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Love the bluebonnet photo! Congrats on being featured by Typepad.

Congrats on being featured on the Typepad blog...pretty cool! I must comment on your Bluebonnet picture. It is beautiful and so spring/summer like...so unlike the day we are having today, in the interior of BC, where we have snow and blowing snow. It looks and feels like the middle of winter here! How I wish for spring!!

being a transplanted Texan living in Ohio, I love this 'little' bluebonnet that you have posted! it makes me a wee bit homesick for those gorgeous fields of blue and red....... alas, I will have to come back to gaze upon your lovely photo from time to time! :)

and congrats on being featured! of course we think you are special EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!


Your tiny Texas Bluebonnet is beautiful. My crocuses were not very abundant this year either (Mass.) Maybe it's just an off year! We've had plenty of snow this past winter and there's been plenty of rain this spring so I think some of the older crocus bulbs have died a natural death and the baby crocuses that are created underground from the parent are in the nursery growing. Think positive - next year flowers will be gorgeous and abundant!!

Congrats on being the featured typepad blog - you deserve it!!!

Absolutly gorgeous flower, the colors are unbelievable!! You shot is AMAZING!! Did you use a macros lens or a standard one? I should be getting my dream camera next month, yeah! I could have had it this month but we had to buy an Apple computer as my granddaughters graduation gift first, LOL.
The children and their children are always in our wallets for some reason or another, LOL.

CONGRATULATIONS for your blog spotlight, this is an amazing blog, you know? TFS and have a BEAUTIUFL weekend.


What a nice recognition!

Congrats! You deserve it...you and your work are amazing! :)

um, regarding the wildflowers...less is more? NOT! :)

our forsythia is blooming. that's it. it's been raining and raining.

i'm going to have to find out what Typepad is...but...congrats!


"Congrats"..on your acknowledgement.
Your articles and photo's are wonderful
and interesting!

Thanks so much for my bluebonnet fix even if it is a little lone one. We are former Texans living in Oklahoma for the last 32 years and we still miss the beautiful bluebonnets in the spring!

You deserve to be featured -- you're awesome!!! :)

I have been waiting on you to show pictures of bluebonnets. I ususally go with my husband to Cypress, TX in late March to visit his daughter. This year due to job I couldn't go, so thought I would wait until you posted a picture of some to get to enjoy them. He said he saw quite a few on the drive. Cypress is outside Houston. Your pictures are beautiful. Now I am hoping for Indian Paintbrush pictures. I love wildflowers.

WooHoo!!! Anna, I am so thrilled for you to be featured on Typepad. Congratulations!!!!!!!

Way to go! I went there to see you being featured...awesome!
The bluebonnets are just beautiful...I wish they would grow here in NE, but it's too cold. When I left TX I took bluebonnet seeds with me, but they never got established in GA...so sad! Enjoy them and the Indian Paintbrush, too! :D

Oh my GOSHHHHHHH I know a celebrity!!! Congrats Anna!!!

Hey! Congrats for being featured on Typepad...too cool! I've not seen you at the store in ages, hope you are doing alright.
(your favorite stalker), LOL.

: 0

Congratulations, you deserve the recognition:). Your blog is such a joy to visit.

Congrats on being featured at Typepad!!! I love your pic today, so vibrant and yet delicate!

Woot woot Anna! Of COURSE they had to feature you - b/c you and your blog ROCK!!! *grin*

Congratulations for being featured by typepad. I appreciate your blog so much.
Thanks for the flower, its so beautiful too.

Congrats on being featured! You more than deserve it, your blog is one of my first stops every morning... Dixie is making it my lunch and evening stop as well. =)

We too have had very few blue bonnets this year, the indian paint brushes are just now starting to bloom, I hope there are more of them.

Congratulations on the feature! Even though I am a Wordpress girl I subscribed to Typepad's posting of their featured blogs. I've found some mighty interesting people that way. :-) Rosie

Wow! Anna! The typepad news is so amazing. Congrats to you...see, they know talent when they see it!

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