dixie Doodle...that is toooo funny that she wrote that!

That little baby is SO CUTE! I just wanna squooze her!

I really like Luna or add to that to name her Bella Luna!!!! She's so adorable

Might as well stay w/the "d's." How about DeeDee for Dixie & Driscol.

Such cute pictures, Anna! She's just so sweet!!

Well, I'm going another route for a name. Though this adorable calf has Irish ancestry she was born in Texas! How about Dixie Rose Lee? or Black Rose of Texas? Or if you prefer an Irish name, how about a little play on words like *I.D. Clare* (the name Clare is Irish but the whole name sounds like a comment from Scarlett O'Hara!) Have fun picking out a name for the new baby:)

Just call her sweet as can be!!!
Who doesn't love a new baby??!

My 4 y/o DD has suggested CUPCAKE...no idea why but she thinks it's cute!

Riley is a great female Irish name. (I also thought that was fun with Ribeye.)

Keira might fit a little better though, as the Irish name means "dusky; dark-haired."

I don't know why, but when I first saw her I thought of "Colby" :)

How adorable!!! I am in love with Ireland and it's people....and I would so choose an Irish name...lots of great suggestions above....Irish Eyes, isn't a very pretty name....but, I am not good at names. Some of my favorite city and county names Wexford - more for a boy, Ballina, Tipperary Maxie (too cute)....well that's all I will do for now...I have my Ireland map out and am getting distracted now. =)
Congrats on your new addition!

I don't know where this name came from in my head but I think, Lorna Doon. She is the sweetest little shortbread next to Ribeye who was also the cutest little thing. Dixie sure knows how to have the best babies. Give them all hugs from me! Janet in NC

How about Winn (as in Winn Dixie grocery store).

Hmmmm...how about DIVA (combine Dixie and Beavis)? Or trace her Irish roots...Maeve. She is a cutie! Maybe Bonnie (as in bonnie lass!)!

What about Dixie Mae or DeeDee after Dexters sister in Dexters laboratory? :)

Scarlet O'Hara is my choice. A little Irish and a little American.

You certainly are Sweet Miss Daisy. I love your blog, photos and cards. Happy belated birthday Alan. I think I'd love your life and your talent. Do you live in Texas??? I forget.

Thanks for sharing your awesome photos Anna. You are such a doll. I love Memory Box, A Muse, Elzybells, and Rosie's Road Show. I love it all, who am I kidding. Glad the baby was finally born. How exciting on Alan's birthday. Your husband is cute!!

I would go with Dixie Do. Nancy P.

Since she was soooooo slow to arrive, I have a couple of suggestions.

Channa-Gaelic for slow moving stream
Shanna-Irish same meaning as above.

Dicra means slow to arrive in Welsh and Mandara is Sanskrit for the same (Manda for short or Dara is cute too. She is such a pretty babe-so long ago I was on gramma's farm. I sometimes drive by just to dream.

Dixie's Lassie, Lassie for short. or Erin, Oreo was cute too but suits a bull better.

She a very cute and glad everything went well for Dixie!

My name for Ms. Daisy's little one would be "Reba". She just looks like a Reba! She is so adorable!

How about a combination of a couple of names already given.... I like Brenna May! She is soooo stinkin' cute regardless of what she ends up being called.

What about Onyx?

The new baby is just adorable. I was thinking of Alana Dex for her name, since she was born on Alan's birthday.

My first choice would be Murphy but in the back of my mind it seems you might have a cat named that so I would go with Jaycee D.

She is such a beauty. I think she looks like "Irish Night" Brings back so many memories of growing up on a farm.

She sounds like an Oreo cookie to me!! Love the pics!

OK I like a few already mentioned here

Dexi is perfect! and Darcy is along the same lines as my suggestion.

My suggestion was Ciara which is Irish for "Black"

What a beautful bundle of joy! How about Dixie's Pride? Of course, I like the suggestions for Darcy and the other Irish names.

Love the farm pictures - I was checking every day to see if the new calf arrived!

Michele Oatman - I was exactly on your same wavelength! Love that song! Giggle!


My first thought was Alana (mainly to combine both your names together) and because she was born on Alan's birthday. My second thought was Oreo, because you like them, but does she have enough white hair to be a double stuffed cutie or a single stuffed cutie :) ? She is the newest addition to the Dairy Queen line, you could call her Little Oreo, Oreo Blizzard, or Baby O. Continuing on with the "food" theme got me thinking since she is after all "Ribeye's" sister, you could call her "Brisket" (dexter version for Bridget?) ok, so I won't quit my day job. Whatever name you choose I'm sure will fit her perfectly. Can't wait to hear what it will be. Thanks for sharing another precious picture!

