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Anna: Oh, they are so cute. I've always thought it would be fun to have a goat, but no room for them in the city. My sister in law just got a couple though. I saw some cute name suggestions - I like Ivory & Ebony or Haystack was cute too. Anyway, enjoy them & tell Dixie to got a mooove on!

Troy Louise

my names suggestions are coal and snow - so cute, no wonder you brought them home!

How CUUUUTE! I always think of the fact that goats are big eaters. So for ME, "Munchie" and "Crunchie" would be the names I'd go with!

I don't look @ ads in the paper, or go to pet shops, or to animal shelters......they would ALL have to get my love!

or..I have twin brother and sisters..John and Jean (and funnier...John married a Joan that was born on the same date!!! LOL)

and their kids (no pun intended) could be..jack, jeff, jane...you get the picture.

Need to sleep I think LOL

OMGoodness...How about Cute and Cuter? LOL
They are adoreable...

How about Chocolate and Vanilla?

Whenever you show photos of your animals I always have my husband look at the blog. We both enjoy your photography so much and love the animals. He came up with the cutest names I thought - Hansel and Gretel. Enjoy the goats. More photos please :)

Oh, they are adorable! The little black one looks like Oreo and the other looks like Cream. Can you tell it's time for dinner :)?

Milly and Dilly get my vote!

Jesse and James. I had two goats with these names when I was a "kid". HA ; )

They are SO adorable, Anna!!! I just LOVE baby goats!! How about Fric and Frac??? Or Lucy and Ricky??? Heehee!

Oh, Anna, I LOVE naming pets and stuff. So I'm really going to work up a list for you. Here's a start...

Homer & Hazel
Bonnie & Clyde
Daven & Tracey :)
Whipper & Snapper
Rocky & Adrian
Donny & Marie
Nancy & Sluggo
Will & Grace
Linus & Lucy
Mork & Mindy
Luke & Leia
John & Yoko
Sid & Nancy
Harry & Sally
Fred & Wilma
Barney & Betty
Lois & Clark
Elvis & Priscilla
Ward & June
Barak & Hillary
Mike & Carol(e) (<--- if this is the one you choose, you'll need to add the 'e' for my sake ;) )

Good luck with your new babies and I hope you have a calf by now!

LOL! love the comment above about lovey and thurston howell. when i got married, my clients started calling me "lovey"!

i like the names bessie and ferdinand, ferdi or andy for short if ferdinand was too long.

and they are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! i can't wait to see sketches of them come out in your stamps :)

Dusty for the female because her nose looks like it's been sprinkled/dusted with sugar or snow! For the boy... I'm still thinking... lol!

There's something so cute about goats' expressions....they look so curious. How about these names: Oliver and Olivia? (Liv and Oli).

the dark one looks like she/he stuck their face into a cup filled with milk and got a face 'stache. My SIL raises goats in Iowa-she named one after me. Don't name farm animals after your friends or relatives. I was devasted when my namesake died. Baby animals are so sweet-even the ugly ones.

They are so cute--I thought Milo and Otis
fit them good.

How about Gidget & Moondoggie?!?


Milk & Cookie?

Ok! Ok!

I think the black goat should be named "Got Milk?"!! It looks like she has a milk mustache!

Got Milk & Oreo?
Ebony & Ivory?
Barack and Hillary?
Mickey & Minnie?
Bonnie & Clyde?
Sonny & Cher?
Ike & Tina?
Boris and Natasha?

Ok. I'll quit now! You'll know with time!

Donald and Daisy (I know they are suppose to be ducks, but cute names anyway)

Frick and Frack (are those unisex names?)

Colt and Remi-short for Remington (not that we'd want to hurt ANY animal, but cute names none the less)

How precious these little critters are!! Congratulations, Ms. Green Acres!!

Welcome to your new cuties. What about Pinocchio (something about the face reminds of how he looked when turing into a donkey--I know, I'm nuts!) and butterscotch, such a creamy smooth flavor!

