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Interessante Informationen.

Oh my gosh what a great picture!! Its amazing how great your pictures are. They really tell a story. I love this peaceful picture... thank you for sharing.

Wow! The anticipation is killing me!

What is the gestation period for a cow? Can you get them to go for a good walk like they do to the moms in the hospital to move labor along? Now remember I'm a true CITY girl. Your blog is also my source for learning about farm life and I'm loving it.

Anna, I love sepia photos and you did an awesome job with this one. It looks as though it's about 1908, I love, love, love it.

I bet there both getting anxious to have those babies. I would love to see newborn pics of the babies (I am such a city girl). I love Betty and Willie's faces - they are so cute with those little mouths! Thanks for sharing.
Oh, by the way, have I told you lately I love your work! Always so fresh and clean looking cards!

Oh my I hope she had it last night. I came to check in on Dixie.. Lacey my mini donkey had hers last night!!! I was hoping it was a special night!! Can't wait to see some baby photos here, to see mine www.donkeysmiles.blogspot.com

Ugh...These girls are killing us, we are stalking your blog for news and they are just hanging out!! LOL If we are this anxious you two must be about ready to explode...
Hope you got some rest and the girls are feeling good.

Just adore the pictures you post - I often visit your blog for updates.. :)

I've posted a new blogcandychallenge, would love for you to join! :)

Love, Marte

Oh my gosh what a great picture! Funny how great pictures can evoke certain feelings in a person. I love this peaceful and serene picture...it reminds me of the Wizard of Oz--my favorite movie of all time!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! No more fat...pregnant cows!! We want skinny cows only! With little heifers! Go make Dixe jump off a chair so that she will start contractions, or maybe some Castor Oil would work!! I don't think that has ever worked for humans, buy hey, we are talking cows, RIGHT? RIGHT! LOLOLOL

hahaha, you knew we'd be checking for baby pictures, didn't you??!! The "girls" look beautiful in all their maternal glory...now if they'd just give you the goods! LOL
Hope you have a restful night...maybe tomorrow there will be a surprise for you all! And us, too! :D

Oh....... I've checked in a BUNCH of times today to see if the poor girl gave birth yet! Wishing you both a good night!

Poor cows. They must deliver soon!! :) Good luck tonight.

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