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Such a pretty card! Cute little cow! I love all of the flowers!

Cute card, can't wait like you, to see the cute calf. Love the commented pictures of Dixie too. Who would have thought Southern California is waiting for a Texas birth?

I like the varied stitching around the image and how you colored the tree to match the background paper.

Very cute card! Your background paper looks like calico fabric! I love the blossoms on the tree!

Oh, my! So sweet! Goodluck Dixie!

I think Dixie's calf must be a boy. He is
being stubborn and so male and has to do it
his way. LOL

That's adorable, Anna - and so fresh for spring. Believe it or not, we actually have some pink flowers BARELY starting to open up and bloom on some trees and bushes in N. Idaho! Yay!!! Go, Dixie, GO!!! Love, JeanneH xo

I can't believe how excited I am over the birth of a cow! I am hoping for a girl too! Dixie's baby can call me MaMaw too! :=)

so cute! I love your patterned paper!

I have always heard a ride over the railroad tracks will put ya into labor! Get Dixie loaded up in a trailer and get!

That is TOO CUTE! Love the pink floral paper, and the cow scene is awesome! C'mon Dixie, we're all waiting and hoping for a girl! :D

Too stinkin' cute! I'm on pins and needles about the calf...

Well Dixie does like drama! Love the card, that is one of my favorite pattern papers I hoard it. Cute card!

How adorable! I really love that background paper and those "blooms" you added to the tree.

Poor Dixie! I wonder if she's just waiting because she loves all the extra attention she's getting? LOL! Great card, I love the spring-y tree!

Hi Anna

I'm starting to feel like an expectant grandmother!!! Who knew waiting for a calf to be born would be so uplifting. Thanks for sharing.


Adorable card and it has that "magic" I'm always happy to see!! You did a wonderful job of coloring, you're such gifted woman, smile. I love the background paper. Give Daisy a hug and sweet words of encouragement. Have a beautiful weekend.

How cute! Love the colors and the smile on that cows face. Boy Dixie is taking her sweet time having the baby of hers. Keep us posted.

Do they do ultrasounds on cows?? lol! Cute card...come on, Daisy..get busy!!

Hey Anna,

I created my own blog finally. Check it out when you have time. I'm still waiting to hear about Dixie too!

I love that b/g paper! It's so delicate and girlie -- and it makes the blooms on the tree really stand out. I have been thinking of Dixie every day...hmm, full moon is a possibility. Especially if she's anything like YOU! ;-)
Enjoy your weekend,

Hi Anna! Thanks for the update. The card is very cute.

Hi Anna, everyday I hurry up to open up your blog to see if there's any news. Keep us posted. It's so exciting!

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