Oh Anna, we've always wanted pygmy goats. Someday yet we'll have some. I always call hubby , my old goat :))


Earl & Rosie

My parents have pygmy goats and they absolutely love them! The baby are the cutest. Okay, this is what came to my mind when I saw your beautiful pic....Biscuit for the blond boy (as in short bread) and Shadow for the cute little girl.

I was at a loss for name suggestions so I asked my four-year-old daughter what their names should be: she said, Aidan and Caelyn. (her brother and her name of course)

too cute, Anna! having been around pygmy goats, i think you should name them "No I Don't Have Any More Food" and "Quit Jumping On Me!"


How cute!!! The boy with the horns immediately reminded me of Jack Nicholson - those raised eyebrows and devilish smile. LOL Jack is my vote for the boy.

The girl is so sweet..... how about Jill? Jack and Jill??? LOL

ok Anna..don't know where these names came from but "Gumby" and "Lulu" come to mind. But you knew I was a little strange, right?
They are soooo cute. Just want to cuddle them! Congrats on your new family! njanet in nc

They are too cute! How about Lucy for the girl and Graham (short for graham cracker--like his color) for the little guy?

Oh, Anna, they are adorable! I love goats! They make me laugh - they just seem to always have a twinkle in their eye, and they are so playful and mischievous. Hmmm, names . . . famous couples that come to mind: Kate and Spencer, Liz and Richard (LOL! Movie stars or CHF!), Bonnie & Clyde. Oh well, I know you'll come up with wonderful names. Linda

What cute babies!! Those horns on the male are unbelieveable! How about Scarlett and Rhett from my all time favorite movie :) The goats might butt heads in the beginning but then produce a little Bonnie, lol.

Yup, thems goats. Lavern, Vern for short and Shirley. Alan needs to change his name to Noah. or possibly Lenny and Squiggy? Still snowing! Dad

They are adorable! I love the look of goat's eyes. They are so different from other animals. I don't have any suggestions for names but I liked Ebony and Ivory that Diane McVey mentioned.

OMG! I'm so jealous, I love those little guys! I'm horrible at naming animals, so I can't wait to see what you come up with!

you are such a LUCKY girl! Those little cuties are the BOMB!!

Tell me, are you going to get a gumball machine and fill it with feed so that people visiting you can go out and feed them like a petting farm??? LOLOL If so, I will be one of your FIRST visitors along with my pocket full of quarters! heehee

by the way, I vote for Hanzel & Gretel for names...or Bob & Betty...or Zoe & Zeke...want me to keep going??? :)

Oh, I used to have some baby goats. I loved bottle feeding those critters! We just never could keep them from walking ON our cars!!!

I like Rufus and Nellie/Nelly or Fred and Ethel:) Can't wait to hear what you name then!

OH my aren't they just the cutest. My MIL moved out here with us this past winter and she has been wanting us to get pygmy goats, we just have to get a pen for them. I worry about them being in with the donkey as the donkeys play so hard.

As for the names... he has a sly look to him, but I love the idea of naming them as a couple, how about
Romeo and Juliet?

Love the new babies Anna! Give a high reach to anything you don't want eaten! LOL....... I like the names "Benny" and "June"........ happy weekend.


Oh how cute,I love goats, especially baby goats!! Adorable! I looked at all your 'farm' photos, wow has Eddie grown! Great photos.

I'm going with Haystack and Jet.

weezer and wollingford
lovey and thurston howell III
billy bama and hilly

They are sooo cute! The first thing that popped in my head for names is a bit hokey, but how about Jiminy for the boy and Cricket for the girl. I am not sure on the spelling for Jiminy, but you get the idea.

I meant Caesar ... wow my spelling stinks in the morning!!! Sorry.

I love your farm pictures ...we have a few animals too ... a rooster, a couple of hens, dogs, cats but no cows or goats ... I wish.

Ok ... so for the female for some reason .. Cha Cha kept coming to my mind. As for the male .. hmm .... Ceasar or Brody were two that kept coming up too.

Keep the awesome pictures coming, I love them!

good luck with the new ones and I hope the calf comes soon!

Billy & Beauty.

