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Here I am Monday morning hoping to see the new family addition and no baby. Hope Dixie has no problems calving and can't wait to see the new baby. Have a great day Ann

Ah - she is beautiful!

how long do you wait until maybe calling a vet for some extra help? is it just one baby? Mom's a beauty even in labour.

Poor thing! And I pitied myself when I was nursing babies!! (:

Wow - for being ready to have a baby calf, she doesn't look all that huge! But what do I know? Those udders certainly look ready for a baby, though!
Oh - and I'm curious about the "signs" she was giving yesterday...how do you know when they're ready???

I see the problem. Your corral is too green. If it would rain and you turned her into a big muddy area, she'd drop that calf right in it! lol!!!!

Anna, she looks a little disgusted to me, LOL. I think she looking over at the bulls and telling them if they try and touch her again she's going to hurt them! She looks sooooooo ready. I hope you and Alan get some rest before the big event. TFS.

Take her to a hockey game or on a long ride on a bumpy road, works for me! Hockey games are always great, must be the jumping up and down. Love, Dad

I knew you'd be up during the night! :D I think you are due a good nap today, and hopefully Dixie will deliver soon...she looks pretty content in that picture though!

Today has got to be the day. Get some sleep and I am thinking of you all for a easy delivery! Looking forward to the new baby girl?!

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