On April 24th, 1916, 1600 Irish nationalists began the Irish Uprising for independence from England (someday, my Irish friends!! :))- that cow should definitely have an Irish connection!! Dexy would be great - like Dexys Midnight Runners from the 80s - the Irish band. Plus she's a little bundle of midnight anyway!! I vote for Dexy! Sexy Dexy!

What about Bloomer? As in Late Bloomer... She is so cute!

Oh, she looks like a 'MAGGIE-MAE'! How is Dixie today? I bet she is a good mother!

The top of her head looks a little curly. How about Curly Sue?

It tickles my funny bone to see so many of us kept up with her birth. So... she's born in Texas and her brother is Ribeye. May I suggest T-Bone? :)

It's always fun to name an animal. I love the name Lilly May...Dixie and Lilly May...it sounds good together. We used to have a horse named Pickles. When we got our second horse, we thought of naming him Ice Cream...Pickles and Ice Cream, aint that fun? Your new baby...she's very cute! Congrats!!!

Ebony Whitelites shoud be her name. After all she is black (Ebony) with white highlites. No matter what you you choose she is beautiful. Glad she is a she so you can keep her. thanks for sharing...I had to check your post first each day . I was getting a little anxious for Dixie until you stated she was not past due.. Bless them both.. MaryAnn

Oh, please! Not Ribeye! You wouldn't DARE! No predestiny, please! How about just Dexi?

My girls thought up Emmy Moo and then suggested she need a last name. So how about Emmy Moo Wight?

Ok...my husband just walked in and said Licorice.

Congrats! Someone earlier recommended the name Darcy ..I don't know if that quite fits, lol. How about Maggie? I'm glad Dixie finally had the baby, it's been fun to read about before and after.

I vote for "Patience" Cause she took so long to get here.

What a sweetie and great pics Anna! Well, she's black with a touch of white and the breed originated in Ireland - so that conjures up the name Guinness! While she's still tiny, she can be Half Pint LOL!

How about Mavis? MAxie and BeaVIS. It's just what popped into my head.

Congrats! She's a beautiful baby!

P.S. Happy belated birthday, Alan!

She is beautiful!!! Never thought I'd say that about a cow, but she really is! How about Stormy. You did have a spring storm on the day or night that she was born right? Good luck with the names!

The story goes that when I was a toddler I had a "White" dog that I named "Blackie". I think a good name for this baby is "Blanca" which means "White" in spanish.

Adorable calf!!! How about Texland or Texlan for Texas and Ireland mix.

Dixie's Alana
I like Dixie's Alana because it means "my child" and is a feminine form of Alan.

Duffy Dixie
Duffy means dark in Irish.

I so enjoy your blog. Can't wait to see more pictures :)

I'm loving the suggested names with A for April and Alan...Allana is good! I looked up Irish names and found Abigail, love that too!

First thing I thought of when I read that Dexter cattle originated in Ireland was "Sweet Molly Malone."

Congrats on your new addition! I just came back from Ireland Wednesday, my husband is from Ireland and was raised on a Dairy farm. My mom was also born and raised in Ireland. Anyhooooo, for obvious and not so obvious reasons, I think KERRY would be a great name. ;)

Kerry means Dark/Dark Haired. It is also, IMO, the most beautiful county of Ireland.

Keira (spelled Ciara the Irish way) also means Black Hair.

Keely is an Irish name meaning beautiful.

We have 3 kids. a son, Declan. (no meaning). 2 daughters: Orla meaning Golden Princess. Maeve meaning intoxicating/cause of great joy.

I can come up with oodles of Irish names! LOL!

Good luck!!

My family and friends think I'm crazy when I tell them I need to "check on the calf"!
Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful event in your family.
About a name...
There is a very famous living SciFi author who lives in Ireland and is a great animal lover. Her name is Anne McCaffrey. I'm thinking about Anne McCalfry for the little one. Or maybe Anna McCalfry? What a hoot! I know Anne McCaffrey would be excited to know someone is even thinking about naming a calf after her!
Whatever you decide, she is one lucky little calf!