The goats are just adorable! I've always wanted a couple of my own. I think Lulu and Tanner. My Dogs name is Tanner and he looks to be about the same color as your little male goat.

I think you shoud name them Gitter & Ewold so that you could yell out (Get your Goat!) and (You Old Goat) every time you called them! :)

I love your animals!!

Hi Anna,
LOVE The goats!!! WE have 5 small acres and I've wanted some small farm animals forever!!! After 8 years, still no luck lol. I just might be getting some chickens next year though!

I think Jasper and Jezabel would be GREAT!

Good luck w/the names!

Bobbie :)

For some reason the name Minnie Pearl struck me for the little girl. The boy looks like he could be a devil with those horns so Devil or White Devil would be fitting.

I love these pictures and can't wait to see more of them. You are going to have qyite the farm nursery soon.

So cute! What about Penelope and Pipsqueek the Pygmy Goats?

Congrats on your new babies! They are so cute!!! I just love seeing all of your beautiful photos of the adorable animals on your farm! I wish I could just move right in with you and get hugs and slobby kisses from all of them every day!!! In the spirit of baseball season maybe Beau and Sox for the BoSox! Go Red Sox!!! My new puppy Fenway would approve!

They are so sweet. I have been thinking of getting goats too. How about Jack and Jill.
Love your farm pictures.

Oh, you got yourself some lawnmowers - hahaha! They are so cute.

what comes to mind is coffee and cream when i see those two. how cute are they!?!?!

They're so sweet Anna! The little beige one reminds of the colour of "café au lait" . The little black one is so cute with her white trim - especially around the nose. Like the black licorice with the sugar frosting. So those are my silly suggestions for name: Licorice and Café au lait.

Enjoy them!


Oh, Anna - they are SO sweeeeet!!! We had baby goats when we were growing up. They are so much fun, because they are so playful. Sonny and Cher would be cute, or Captain and Tenille - I don't know why I thought of THOSE names - couples I guess!!! These kids just MAY grow up to get married!! Or, Daisy and Donald....whatever! Congrats. They are the best!! Until the baby cows come along, that is....xoxoxo from Idaho. Jeanne

For some reason when I saw the boy's face, Jasper popped into my head... and Isabelle would be a cute girl's name :) Whatever you name them, they are adorable :) Enjoy!!

Oh, they are so cute...I swear the black one almost looks like a calf! And those are some ferocious horns for a baby! LOL
I'll have to say Ebony and Ivory for my name suggestion...that's the first thing that popped in my head! :D
Hope Dixie calves this weekend!!!

PS- how about Salt and Pepper? (Salty/Peppa) :)

Aren't they CUTE!!
We don't have a farm, but we have 2 pygmy goats of our own and LOVE them! We have 2 girls. We wouldn't mind getting a few more. My two girls' names are Boots (because she is grey with black legs that look like boots) and the other one is Pebbles. Pebbles came with that name. We were originally suppose to adopt her and her bio brother who was Bam-Bam. LOL!
So my suggestion is Bam-Bam and Pebbles.
You know that you can Google "Goat Names" and there are actually sites for this stuff?! heeheehee
Enjoy the babies.

Awww! I've always wanted a goat!

Well aren't they adorable! What about,
Winnie & Willow.

I suppose Nanny & Billy are out of the running for names...:).....pretty cute little guys. I would hate to be butted by the little man even now, much less when his little horns grow BIG. He has an ornry look on his face in this picture. He appears to be FULL of mischief!

Since you have names for Democrats represented by the donkeys in this election year, and you probably won't have any elephants, maybe you could use names of independents & others in the race as a starting point for names.....Mac (McLain), or Ralph (Nadar).

I'm kind of thinking rhyming names would be fun too though, even though they aren't blood siblings, they are adopted siblings...Bonnie and Donny, or Mary and Jerry, etc., etc..

can't wait to see what you come up with

They are SOOOOOO cute. Since it's late my brain is in shutdown mode and I am drawing a blank for any names.

Oh, how about Prince and Princess? Royalty is so popular now with little children. I know you usually give your animals normal names so I'll try to do better tomorrow. Have a wonderful weekend and TFS.

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