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I can't wait to see pics of "your" new babies!!! I am a huge cow lover....just haven't figured out how to let me DH let me have one in the NJ suburbs ;) Until then, I live through you and your farm animals....they are all so sweet, I love seeing their pictures and hearing their stories.

Love the card too!! I have gotten all of your whipper snapper sets and while I enjoy them I just can't do them the justice that you can ;)

I love hearing the stories about the farm animals! Can't wait to see pics of the babies!
I've been feeding a couple mallards in hopes they nest behind my house and we'll see ducklings soon!! So much for our home owner's association rule of no farm animals. (technically they're wild) ;)

Wow! Great colouring! I been comtemplating investing in copics and this give me hope that I can save some $$!

I am so excited and can't wait for the new baby pictures. Dixie looks like she will be such a good mom too.
re/ the layout...well I love it so don't get sick of it yet. The coloring is great. I can just see this vase on my table... It makes me want to watercolor the rest of the evening :) TFS Janet in NC

Anna: I love your card, and your layouts are so nice because they really focus on your beautiful coloring & use of the stamped image without too much clutter. Good luck to Dixie. Tell those bulls that they've got it easy compared to what she's facing!

XOX Troy Louise

The coloring on this one is just drop dead gorgeous. You are so talented. I loooooove your blog. Thanks for the update on the critters. What a magnificent artist you are! In other words...I like your stuff.

Anna, you never cease to amaze me with your absolutely beautiful designs! You are a true artist and it shows with everything you create. Your water coloring is unparalelled. I try and try to recreate some of your work and always fall short. I guess it's a good thing to have such a goal to reach for. Thank you for your stunning art and for such an inspirational blog. I also want to wish Dixie, Princess, Queenie and Pixie easy deliveries as they bring beautiful life into our world. Thank you and Alan for caring the way you do for your animals. I love seeing the pictures of all of your animals and hearing how they are all doing. I was so very sorry to hear about DollieMae and keep coming back just to see her picture. I'm sure she is laying at the feet of God now and running the lush green feelds of heaven.
Thanks again for sharing "your life" with all of us!

Absolutely beautiful card!!!! Can't wait for the pics of Dixie's little one!

Cindy C.

Lovely card.. and I like the layout, don't give it up completely.

So excited for you about Dixie. Is it hard to not check on her every 5 minutes? I do when mine are in the Momma Pen for the count down! Can't wait for baby photos!

A beautiful card that is beautifully colored. It looks as if I could actually touch the roses because of the exceptional dimension you gave them. You are so correct that this can be used very many occasions. Is your background paper peach or white, it looks peach to me?

Talk about a population explosion, you've definitely got one going there, smile. TFS and for the update.

No matter the layout of your cards (and I love them all!) I am in awe of your beautiful coloring of images. This card is no exception - it's stunning!!!

You've got a regular maternity ward going on at your farm! Spring is such a neat time. My girls are getting a big kick out of seeing all the baby calves as we drive a long the countryside here in Alabama. On another note, I can see why you are partial to this layout, it is awesome. I'll definitely be giving it a try!

Beautiful coloring!!!

Can't wait to see Dixie's offspring, make sure you post pics as soon as he/she is hatched! Love me some babies!! :)

Pretty card! Love the coloring! I love hearing the stories of your farm critters--they sound so loved!!

Oh, it's so exciting to know all those calves are on their way! I hope Dixie has an easy and successful delivery! I just love baby calves, they are soooo precious...give the Mommas a hug around the neck for me! :D

But this layout works so well for a "tall" stamp--how can you give it up? I'm ooohing and ahhhhing at your bee-you-tea-ful shading! It's perfect!

Poor Dixie. Guess she won't be jumpin' over the moon for a couple of days at least. Give her a pat for me.

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