DH feels her name should be Molly :) but whatever you decide she is just beautiful, what a sweetie :)

Ok, I know this has already been said but it's the first thing that came into my head too. I also believe the correct spelling of this group is Dixie's Midnight Runners with a song called Come on Eileen. I think this fits because she's Dixie's little girl, she was born at midnight (or around then) and she'll be out running around soon. If you haven't heard their song, it's pretty upbeat and fun to dance to. Here's a website where you can hear the song. http://www.imeem.com/onat23/music/WVkjsyFe/dixies_midnight_runners_come_on_aileen/
The lyrics are a bit on the adult side but it's still has a upbeat tempo to it. I also believe the group is from Ireland. Don't quote me on that, I'm just guessing. Anyway, whatever you name her, she is a beautiful little girl and I wish I were there to give her and her momma a big kiss and hug. Congratulations to you and Alan on your new granddaughter. LOL :0)

she is so sweet!!! I LOVE this pic!!! :D

I didn't read all the other comments, so don't know if anyone came up with this or not.
I am going with Mavis.
"Ma-" from her mother's middle name "Maxie"
and "vis" from her father's nickname "Beavis".
Whatever you name her, she's adorable!!

Very oddly, my entry for the calf's name came under the "posted by" Gabriella name. But I am not Gabriella, I am tonilea. Not that it matters much. I am an April "child" too. A very old child! LOL

What a beautiful baby! I like April Rain for a name. She arrived in April after a storm. Storm is too strong for her though, so I would go for Rain

Sassy? (this one is fitting for your blog!).

She is very cute!

My vote would be for Midnight...like Dexies Midnight Runners that was mentioned above...that was my original idea but someone beat me to it!!! (LOL) I'm pretty sure they were Irish...it all flows,..right?! Good luck with your decision! Glad your wait is over.

Flossie Sue

How about Maggie?

Fossie Sue??

I love baby naming, especially animals. I read earlier someone suggested Darcy which I agree is adorable. I also like Dina.
Good luck!
-Mary Lou

SO cute!!! How 'bout Dixie's Belle? Bell for short. Cute as a bell too! lol My first thought was Stormy b/c of the weather, but someone before me also had the same thought. lol Dixie Belle is cute!

Fhionn is white btw, white locks, so maybe pronounced more like Chiffion, like fiona :)

Man, 70 comments! Holy cow (hehehehe yes that was a pun) So, myself being of Irish Descent, I believe this pronunciation is Chiffon in English...

CÉIBHFHIONN Gender: Feminine

Usage: Irish Mythology
Means "fair locks" in Irish Gaelic. This was the name of an Irish goddess of inspiration.


Sierra - derived from word for "black." Seara.

My 3 year old has been home sick all week and he says he likes Chloe. So that's our vote.

How about Delaney, that is Irish and just because it is a cute name!!

aaawwwwww. Isn't she a sweetie? No name ideas here but my daughter's name is Darcy. Guess I didn't know the 'meaning' of it, just liked it. I won't tell her she has a calf named after her if you choose that one. Good luck and thanks for letting us be such a part of this whole process.

She looks like a Betsy to me!! She is adorable!!!

I'm just an old geezer, and all of my grandchildren have four legs or wings but, I personally think that Ebony would be very nice with her very cute gleeming black nose,of course her mother must approve first. Grampa Dan

She is so cute! She was born on my daughter's 30th birthday! My daughter's name is Julie. So what about JULIA for the new calf?

The sweet girl looks like

Laurelei Fay

The first name I thought of was Pixie, maybe Pixie Leigh, if you want a first and middle. She is just so sweet looking! Babies are just so cute!

I like Little Moo Moo.


Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!

My 10 yr old thinks she look like a Callie. I like Delilah and Annabelle too.


Because of the smidgeon of white hair.

I think her name should be Ciara. It is irish. It is pronounced kee + ra. It means dark and implies "dark hair and brown eyes. It is the perfect name for this little beauty.

my DS5 suggests Jungen Chik. He had to pace while he thought of a name. :) I love the idea that someone else gave for Eyla. I think that's beautiful!

Any others awaiting the big day on your farm right now?? :)

I was going to suggest Darcy because it's Irish of course and it means dark but I see someone beat me to it. Then I see someone suggested Darlin which is cute and made me think of Darla from the little rascals. Now she's a cutie pie! So Darla is my vote! Enjoy that beautiful baby! I look forward to seeing many more pictures!

How about Alanna in honor of Alan.

I think Dixie Cup! LOL.

It's a good life!
Terri E.

In looking for an Irish name for our black lab, we decided on Duncan - it means dark complexioned warrior - though that probably doesn't fit a girl too well!

Maybe too obvious, but....... Dixie Mini?

Aidan (Irish for Little Fire)

Ciara, Ciarra, Kiera, Kieran, Ciar, Ciaralyn, Ciarriana – meaning “black”

Doireann, Dorean - meaning Fair Daughter

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